BCK kid of the moment is none other than rapper Lil Wayne’s 8-year-old daughter Regginae.


~ by blackcelebritykids on August 6, 2008.

40 Responses to “CUTE KID OF THE MOMENT”

  1. Cute Kid they better watch out for her!

  2. Ok Reginae…. Actually she looks like a product of both of her parents… Weezy is fine and Toya is pretty… So of course they would make a beautiful baby…

  3. My only problem with this picture is her pose. That is way to grown.

  4. I Co-sign 100% ,Maryamb. She’s too pretty a girl to be bent over in that inappropriate pose.

  5. AS Maryamb and KNOWITALL have said…she is cute, that pose is not

  6. She is the cutest version of lil wayne

  7. Very cute kid…awww! NOT so cute pose…

  8. She’s cute but that pose is so inappropriate. I worry about our future.

  9. She is so cute and she got big, who is her mother?

  10. she looks nothing like her dad. and the pose is a no no.

  11. shes a cutie, but the pose would be the only problem as a man that i see. however on this site you never know.

  12. she pretty and all but she need a whippin for that pose

  13. shes cute but like everyone says the way she’s posing is too grown, but hey look at her father..

  14. She is too young to pose like this…very disturbing.

  15. why does she have on those $200 pair of jeans??

  16. OMG!Inappropriate pose and inappropriate to post it and even call it cute!

  17. Whore! Obviously, this shows that the rappers really are uneducated, womanizing types. How very terrible that this girl has been taught to pose like a prostitot (prostitute + toddler/tot)!

  18. OMG for the two posters ahead of me, grow up! how immature is it to call a innocent child and a whore, dont get mad because your parents didnt give a damn about you. another poster said she worries about her future, im pretty sure she is not going to be 10 turning tricks. come the hell on dont yall sit here and like yall havent seen kids dancing grown as hell and not laughed at it. its a f*&@#ing pose oh well, yes it may not be age appropriate but at this day in age thats pretty tame to me!

    in ending this that little girl is so gorgeous and i love the way her parents dress her like a child. she looks like her beautiful mother all the way (im not a hater i give it were its due). her father not so handsome but his swagg sure is.

  19. She is cute…I agree with others her pose is bad.Haha At Lil Wayne being fine…Yeah okay!

  20. Eshasimplybeautiful it is all in your perspective. When Steffie said she worries about I for one thought she meant that because her parents were only 14 when they had her and she is only 8 and doing things way to grown that she may well be headed down the same road as her parents. Not that she may be turning tricks. Also Eshasimplybeautiful just because it is more acceptable and common place for kids to act way older than they are, it doesn’t make it ok. Lots of things that are done in today society is common place, (for example have premarital sex, having multiple partners, being your kids friends instead of their parents, having numerous kids by said multiple partners.) That doesn’t make it ok.

    As far as eb and NOOOO your statement was uncalled for. The pose doesn’t show that she is a slut. Merely misguided. Her parents are young themselves and were when they had her. Because of their lack of knowledge on age appropriate behavior the are ok with this.

    I have a daughter who is 9 and one that is 8 and if either one of them tooted their butts out like that for a picture they only they would get is a spanking.

  21. Thank you Maryamb. (I missed you, you were gone for a short period of time) I wasn’t implying that she would be turning tricks. Yes, she is a beautiful little girl but that pose is inappropriate. In my opinion she’s imitating what she probably sees and thinks its ok. And whoever took the picture should be ashamed of themselves. Our children seem to skip childhood and go directly to adulthood. We have some sick people in our world who do harmful things to little girls and boys. Our job is to protect them. I don’t care if anyone disagrees, I have an eight year old daughter and I better not catch her or anyone else taking pictures of her posing with her backside in the air, with her underwear showing.

  22. She’s adorable but that pose is beyond inappropriate. Seriously.

  23. Hey Steffie not a problem. I wasn’t gone just lurking until I saw something that struck a cord.

    As far as the kids growing up to fast parents and the media are to blame. My kids are made to be kids. If they act to grown for me I or my husband will quickly set them straight. They sell g-strings and thongs for little girls and they wonder why they are getting caught under the bleachers giving head. It’s really sad. If this is not corrected soon the futures looks pretty bleak.

    Check out the link I posted.

    I personally think the kids started getting out of control at school and at home because the government is taking control away from the parents and the teachers. When I was growing and kids caught spankings at school they didn’t bring guns. They also got whipped at home so they did not get into as much trouble. Now all I do is pray for mine and their generation.

  24. ladies one of our jobs as women is to talk to our young sista’s not talk about them. And to call this little girl a name
    like whore,and slut sista’s you need prayer. the communication gap has been brokin

  25. That is a very innocent pose. It is that someoneone should have had her pull up her pants in the back, which I beleive was an innocent mistake. you guys are making way too much out of this.

  26. Maryamb okay first let me start off by saying great response to my response! I dont like to judge peoples parenting because, whats good for you may not be whats good for me. I simply state that this is a pose, again stating yes it may be innappropriate but its pretty tame to me. I say this because this is something that can be easily corrected. It takes talking to your kids and letting them know the raw truth instead of sugar coating things. Yes again this may be innapropriate but Im sure the lifestyle that her father lives, that hes taught her its not what you do its how you do it! Thats why I personally dont feel that history will repeat its self with her.

