MonicaandLil Rocko

Monica and Lil Rocko

In case you missed singer Monica’s new Reality television show on Tuesday night or perhaps you don’t get access to PeachTreeTv based in Atlanta,here’s your chance to watch the entire first episode. The reality show is focused on Monica and her life as a musician as she prepares to come back with a new single and CD (titled “Still Standing”),but viewers will also see Monica as a mommy to her two children. This is what the singer had to say in regards to sharing the tv screen with her kids three-year-old Rodney “Lil Rocko” and 18-month-old Romelo:” I think what people will like the most about[“The Single:Monica”], is you can tell nothing was censored or uncut.I mean, I’m walking around the house in a scarf because we’d been cooking and cleaning and getting the kids ready all day — and that’s how folk really look.That’s the most special part to me, the parts with my kids. I’ve grown up quite a bit. I’ve learned to talk it out and work it out … The part that’s weird for me though, is seeing the emotional side of me, and maybe the way that Rodney [Hill] and I interact with each other. It’s different with the cameras being there, and seeing that on television.always been private about certain things,” Monica says of her love of eight years, and now fiance, known as Rocko to hip-hop fans.”
“But after two children, there’s really no need for that. We pretty much live in front of the cameras now.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on August 7, 2008.


  1. Im soo mad this show doesnt come on everywhere because I would def watch

  2. Monica, needs to stop having babies out of wed lock. She needs to set better examples for her kids. Do the right thing and married the father of your children. It is still sin to fornicate and JESUS still view it that way. It is time to stand up for what is right and remind our young men and women that there is a right way and it isn’t following the flesh. Black is Black and White is White ……………. Call it right!!

  3. Actually, she is about to marry the father of her children! Can you not read? Secondly, she is human just like anyone else including you. So, while you are here being so judgmental, she is somewhere making the best of her situation.

  4. Love the show and my opinion still stands!!!!

  5. That song “still standing” is the truth and im loving it. Monica jkeep doing ur thang, the real Monica fans will always support u no matter what.
    Caria i guess ur parents are married huh, and when u was conceived was they married?

  6. the same mfers that always got something to say, is the ones trying to cover up their mishaps. why are you so worried caria about what she s doing? is she causing you any bodily harm. what she do is between her , her FIANCEE’, and GOD.

  7. I really wish it would come on all over as well. Its just funny how people can judge another person for being true to their self. Just because you have a baby by a person doesn’t mean you have to marry them they are still together. I admire what she is doing because alot of celebrities get married just because they don’t want a baby out of wedlock and I think that is totally wrong because babies are born out of love regardless of how they got here. So I take my hat off to her and her family and at least he is present in his children life and providing for his family

  8. I watched on the net. Thanks for posting. I just wish I could tell her that she will always have my support cause I defiantely by every album. I liked all the songs I heard.

    Its amazing how he came up with that songs lyrics so quickly.

  9. “Still Standing” is off the hook. We love it. We think it is definetely a hit. Monica, do your thang girl. We can’t wait until it hits the charts! Does anybody know if Monica has a fan site or something where she chats and or visits often?


  11. I watched her show the other night and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to the next episode. I was reluctant at first, to watch, but I was pleasantly surprised.

  12. i agree with carla but she does seems like a good mother and her boys are so cute

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