[Allen pictured with daughter Messiah and son Isaiah]
NBA player Allen Iverson is expecting his fifth child with wife Tawanna(inset pic). Allen made the announcement on the Mo’nique show last month saying: “I’ve got four kids and one on the way. I’m the coach in that house.If I’m not setting a good example, then I’m failing as a father. That’s the last thing I’d want to do is fail my kids.” Indeed Allen has four children:a daughter Tiaura (b. 1995), son Allen II, or “Deuce” (b. 1998),a third son named Isaiah, and a daughter named Messiah Lauren Iverson born on August 16, 2005.


~ by blackcelebritykids on August 13, 2008.


  1. Their kids are two cute!! Allen Iverson as much as I love his spirit he is yet another example of that fact that no matter how much money or status you have that you are not freed from the metal slavery. Why do I say that. He still acts as if he is still in the hood even though he stay a mansion.

  2. I totally agree with you maryamb, but i am proud of him and all of his sucess, he is a husband, and a father… how many men can you say does that?

  3. That is true but at least he’s doing right by his kids and making sure that they are taken care of !!!

  4. I agree he is taking care of his kids but they need more than material items.They need a good example. He is still doing all the silly stuff he was doing as a teen. My husband is the same age as him. He does not go to clubs. He doesn’t get into fights. He doesn’t chase me down the street with guns. He doesn’t Smoke or drink( only an occasional beer). He makes sure that whatever we listen to or say around our kids is positive. This is what I mean. It’s is one thing to provide for your children. It is quite different than being there for them and guiding them on the right path. I said before and I’ll say it again. Children do what the see.

  5. I love Iverson as a sports figure and no one knows what the kids actually see of what actually goes on in their house! One famed tabloid rumor and now everyone assumes he does random ish like this everyday. I commend Mr. Iverson for taking care of his children and commend them both for working on their marriage! It’s easy to give up but harder to stay & fight (not physically)! So to the both of them-CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. Haviland I agree it is good and people in this day and age where divorce is rampant staying together and working on the marriage. I have the slightest idea of what tabloid story you are referring to about Allen. I saw the gun incident on the news. Also the sucker got arrested a little while ago for staging toddler fights for money at a daycare he owns. For whatever reason he still runs with the crowd that he grew up with and got in trouble with as a kid.I don’t know if he is trying to prove he has not sold out or what but, he shouldn’t feel he has to prove that to anyone. Just my opinion.

    You can never be sure of what your kids will and won’t see about you when you are in the public spotlight. I am sure Kobe has tried shelter his kids from his affair, but the likelihood of them never hearing or seeing about it are slim to none. I am sure it has to be very hard for them to always live under the scrunity of everyone. What everyone has to say about them is not what matters most. The children should come first. When I think of doing the wild and crazy things I did as a kid, I always think if I do this what am I teaching my children. Not saying that I don’t make mistakes. I do. I also apologize and try to make it right and let them no I am not perfect and I don’t except them to be. I just except them to do their best.

  7. Shout out to Allen, It’s MUCH harder to stay together. I commend him for being Married, that’s a bad word to alot of African American men. At least he ain’t just a baby daddy. Sometimes we have to walk in someone else shoes. There are shoes in this world i wouldn’t want to even try on, let alone walk in.

  8. still ghetto

  9. I agree Tiffany about the walking in someone else’s shoes. I am not judging him. I am simply stating that everything he does is on display good or bad and his kids are bound to see it. So you have to be careful what type of example you are setting.

    Allen Iverson is a very talented and spirited person. He should know a better way to deal with his issues.

    I have to ask. Are we that hard up to have a man in the house that we will take him and his criminal behaviors and abuse or any mistreatment just because? I don’t know about anybody else but I deserve better than that. If my husband was abusive and kept getting in trouble with the law, I wouldn’t have him around me or my children. Unless he got help. He is being self destructive for a reason and until he works that out it is not going to get any better. I think he would be a sad sight if he walks around at 50 with braids and his pants sagging.

    Reason being if they see him whipping a** they would think it is either ok to have someone treat them like that or that it is ok to treat someone like that. We should not have to settle.

