Singer Ginuwine and retired rapper Sole are focused on raising their four daughters Ginel, Kayah, Story and Dream.In the video you’re about to see, the husband and wife team talk about their philanthropic ventures,and instilling values of self-worth in their four daughters.

BCK says:Apparently, Ginuwine may have a son as well. According to one of BCK readers(Lil’ Kunta), Ginuwine and Sole have two daughters together named Story(b. March 01) & Dream(b. 1 Nov 02). Ginuwine has a son from a previous relationship named Elgin Jr; Sole has two daughters from a previous relationship named DeJan(91) and Cypress(94). In total the couple have five children.


~ by blackcelebritykids on August 15, 2008.


  1. I didn’t know they had kids. That’s great. I have a Caya to. I bet they are beautiful. Their parents are.

  2. Doesn’t Ginuwine also have a son named Elgin,Jr.?

  3. Knowitall@ I was thinking the same thing. He does have a son that lives here in Maryland. It strange that he didn’t mention him. They were really close. His Maryland home is a couple of miles from where I live.

  4. I thought they only has 2 girls together

    Dream and Story is by Elgine

    Her other 2 daughter are by someone else?

  5. You’re right, Joy. Sole already had two daughter prior to meeting Ginuwine. I wonder why no mention’s made of his son,either?

  6. Really nice interview.I have been a fan of both Ginuwine and Sole for years now and its good to see that their marriage is still going strong and that they are giving back to their community.The names of Sole’s daughters are De’jan Cypress,Story and Dream.

  7. In less she gave bith to 2 more little girl and just no realizing it!

    Cause De’jan and Cypress are her oldest daughters but BCK has 2 different names posted!

  8. G seemed outta it in ths interview.
    Did they move back to MD or are in ATL?

    Sole is pretty.
    …also Sole’s said 4 girls, G said nada. I hope Sole is welcoming 2 G;s son.

    I wonder how Sole stands G’s sex songs with her tryna live a good Christian life now.

    G has son Elgin(1992) w his ex girlfriend.
    Sole (Tonya Johnston) has 2 daughters from her ex.
    Together they have daughters
    Story (29 March 01) & Dream Sarae Lumpkin(1 November 02)
    Sole’s daugh r De’jan (9 March 1991) & Cypress (9 January 1994).

  9. In the orginal post……BCK posted 2 different girl names from Sole to oldest daughters name!

  10. Hey
    Pls correct the post. There is no Ginel or Kayah.
    G’s kids are Elgin Jr (92), daughters Story(March 01) & Dream(1 Nov 02).
    Sole’s kids are 4 girls: De’Jan, Cypress, Story, Dream.

  11. Some websites have Ginuwine listed as father to not only Elgin but also Ginel French and Tiffany Lyles from previous relationships.

  12. That what I am saying,what if they had other kids we didn’t no about! I mean it ain’t like they are in the spotlight! Not trying to sound mean!

  13. I’m so confused!

  14. I dont know how many kids they have Im just happy to see them make it work!


  16. Ginuwine has 6 children of his own, and sole has 2 from a previous relationship….8 kids in total

  17. Actually you are all wrong. Their children’s names are Tiffany, Little Elgin, Ginel, Tahjere,Story, Dream, Dejan and Cypress. he is heck of a dad to ALL of his children and Sole is an excellent mom. They both are very happy and are BOTH striving to be good christian parents. Their careers ARE NOT dead, but are much better in Christ. they both are very real and genuine loving people. No one should judge what you do not know. What the latest gossip says about them and others in their industry are NOT the gospel. I pray that everyone would be mindful that celebrities are human too! They have children who can access the internet and be very hurt by the garbage and lies that people, who have NO idea who they are for real, makes in their moments of reading what they believe is truth.
    If I were you, I would follow the example of those two and attempt to know the Lord Jesus for yourselves, then you would have more to do than post about people who do not know you exist and comment on what YOU think their lives are….and IS NOT!
    Respectfully posted AND God Bless…..

