“Q” Parker a.k.a Quinnes Parker of R&B quartet 112,his wife Sharlinda Rowe-Parker,their son Lil “Q”,and Q’s step-daughter Kahdijiha are pictured in a family portrait.Kahdijiha(more pictures below) is a college Senior majoring in Broadcast news.”Q “has a solo debut album entitled “Real Talk” due out in September 2008.

~ by blackcelebritykids on August 7, 2008.


  1. Pretty fam photo!

    I’m glad his wife tamed that weave.

  2. Oh and all of them minus the child look like they could be the same age. Random thought

  3. Yeah Naija,wondering the same thing. Which is the wife and which is the step-daughter?

  4. good (-_-)

  5. I’m with you NaiyaJ, this hairdo is much much more flattering on her! I was distracted before; but, she’s actually a cute woman.

  6. his step daughter is like 9 years younger than him… shes a senior in college…. wow!!! cant sing those peaches and cream song no more Q

  7. I think the little boy is cute. He reminds me of Marcus T Paulk. He played as Moesha’s little brother.

  8. he do look like Myles, LOL
    i wonder whats the wife age, damn she likes them young, LOL

  9. Nice family!

  10. This is precious.. I did not recognize Q at all…

  11. Wow! he already has a daughter who is a senior in college! dang! they’re a nice looking family and the lil boy is a cutie pie!

  12. aww the lil boy is soo cute!! and his wife looks like his mother!! and the daughter looks like she should be “Qs wife!!!

  13. dang well how old was the mother when she had her? she is 9 yrs younger than her step dad!

  14. I went to school with his daughter who is a total bitch and a spoiled brat. The mom used to be a stripper! They say if you ain’t got nothin good to say…..

  15. Q I have a serious crush on you but congrats on your wife and family. I hope I someday get a husband just like you, six pack and all.

  16. yeah. im from richmond va and his wife is my first cuz and she aint never been a stripper so know what you talking about and if his daughter was a total bitch to you than you probally wont bout shit anyway shorty stop hating

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