According to the father of her five kids,singer Lauryn Hill is staging a musical comeback. Lauryn Hill, who resides in the Suburbs of New Jersey with her parents, has five children in all:11 year old Zion, 9 year old Selah, 6 year old Joshua, 5 year old John,and a 7-month-old baby girl who is yet unnamed. Rohan Marley,the father of all of Lauryn’s kids, says that he and Lauryn are still thinking about naming their 7-month-old baby: “We want a name that means Glory of the Ark; for now we call her baby Marley.” Rohan says this about his other children:Selah is a gymnast, Joshua does karate, John loves school, and Zion plays guitar and bass. Although the two do not live together(Rohan says he is “spiritually married” to Lauryn), the son of the late legendary Bob Marley says that he still trusts Lauryn to instill teachings of righteousness into their kids:“[Lauryn] loves suburban life, being with her children, seeing them grow and instilling our teachings of righteousness into them.”

Rohan,who spoke to People magazine for their August 18th issue(Lauryn Hill declined the interview), says that Lauryn is not troubled or crazy despite the fact that her former band mates, Wyclef and Pras, say that she is. She does “what regular people do: She cooks, she shops, goes to restaurants, regular things…She became more in tune with the earth, but down and depressed? “No.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on August 7, 2008.


  1. I didn’t know she had one.LOL I think thats cool. I wish her the best.

  2. Do you have pix of the kids. I would love to see them. Also Stacey Dash’s kids

  3. The baby has went 7 months with no name, interesting….
    I had no clue she had 5 kids I htough maybe 3. But cool!

  4. now usually i dont talk about ones parenting and to state it clear i am not about to start. but seriously that dont make no damn sense that 7 month old baby still dont have a name lol. i mean they had the whole nine months to think about a name now 16 months passed && they still thinkin now thats comedy!!!

  5. Lauryn, come on now damn 7 months without a name you got to be kidding

  6. I still support Lauryn AND Erykah. What goes on in their personal lives is their business. Looking forward to some GOOD MUSIC, because what’s played on Clear Channel has clearly become DISORGANIZED NOISE.

  7. Question: Why the hell not just get married?? I mean c’mon…5 KIDS by the same guy and no commitment? I love Lauryn’s music, but i’m sorry….ain’t no WAY i’d be living in my mama’s house with 5 kids while their father’s status is “single” on myspace. Sometimes we really sell ourselves short!

  8. How can you go 7 months after giving birth without naming your child? If they want something that means “Glory of the ark”, why don’t they just name her “Glory Ark Marley”? That saves them time instead of doing research for names.

  9. Spiritually married? not according to Jesus. Using that phrase is a cop out, which allows Mr. Marley to have his cake and eat it too! And no, what they do in their personal lives is not just their business. They have 5 kids that are taking ques from them. They are fornicating which is sin. She needs to respect her self and set a better example for her kids. We need to be real on this sigh, black is black and white is white……call it right!!

    God is love!!

  10. I think they are spiritually married because he is still married to his wife who he has two kids with.



  13. If it makes you feel better koola, they’re all dead wrong LOL.

  14. 7 months and still baby jane doe wondre what they call her?

  15. she’s crazy! i feel sorry fir her kids. rohan is just, no….

  16. Lauryn: Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem. Baby girl respect is jut the minimum…

  17. WOW he still is married!

  18. As much as we hate Rohan he always says the most beautiful things about Lauryn unlike that looser Wyclef, and i respect him for that. That boy she is with looks very cute. Why people are hating on lauryn for having kids and not being married it her personal choice and has got nothing do to with anyone. What about angelina jole and brat pitt who critisise them for having lots of kids and not being married and their family looks very abnormal at least with lauryn they are all rohan’s. People must leave Lauryn alone. I just want another classic album and i must say the article is pretty cute and feels real. Lets hope for the best.

  19. If my husband or boyfriend listed himself as single but thought we were “spiritually together” – i’d kick him! if we’re spiritually together, and I have five kids with you, that to me means you’re not single! but anyway, that’s why even though I consider myself a spiritual person, I believe in marriage licenses (I know it won’t necessarily keep someone from cheating – but it feels more official than just saying you’re “spiritually together”.) But to each his own and I respect that!

    Anyway, I’d been searching for the name of their youngest child, so now I know why I haven’t found it LOL. I would love to see a pic of all the kids!

    I think Lauryn is beautiful and beyond talented…some geniuses seem “crazy” to other ppl when really they’re just misunderstood. I’m happy Rohan understands her. 🙂

  20. oh wait — scratch that about the marriage license…clearly it didn’t matter in Rohan’s case. =/ but like i said…to each his own…that’s just them. idk the mechanics of their lives so i have no right to judge.

  21. pls judge her by her music only and leave the rest to God…critics should wash their own dirty laundry

  22. Koala,

    I am not a fanatic or a hypocrit. What I posted is true and not according to what I think, but the word of God. I had a son out of wedlock at the age of 19, my mother had 6 kids out of wedlock. It was wrong then and it is wrong now. My mother couldn’t teach against it because she was fornicating herself. I am not putting myself in the position of the judge. If our actions do not line up with the word of God, that is the judge. Whether I am speakng directly to someone or blogging, I will speak the truth according to Gods word. We need to speak the truth to one another and not mislead them with our opinions. Koala, if your are offended by what I posted – you may want to re-evaluate your values. God, gave us the blue print to follow, not me. I am a messenger of the Gospel. Reference, John chaper 15 in the new testament, for yourself. The sentiments conveyed in this chapter speaks to what I have expressed. I only want to encourage us to do what is right and not mislead. If you do not stand for Christ, you will fall for anything.