  10. Congrats on still being married and being ABLE to have that many kids.Now having that many kids,well….

    Kids are cute though, and keep up the good parenting Allen/Tawanna.

  11. How is it the way you dress or look determines you as a father? I know men who wear suits all day long every day who are dead beat dads and are the worst type of person, furthermore As a fan of Allen Iverson I have come to realize that the media chooses to report whatever about him and how do we know it to be true or the real story of what actually happend when we never know the real full story only what they tell us. He is not perfect just like the rest of us are not we all go through things and make mistakes but we are not judged for them publicly. Also that toddler story came from a website that makes up fictional stories. Let me ask has any one heard of all the good he has done besides being a husband and father? No because they also focus on the alleged other stuff. Congratulations to them both and their family.

  12. damn another one

  13. Mary I never said that the way he dresses determines how he good of a father he would be. I sad that he would be a sad sight walking around at 50 with his pants sagging and braids.

    When you are a child you behave as a child. When you are grown you should act accordingly.

    As far the negative press. They always show negative images of black people. If we wasn’t giving them the ammo they wouldn’t have anything to use. I am sure he does lots of good things. Never said he didn’t. I just want him to stop giving the media negative things to report about as I do with all of our black folk.

    It’s just like the star athletes(among others) that go out and father all these kids. It’s already hard enough being black why make it harder. When you give the media bad things to report it is just what they are looking for. I am not perfect. No one is. All I am saying is that if you are in the public spot light (especially if you are black and have children) you should set a higher standard for your behavior.

    It’s kind hard to except your kids to do the right thing, when all they see is how their parent is messing up. He is very ghetto. Just because you are a fan that does not mean that everything he does should be over looked.

    I love my kids and my husband dearly but if they do something wrong I don’t look the other way. I don’t except them to do that for me either. Right is right, wrong is wrong. If I do something my husband feels is wrong he will let me know I could have handled that a better way. When I was immature(still growing) I would get upset with him because I was his wife and I felt he should side with me. Now I understand that if he had that it would not have help me grow up. Looking the other way when you see a child drinking or smoking etc. Is called enabling. It is unhealthy for all involved.

  14. I never said that I over looked any thing because I’m a fan, I know he’s gotten into trouble before I’m quite aware of it and I don’t overlook that at all. All I’m saying is in life things happen and we never really know what that truth is because we don’t know these people. we don’t know what goes on in this mans household. Like you said those athletes and entertainers who have babies by several women and never marry not one of those women that is what I think ghetto truly is.

  15. I agree things do happen. It seems to happen more often when you put yourself in situations where trouble is way more likely to happen. Like in night clubs. I don’t have a problem with you wanting to hang out with friend. If you are married with kids why are you in the clubs. It’s plenty of things you can do when hanging out with your friends other than going to clubs. I know because I hang out with my friends. We get manicures and pedis. We watch movies have dinner or massages or drinks. I only have been to a club a handful of time my whole life. I am 32. Every time I went someone was either fighting or shooting. I figured of if I wanted to dance that bad I could do it at my house and be safe. I stay in the ATL. I hear them saying he is going to be at this club and that when I turn on the radio all them time.

    We don’t know what goes on in his house. I never said I did. All I know is what I see.

    They have lots of people that are in the spot light like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. I don’t ever hear anything negative about them. For all I know they could treat each other like crap. However if they do they do it in the privacy of their own home. Never heard anything bad about Denzel and his family either. This is the kind of example I am talking about.

    I agree have lots of babie’s mommas and daddies is ghetto but then I think acting like you are an irresponsible teen is ghetto too. I could see if he was in the music industry and had to be in the clubs. He is a basketball player.

    All I am saying with great power comes great responsibilities.

  16. His daughter looks like a lighter version of Zahara Jolie-Pitt, imo.

  17. I love Allen Iverson. I’am happy for them.

  18. Jess, I agree she does favor her.

  19. Tawanna is pregnant by another man, Not Allen. He is so full of Sh**T.

  20. Everybody commenting on how they applaud them for staying together is a load of bull. They divorced quite some time ago. Now she is knocked up by someone else. To save himself from the shame he keeps up the charade. He should of told the truth a long time ago. He is soooooo full of shit. It is rididulous to claim another man’s child to maintain this fictitious image of a wholesome family man. It didn’t work, tell the truth and let Taawanna take care of her own mess.

