A few days ago,news of singer Chris Brown fathering a baby made its way around the net. It was alleged that a woman named Michelle Gasper, a 19 year old from Tappahannock, Virginia called her local radio station last Saturday morning claiming that Chris Brown is the father of her 4-year-old son. BCK is happy to report that those rumors are false.Billy Flynn, program director of the radio station in question says:

“As the program director for the only radio station in Essex county Virginia allow me to take a moment to say that no one called our station on Saturday about Chris Brown nor do we have a Maurice Hendricks employed here.”

So Chris Brown,You’re not the father!No need for DNA tests.


~ by blackcelebritykids on August 6, 2008.


  1. of course he’s not the father.
    as though this was a shocker..

    also, he end his music career at
    anytime now. please. or at least
    stop using those dang synthesizers
    in the studio. doesn’t anyone have
    an actual voice anymore? DAMN.

  2. LOL at BCK for Chris’s “extra happy” picture!!


  3. Hey Antwan!!!

    I recognized your picture from Bossip…

  4. I knew it was false!

  5. really? i don’t remember saying anything on there.
    haha, but i just went to the site and it looks
    familiar. haha. sometimes i just go on tirades
    and just post on mad blogs. haha.

    what’s up.

  6. Okay, nevermind. It may have been theybf…I just remember your gravatar from one of the two sites.

  7. Haha, it’s cool. this site makes me laugh though.
    some of the stories are funny as hell.

  8. So why is this posted in Dead Beat Dads if it’s not true.

  9. Yep!I knew it wasn’t true.It all makes sense now!

  10. […] boy – Cue uncontrollable tears from 14 year olds everywhere. Well, dry your eyes dears, because Black Celebrity Kids is reporting that rumours a young woman called up a radio station in Virgina claiming to be the […]

  11. it is soooo true because if it wasnt he wouldnt of have broken up with rihanna!!! so get ur story strate.

  12. wow lol i know he glad

  13. i dont care if he has 10 kids HE IS FINE

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