  18. and before anyone comment on whether I know them….YES, I do, very well. and this is why I am saddened by the negative comments of people whom I know personally and are very special to me and my family, as I am they feel the same about me and my family. They are wonderful. The two of them AND ALL of their beautiful children, whom Sole have much love for and welcomes without bias as her own children and Elgin is the same with ALL of his children including the two that are not BIOLOGICALLY his , but love and care for as his blood. In this videoo many people missed the point. Elgin did not omit his other children…the question was how do they raise the ones that LIVE with them. That so happens to be the the four girls spoken of. They have ALL of their children all of the time. I am new to this site and so happened to come across one about someone that I know personally. I think that it is wonderful that BCK showcases the accomplishments of black celebrities and honor them by showing off their beautiful babies! I would just admonish posters to be cognizant of the things you post about them. You never know how what you post could negatively impact the celebrities themselves and their children who may happen upon such posts.

    Thank U BCK for the work that you do! Stay godly and continue to represent Christ in your posts fellow christians.

    Reespectfully posted and God Bless……..

  19. Caitlynn P, kudos to you for your response. I agree with almost everything you wrote. I actually don’t know how I stumbled upon this website, but I do know Elgin and Tonya personally as well. One thing that is just really sad and pathetic about the majority of these posts is the fact that people are more interested in finding out how many kids they have than they are about the great community service project that the two of them were promoting. How shallow! That really shows alot about character. And to be honest I feel it is really quite disrespectful to be discussing their children. What business is it of anyone on this site to know how many kids they have or what their names, ages, and birthdays are?? Are you raising them or supporting them? It makes no sense to be speculating about the lives of people you don’t know. It doesn’t matter if they are celebrities. It’s also funny that I recognize one poster that I already addressed on MyVoiceDC and YouTube regarding Elgin and Tonya. I see you’re all over the net with your judgmental remarks and misinformation.

  20. What is really sad is people focus on gossip and negative news not on the good. Like them still married and speaking highly of the lord! People are hateful and messy, but misery loves company so I am sure the negative ones are miserable..

  21. aww they look like such great parents,i bet they’re kids are gawwjus.
    & i lovez that pointin’ thingie ginuwine did at the end wit his lil silly self lmao

  22. AWWWWWW….they are good parents but he needs to be with me

  23. Lord bless their beautiful family..And u haters just do what u do and hate on..Tonya this ya Pocahontas chick aka 1875 Toya keep on doing it Native Black Pride..4ever

  24. slt

  25. This may be a little late by I have to say most of y’all are right and most of y’all are wrong! It goes that Sole does have kids from previous relationships and Ginuwine and her do have 2 kids together which are Story & Dream. He does have a son named Elgin Jr, and he has two girls from previous relationships their names are Ginel Lumpkin 16 and (spell her name right) Kaiyah Smith 14 (Lumpkin). This is what it is no mater what anyone says check his old cds

  26. *but

  27. Hmmm…the really sad thing about this is that it really doesn’t matter how many kids the man produced. What matters is the character of the man who steps up and claims cares for loves and supports his children. There are so many conflicting stories out there. I would hope to think that at this point 2012 … All his children would have been verified by court documents and child support. What matters is who he says are his! Not anyone else. I am sure ginuwine slept with hundreds of women in his prime. I think those of you who were one of them were stupid to not protect yourselves from a messy situation like f sleeping with a celebrity with a reputation and then keeping a child knowing it was just a one night stand. Love Sole for being a lady with class and earning the good wife award. If there are more then 9 kids out there and he doesn’t claim them publically as a new child of Christ that would be very wrong….however….I see it like this… I don’t believe he would deny what he knows to be fact and at this point , I am sure he’s been takin to court by many and the DNA has proven who his real children are , especially by now. If you are only hearing from the kids he’s mentioned, then they don’t exist to him at that’s all that matters! For those women still trying to place false claim …give it up. Two things …. Only DNA will prove who your child’s Daddy is….and its a damn shame he won’t claim yours! The teL question is why…maybe because the child isn’t his and you made a big huge assumption and mistake. So folks please stop claiming children for him that he clearly doesn’t recognize!

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