British singer Javine Hylton is pictured with her 5-month-old daughter Angel Mai Hylton-Harvey outside their home in London.  In other alarming Javine Hylton news, her boyfriend McHarvey threatened to kill her not too long ago:

McHarvey received a police caution last week after allegedly threatening to kill girlfriend Javine Hylton. According to the Sun, Javine threw all of Harvey’s clothes onto the street outside their home in Dollis Hill, London after he stayed out all night with friends.A source told the newspaper that when the former So Solid Crew member finally returned home: “A huge row kicked off.”

At some point during the incident, Harvey is said to have threatened Javine with a knife prompting her to call 999.

A police spokesperson told Sky Showbiz: “On the 30th July, a 29-year-old man was cautioned for an allegation of common assault.”

Javine and Harvey started dating in late 2006 and welcomed their daughter Angel in February this year.


~ by blackcelebritykids on August 13, 2008.


  1. That is so sad. I saw BCK had posted the pics of them when she first had this baby and I knew it wouldn’t last then. I hope she learned her lesson. I was hoping the baby wouldn’t be affected by her mom’s bad decision to be with a married man. It don’t look like that is going to happen. She is a beautiful baby. She deserves better.

  2. Javine favors Beyonce.

  3. I know it sounds mean but the way you get him is the way you lose him. She had an affair with her friends husband and married him. Beautiful baby though.

  4. I forgot that they aren’t married.

  5. I agree Not Buying It she does favor Beyonce. I didn’t realize it until you said so.

  6. Baby Angel looks like a little angel,too.

  7. Her baby looks like she has a white dad.

  8. What about her looks like Beyonce? Her skintone? Cant really see her because of the shades and hat.

  9. Look at her nose and mouth.

  10. im not seein beyonce – not at all.

  11. Javine is a pretty name…her little one is cute.

  12. So sweet, the baby and mommy tooo…

  13. Anon27…Look at the pic with her parents. They are both Biracial, so Angel’s skintone isn’t odd. She is beautiful anyways.

  14. her little bonnet, those chubby cheeks, so sweet. i think javine does look like beyonce in the top picture…she looks more like beyonce than solange does.

  15. Hello Javine, it’s a pleasure to meet you…. My name is KARMA !!!

  16. The child is light skin, but she has very African features.

    Momma is cute..

  17. she should have left the man alone and kept her friend.

  18. Harvey aint biracial both his parents are Black!

  19. Ms P-Okay!!!!!!

  20. 1) Harvey is biracial.
    2) Homewrecking heffas should not be shocked when their “prize” cheats on them too.

  21. Javine’s mother is white

  22. Harvey`s father is African from Sierra Leone, his mother is White

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