  23. Thank you Kaleta! People who believe in the Bible are quick to reference parts that benefit them but somehow always forget the part that we are not to judge. Hmmm…

  24. a talented but foolish woman. so sad.

  25. fooL me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me,

    fool me 5 times with 5 kids, just call me damn STUPID

    I guess he was only about that thing, that thing, that thiiiing.

  26. 5 kids out of wedlock or not Lauryn Hill will probably see you in heaven so what is your point Carla? The reason you are judging instead of offering Christian criticism is because you leave no room for redemption. That is a trick of the devil. . .the great deceiver. Your comments can only bring shame. The message from the God will always have a redemptive factor to it. Be careful not to turn people away from Our great Faith.


  28. Thats a good one ladybug.

  29. her sson looks cute i must say, i would like to see all her children, and her face looks pretty on that picture. She is so thin and looks good for a mother of 5. Still love her waiting for more music.

  30. This is a damn shame! I hope they name “Baby Marley” before she starts answering to it…um…um…um…LOL! Also, how do you earn such musical success & still live @ home w/ your mama? If her mother is ill and lives w/ her (or just chooses to live w/ her), then that’s one thing. But, if Lauryn has moved back home w/ her mother & that tribe, something is definitely wrong w/ that.

  31. That boy is bloody adorable and mommy looks good i must say. As far as i remember Lauryn has always been reported to live with her parents even during the height of her career in 1999 the media has always reported that even though she made millions she shocked people by still staying with her parents. So as to how people are shocked by this is still a mystery. Lauryn has never been flashy and we all know that i dont think living with her parents means anything is wrong she probably wants her children to live a normal life.

    Anyway she still lives in the surburb where she grew up and its her personal choice and people must not fit her into a stereotype by comparing her to all those fake celebrities that are always pimping their houses on MTV cribs. So people must stop talking rubbish without having facts. Do people know that Morgan Freeman still lives in Misisippi where he grew up? So Lauryn grew up in the New Jersey surburbs and she prefers living there instaed of being in Beverly Hills where you find all these uneducated fake celebrities. Imagine Lauryn being a neigbour to Nicole Richie, Linsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or Beyonce, what would these people have in common if they have to invite each other for dinner parties, that would be a contradiction of life for Lauryn.

  32. damn i diidnt know lauryn had 5 kids !!! she looks good and god bless her and her family 🙂

  33. she looks a mess in those green pants. she was so pretty and seemed to have it all together. obviously wyclef messed her mind up big time. then rohan took her looks, her mind and her soul. those marley men love to speasd their seeds. i think he has some more kids with his real wife also. lauryn needs to get it together because she should not be living with her mama and her five kids by a married man. what the…..?

  34. Big respect to Lauryn Hill, one of the best and most spiritual soul on Planet Earth. You can quote I on that.

  35. first off lesedi i dont have any kids and if i did i would not take them to the park in high heels and designer outfits !! I juts made a comment about her and them 5 kids so Im going to need you to keep your comments to ur self Thanks !!

  36. How do people know that Rohan is married and has kids with his wife i need to see pictures that bunch. The information i have on 2005 Trace magazine with Lauryn on the cover tells a different story. Rohan was interviewed as well and he said that the media has reported false stories about him and Lauryn.As to how the media got hold of his marital status and other stories reported still remains a mystery to me. One thing i have noticed everytime the media reports anything negetive about her they would never mention names of people they interview, as they would refer to them as sources which i find very suspicious.

  37. Shatia,

    What faith are referring too?

  38. What faith are you referring too? Let me get that right before I am ponced upon!

  39. U all need 2 think. This interview ws done months ago. By law, u can leave the hospital w/o a naem on the birth certificate but u must return & complete it w/i 90days. So LH’s 2nd daughter does have a name, we just dont know it.
    U all really need 2 think!

  40. I love Laruyn Hill and always will, but the old people use to tell us not to straddle the fence. Laruyn talks a good talk but she also has to walk the walk, she’s talking about spirituality but having 5 kids out of wedlock no wounder she’s on the edge, she knows what’s right but life is life and maybe she’s living it the best way she know’s how.

  41. Angelina Jolie is much worse than Lauryn. At least Lauryn has intelligence and unlimited talent than no female celebrity (black and white) can match to date. I do not care what anybody says being righteous has got nothing to do with personal life she probably does not want to get married but wants to have kids. Instead of adopting she chose to bare children and what is wrong with that? Being righteous its about knowing God and who you are. I respect Lauryn for embracing her culture and roots unlike some of the so called black divas of today who are embarrassed of being black by adopoting the white standards of beauty and promoting sexuality. Cant wait for a new album from her one thing for sure

  42. They snubbed Kim Porter for having kids for Puffy with no marriage commitment. Why should Lauryn be any different? We as african american women need to stop selling ourselves short. The facts are she is a single mother of 5 kids with a married man, living at home with her mama while he is on myspace listed as single and claiming some spirtually married crap! Damn! Yall do the math. Is it normal? Yes she is amazing and I love her music but, Why didn’t Essence do the article? We as women must stand for something cause clearly we will fall for anything. Have yall forgotten about his real wife.

  43. Dang, I sure do hope that she is okay. Why didn’t she do the interview though. I wish her the best. && I agree with the person that said. ” Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem, babygirl…” Come on Lauryn get it together sweetie.

  44. You certainly don’t need a “marriage license” to be in a deeply committed relationship. Who are you folks to judge? Over half of “marriages” end in divorce and many of the women in the other half of the marraige are unhappy and stay in the marriage for the children.
    There is no need to worry about Lauryn and her children because she can take care of them. And after all they are the grandchildren of the great Bob Marley, and as Mr. Marley said none of his children would beg.
    Ye of so much faith stop throwing stones.

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