Hip-Hop’s bad boy and former member of 2 Live Crew, Luther “Luke” Campbell , 47, is talking about how he provides parental advisory to his 17-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son:

On his relationship with his kids,Lacresha,17,and Luther Jr,15 :

As far as my kids are concerned, I’m one of those fathers that want to have a relationship with them but is denied by their mother. I’m one of those guys that you don’t hear about, you always hear about deadbeat dads, but you never hear any dialogue about the dad who fights to see their kids but is deprived by the woman. When I’m with the kids, I’m always teaching them responsibility and accountability. I’ve always said that when my kids want to go beyond Playstation games and want to talk about girls that they will have an open dialogue with me. The great thing about the show is that it has allowed me to spend more time with my kids than I ever had and raise them on TV and give them some of the values that my mother and father gave me.


On keeping his kids away from adult-themed content given that he is in the industry:

I don’t find it hard because I don’t bring it to my house. What I do in the office is done in the office. I’m just like the parent who goes to work on the back on the garbage truck or the parent that is a football player. When I come home, I’m dad, I’m Luther Campbell, I don’t bring Luke there. When people watch this show, they’ll see that my life is no different from theirs.

On how he met his wife,lawyer Kristin Thomson:

I met her in a restaurant on South Beach where she was with some friends. I didn’t know if she was with a man and I didn’t want to be disrespectful so I asked a bus boy if he could take my number and tell her if she didn’t have a man to give me a call and if she did it was alright. So he gave it to her. She took about a couple weeks to call, and from that point we were on again, off again; she was giving me the run-down. Eventually we hooked up and fell in love, it was a match made in heaven.



~ by blackcelebritykids on August 8, 2008.


  1. I liked the show alot! This picture doesn’t do his daughter justice. She is actually a nice looking young lady

  2. TV is shot to HELL, they will give anybody a damn show

  3. when i read the statement that luther is raising his kids on tv i wonder what he means by that. tv is an unreal world. what one sees is not what they get. it is surreal. so is it that he is giving them a tv face? will they have to perform one way for tv but another way for the real world? isn’t that an invitation to more confusion than teens need in their lives? i hope his advice to his daughters are directly opposite to how he treats and sees other peoples daughters. just take a look at his past videos and lyrics. i’m not sure if parenting can be done on tv. these are just some of the issues on parenting that i address in my blog dealing with parenting and teenage development.

  4. He needs to realize that he’s no longer relevant. Now raise your kids and shut up!

  5. omg!!!!!!1 luke jr is the sexiest boy in the world!!!
    and he got braces just tops it off!!!!! luther jr…if u readin this than hit me up on myspace[] or aim[imjesusgirl94]
    man u is sexy!!

  6. this show is stupid!!! and his fiance looks like she does not fit in the family she looks like his older daughter!!!!

  7. His son is the only attractive one in the family.

  8. Haters!!!!!!

  9. Let us all be clear on one thing, Luther Campbell is a dead beat father. He is the definition of a dead beat father. What kind of father excludes 2 of HIS children out of a show that is supposed to be based on family? He is also constantly in contempt of court for non payment of child support. I mean the most recent story was out only a few months ago. He owes ONE woman nearly 40 thousand dollars.

    What he needs to do is sit his old ass down somewhere and act his damn age. It might also behoove him to take is wife to a freaking salon and get that mop done, perhaps his daughter as well.

    You know TV has finally gone down the freaking drain when a low life like Luther Campbell gets a show.

  10. truthis I heard that!!!

  11. Is this possible? Is NO failed celebrity considered off-limits to being presented with their own reality show (even when they’re not the least bit qualified)? Can we all now look forward to the day when Vanilla Ice is back on the air, lecturing us on the fine points of gardening?

    Uhmm…yeah, when I need parenting advice, the VERY first person I think of is Luke Campbell (followed closely by Ozzy Osbourne and Charles Manson). A has-been rapper advising parents makes so much sense- it’s just so very obvious that he’s read scores of books on the subject, taken parenting courses, studied child development and/or child psych in school and that he’s well-trained to dispense his pearls of wisdom. Certainly he’s not just “winging it” and vomiting out whatever moronic thoughts pop into his head, right?

    Note to Campbell: just because you’re a celebrity (?) doesn’t mean that you’re anywhere NEAR qualified to teach others how to raise their kids.You made a fool of yourself on FOX’s ‘Red Eye’ (taking a belt to teenagers…yep, that oughta work) and showed beyond question that you have the approximate IQ of a grapefruit. Stick to doing what you do best: trying to make Ryan Collins the starting QB at the University of Miami and writing songs that even Greg Brady would laugh at.

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