  21. Everybody commenting on how they applaud them for staying together is a load of bull. They divorced quite some time ago. Now she is knocked up by someone else. To save himself from the shame he keeps up the charade. He should of told the truth a long time ago. He is soooooo full of shit. It is rididulous to claim another man’s child to maintain this fictitious image of a wholesome family man. It didn’t work, tell the truth and let Taawanna take care of her own mess. I’m going to TELL EVERYONE AND BLOG EVERYWHERE!!

  22. I’m incensed by his unwise, foolish choices.

  23. Waiting well over 2 years. Where did you come by your information? How do you know they are not 2gether? How do you know she is pregnant for someone else.

  24. Stop lying liar they haven’t divorced they are still together. You groupies want them to get divorced but it will never happened. She has filed for a divorce 3 times and the pass and 2yrs ago it went pubic , but he did everything in his power to keep her . I understand their marraige isn’t perfect and I don’t agree with most of the shit his does , but Tawanna and him will be together for many yrs to come . It’s funny that yall groupies and his mom tries to paint a bad picture of her but it’s just not working . No one can even name one of her freinds . Why? because she so Quite and smooth like Junaita jordan , No one will never know Tawanna moves unitl her lawyer release info ot the public .

  25. @ August 16, 2008 at 3:26 . You can tell every Blog in the world , but what proof do you have to back it up ? What you a mad groupie who he left on the side of the road , or you wishing on a star for Tawanna’s spot . Yup she has one of the best spots in the NBA , marreid to AI without a Pre-nup!!!. When ever she do divorce him I’m laugh so hard when she cleans his CHEATING ass out !!!!!

  26. Last time I checked Ai didn’t have a real Image like Kobe and D-wade. What endorsement does he have besides Reebok!! When he left Philly his career and popularity faded quickly. That’s why he always in ATL in the strip clubs drunk ass hell because he knows his career is done and is not playing this time around !!! I never bought that family image stuff . All that stuff he did in Philly and continue to do. I’m surprise Tawanna stayed this long !!! As many times that Ai embrassed Tawanna WHY WOULD SHE keep the divorce private to help his career.? You should stop lying and go take a nap becuase you makes no sense LITTLE GIRL!! I just seen him with the 2 tatoos of her name. Do you know when he is getting them covered up ?

  27. As far as AI goes. I read his bio and I get a better view of why he is who he is. He had a hard life growing up. No good male role models, his mom was selling her body to make ends met and she was 15 when she had him. He was poor and went without a lot. He is acting out because even with all he has today he is still just a wounded kid that grew up without a dad. I think because he went through what he did this is why is apart of his children’s lives. He is doing the best he knows how. However until he gets help to get over all his unresolved childhood issues he will not be able to keep himself out of the self destructive pattern he is in. What is ironic about this is AI and D-Wade had a similar up bringing how come Wade is so much more grounded?


  29. I didn’t say it was an excuse hell I know he could be doing better. I just think that it is ironic that with all the other people that had troubled up bringing that some over come them and others still continue to fall in the same traps. I agree with you 100% that it has a lot to do with him hanging out with his want nothing friends They want nothing and they bringing him down. I wonder though is it a case of him thinking he can make them want to do better. You would think after all this time you can only change yourself and leave those losers alone.

    I think when you try to keep it real by hanging out with your same old friends doing the same stupid crap you did as a kid is just an excuse not to grow up and get your stuff together.

  30. Okay my bad i misintertped your point of view. His time as a top player is running out. I wonder how long Tawanna will stay around and put up with this? He must have some type of magical powers over her !!!!

  31. Yeah. It’s called the D.I.C.K. as the late great Bernie Mac would say. LOL. He must be really good. Either that are she really just want to stay with him for the kids.