    Somewhere you stated parents being thier childs friend instead of a parent is where they go wrong also. I completely disagree! I had no one growing up and everything I learned I had to learn on my own. So when I had a child I said that I wanted to become my childrens best friend. It just comes down to knowing that you can still be friends but you always will be a parent. You just have to know the limits! I say being a friend is helpful because that allows your child to open up to you. I dont want my kids to be scared to tell me anything, because I play the parent role so tough. When you have a friendship with your kids thats the best way to guide them. Only when you wanna be 99% friend and 1% parent is where you have a problem.

    ps. thats shocking i did not know they sold thongs for little girls. now the parents who buy need to be ashamed of thier self lol.

  27. I agree the pose could be an innocent pose and it could not be. The thing is she is just 8. I know what you mean about not judging people parenting styles. To each it’s own.

    When I said being your child’s friend I meant like on Don’t be a menace to society while drinking your juice in the hood. When I say being a parent I meant you be the one to talk to your child. Let them know that can talk to you about anything and yet still guide them. My kids talk to me about everything and if though some of the things they talk about I wish they didn’t I am glad they are open with me.

    The reason I saw more into that pic is this. While you talk to your kids about what and what not to do. The imitate your actions more than following your words. If that child has ever seen even one of her dad’s videos she may think that this is what her dad finds attractive and want to be like the women on the video. My mom always told me my actions speak louder than words any day because mouth can say anything. So not only do I tell my kids what is excepted of them I try my best to life to my standards. They watch everything we do ( even when you think they aren’t.

  28. thus this is true, and honestly I couldnt agree with you anymore. kids do imitate us parents, it is simply monkey see monkey do!

  29. It is NOT an innocent pose. She is eight, not two. Oh, she SO knows what she is looking like, somebody told her it was cute and she believed them. This all makes me like the family pics of the Obama girls even more…classy little ladies!

  30. All yall haterz gon hate. But this iz a cute pic. Her pose is fine. She stuntin like her daddy. Tell all dem haterz to hope off.

  31. Savage I don’t know if you have kids. I don’t know you. I have to say as a wife and a mother I would not let my kids pose like that at 8 years old.

    What is there to hate? The little girl is 8 years old and posing with her but sticking out and her panties showing. If it was an over sight about the panties that is one thing, but the fact that she is posing in a sexual type pose at 8 years old is unsettle- ling.

    With people like you that are excepting behavior like this as the norm, no wonder the kids are starting to have sex at 11. Anybody that have kids no that they constantly test limits. You give them an inch and they take a mile. If you let things go without addressing them it doesn’t get any better.



  34. aww shes so cute and grown “Get it girl”

  35. Sinnamon, I guess I spelled it right.LOL. We may not be taking care of her true enough but as being older and wiser we are to provide guidance to our young misguided brothers and sisters. If more people did this we would not be in the state we are today. I don’t know about anybody else but I know I grew up hearing it takes a village to raise a child.

    What message do you think Tyler Perry was trying to stress in family reunion. We need to know that we are more than capable of doing things other than shucking and jiving to have a descent life. They have lots of black folk that have a good life that is not shaking their asses for the enjoyment of others. Wake up so you can see how deep the rabbit hole goes. So you can aid in pulling our people out of mental slavery instead of helping us stay in the dark.

  36. Toya I don’t know if any of the comments you made were directed at me.

    All I have to say is I am not a jealous person. I don’t have a need to be because I have a great life. People only are jealous when they don’t think they are capable of getting the things they want. I have a handsome husband and we have been married almost ten years. He is home with me and my kids every night. We have a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood with great neighbors. I stay at home to take care of my kids. I have good friends who I can count on for anything. My husband and I have been only with each other for the last 11+ years. We are all healthy. I have all I need. I love my life.

    The only thing I want is for my black people to stop letting others set standards for us and we either live up or down to them. I think you daughter as well as you are beautiful and I have said as much. I didn’t imply that you didn’t take good care of your baby. I just said I didn’t like her pose.I still don’t. I have 3 daughters and if one of them stuck out their but like that I would tear their behinds up. You are grown just like me and you know when your life is in the public eye you pull all kinds of people. They have people who prey on children. So I would be careful of any suggestive pictures of my kids.

    If I said anything that upset you, it was not my intention. However even the best parents make mistakes. When you know better you do better. I know if I had a sitch with my kids and someone suggested a better way I could have handled it I would try. My family is my world and I want them to live up to their full potential.

  37. she’s so cute and pretty.

  38. damn hater she’s just a lil lgirl so dnt worry bout da post, y’all sound like a bunch of undercover paedophiles… and Nooooo u a Jack Ass talkin bout prostitute man dis is just an innocent lil girl who happens to have a father that is famous… you dont worry bout her well being because i know her father is smart enough to make sure that she grows up to be a good independant woman…
    y’all pathetic for hatin on some cute kid..

  39. wtf maryamb..hatin on a lil ass grl.? PATHETIC
    she look cute

  40. people are fucking stupid.. with the way briitany spears milye w.e they are hoe’s and who do lil gurls have to look up beside hoe’s? there rents and if you look at lil wayne and the lyf style he has this pose isnt wat people should be talking about grow up people!
    and she is a beautiful lil gurl who will grow up into a woman.. who can make her own choice after watching all these popstars mike it big and they fall on there faces

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