  32. come on people. watch the mouth. it takes two to tangle. he has five kids. he is staying with her as well. at least he is taking care of his kids. 80% of BLK/LATINO man can’t evern take care of one child. with AIDS….. TODAY U FIGURE U PEOPLE WAKE UP HELLOOOOOO

  33. We know the reason he is staying with her. He is having his cake and eating it too. If he can do whatever he wants and can still come home to his wife and kids he has every reason to stay. She on the other hand is getting the short end of the stick. If he stayed there or not he would still have to take care of the kids. I don’t know if it is true or not but I saw in one of the other post that she didn’t sign a prenup. That is also another good reason to keep her. He keeps the other half of his things.

    As far as this Comment I think I am going to need you to elaborate
    “with AIDS….. TODAY U FIGURE U PEOPLE WAKE UP HELLOOOOOO” If I am wrong I don’t mind being corrected but he is the one keep stepping outside of the marital bed. I don’t know if she has or hasn’t but I know he has. So you would think he would learn to start thinking with his big head. If you know what I mean.

  34. Why would she sign a pre-nup they been together since age 15( everybody in Philly new this and his mom was hot when she found out). I assume that AI isn’t the only man with $$ that cheats America divorce rate is 73% so that tells you that men CHEATING is the american WAY !

    “We know the reason he is staying with her. He is having his cake and eating it too. If he can do whatever he wants and can still come home to his wife and kids he has every reason to stay”

    I think every man thinks this way . I wouldn’t call Tawanna dumb because I never exp real love . From the looks of things and Living in Philly she seems to be a women that Loves HARD!I do beleive that AI loves his wife he is just in a situation where 85% of the time he has so much pu$$y throw at him and it’s hard to say no . Also his mother immature imput has alot on the way he treats his WIFE!! I will say how does a women stay this long if a man hasn’t change ! It was rumors in Philly that whenever she got up and left he act out beyond crazy! We all seen the fight they had that blow up on the news . I heard that fight happened because she founnd out that he was putting a child of his on his friend MAL and fouund out it was his and all hell bresk lose! He has to love his wife no man have 5 kids by the same women by MISTAKE !! sorry for the typo’s

  35. I don’t disagree with the fact that he loves her. What’s not to love? She is at home taking care of the kids while he is out doing everything under the sun waiting for him to call/come home.

    I am sure she loves him and that is why she stays even though he keeps putting her through all that crap. I don’t think she is dumb either. I just think she doesn’t realize that she deserves so much more. Material things don’t matter. It can all be gone tomorrow. She deserves some to love her and cherish her the way she does them. It’s really unhealthy for them and the kids to continue on this way.

    I have to say I have and still do love hard. My first love reminds me a lot of AI. They even favor in looks and almost share the same b-day. He cheated on me one time and I told him if he didn’t change/get some help I wouldn’t be with him. He is still pining for me to this day. I would have done anything for him back in the day. However I wanted to be a one and only. He is still cheating and still getting in trouble like AI. I have to say I am so glad that he cheated on me because he made room for the right man to come into my life. I shudder at the thought that I could have ended up like Tawanna. It’s funny really the 15 year old girl he cheated on me name is Jawanna.

    I think seeing AI screwing up risking his family with everyone that catches eye makes me identify with his wife because I was just like her. The only difference is I would have five kids and probably have been on welfare or something because when my ex is not jail that sucker still stays at home with his momma. So the girl who thought she won the prize when she got him. I owe her a debt of gratitude because she took my problem off my hands. I still care for him a great deal and I know the lord put him in my life to make me appreciate all that I have today. So I am not even mad at him anymore for what he did, but thankful.

    As far as him having outside kids that is another matter all together. It just lets you know he can’t love her and they kids the way they need to be loved (above all other but God) because he doesn’t love himself. If he did he wouldn’t be risking taking himself or his wife from their kids. A.I.D.S. is real and I don’t see an end it sight. It doesn’t care who you are and it doesn’t have favorites. I think like with my ex AI has problems being vulnerable to having a deeper more meaningful relationship because his dad abandon him. It’s really sad that they don’t realize that it’s their father who failed them and not the other way around. I do have to say this though. At least he is doing better by his kids than his father did for him.

  36. I agree with you 100%! Ai has herpes and I’m sure He gave it too his wife as well. Only gods Knows if HIV will be follow him. In his risky years in Philly and I say this losely because of all the sex behavior I have heard in Hair and Nail salon. It will be a matter of time before he and his wife exp a more serious medical disaster ! May I ask you since you said you have been in Tawanna type situation , when does a women say enough is enough although he fights her hard when she leaves?

  37. I won’t lie as much as I loved him it was hard as hell to walk away from him. I cried for a whole year. I mean I bawled like never before. When I realized that no matter how much I loved him that I couldn’t change him. He was who he was. I loved him with all my heart and soul. Then I found out he was beating the girl he cheated on me with because he blamed her because I left. Like she made him sleep with her.

    I think the reason he(AI) is not genuinely trying to change, is because he feels that she is not going anywhere. I always believed that if you took back a man after he cheated once and he had truly repented is one thing but if he does again and you stay he feels he can do whatever he wants.

    I say fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. He is taking her and her love for granted. I think he won’t realize what he has with her until he pushes her away and she doesn’t come back. By then I am afraid it will be much too late.

    I say this from my own experiences and from what I have learned from them. Have I had sex before I got married? (Yes). Did I love the people?( The only ones I loved were my ex and my now husband).
    The premarital sex I had before meeting my husband does not even compare to making love to someone that you know will give a damn about you after you are finished doing the deed.

    That’s why I don’t understand how these men and women step out on the partners. My husband and I have been together for 11 years and I have only been with him and he has never given me any reason to suspect that he has been with anyone but me. I sleep real good at night because that is a very comforting thought. Seeing all this I have to say even though walking away from my ex was one of the hardest things I ever had to do and truly one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

  38. Wow so it is true ,if a man doesn’t change for the better of the relationship, then it will never be a relationship, instead it will always be a buddy type relationship. I ‘m starting to believe “A man will either marry a hoe, or cheat on their wife with a hoe.” I’m skeptical to see when my time comes for a serious relationship , what will happen. I swear I don’t want to be another victim of a scared heart!!!

  39. NewBagNcoupe it all depends on the man. I could see me cheating on my husband before he would cheat on me. They man his very loyal, loving hard working and would do anything for me and our kids. I go out with my friends way more than he does. He would rather be with me and our kids. The best indication of how a man will be in a relationship is:

    1.How his parents relate to one another.

    2.How he treats his mother.

    My husbands parents act as if they just fell in love with one another. I love them to death.

    My husband respects all people and feels that any man that mistreats a woman is not a real man. I know whomever my son ends up with will be a lucky woman.

    We all get what we feel we should. If you think that the only men you attract are losers then that is what you will attract. If you think that you deserve a man to put you above all others than you will.

    I have to say because I have been mistreated in a relationship it has made very grateful to have a man that wants nothing more than
    to be with me and our family.

  40. First off what do we know personally about him, except what is heard. If him and his wife want to have another child that is their business. At least he not making babies while the mom is on welfare and never making her anything more than a baby-momma.

  41. Singleblackmother I don’t mean to sound rude when I ask this, so please don’t take it the wrong way. Did you read what we wrote?

    We didn’t claim to know him. We stated that from his actions that he needs to grow up. I said before and I will say again. I hope his wife and he has a healthy baby. It wouldn’t make any difference to me if they had 10 more. It is not the number of kids they have, but the way he constantly does things to disrespect his wife and kids. Don’t just have kids. Hell anybody with their equipment in good working order can do that. Be there for them, love enough to want to set a good example, don’t break the law so you won’t risk not being able to see them grow up. With kids you get back what you put into them. Garbage in Garbage out.

    Why would his kids want to do anything different from dear old dad? Our youth are in trouble and it is people that think as long as the kids are feed then they are doing there jobs. Until we start being parents then we can’t expect any better from our kids.

  42. Dantan da prince haley,

    If I don’t reply to your post is not because I agree or disagree with what you said. It is because I don’t know what the hell you said. It all just looks like a bunch of gibberish. First off if you want anybody to take you serious you first have to sound as if you know what you are talking about. How can you make a point to anybody when no one understands what you are saying?

    Second of all how old are you? Someone should also tell you Hero worship is unhealthy. No one is perfect, just because you admire him it does not make everything he do ok.

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