Master P a.k.a Percy Miller has launched a new family-friendly network called BBTV. BBTV will provide positive content for a “black and brown culture that will appeal to all races with a goal to bring people of color a choice when turning on their television.” BBTV’s content will include health and fitness; animation; financial planning; reality TV; sitcoms; dramas; movies; “responsible” hip-hop music and videos; politics; sports and entertainment news; educational children’s shows; and teen and family programming:

“It’s extremely important to feed clean, quality and positive subject matter to our families,” chairman and CEO Miller said in a statement. “We believe TV content can be positive and responsible and still have good ratings with great content. BBTV will offer all kinds of family friendly entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Our mission is to target the new generation of responsible African-American and multiethnic English-speaking American and family-oriented and responsible hip-hop consumers who are taking charge of their families and striving for a better tomorrow.”

He added, “Being exposed to positive content is what changed my life. I believe there is a market in our community for a new diverse network that provides a new brand of superior programming that caters to all aspects of television from reality to original programming. In addition, I’m excited to be able to expose the urban community to a vast array of jobs in the entertainment community that they might not otherwise be privy to. I have a great relationship with BET and MTV, and my son and I will continue to do work with them and support their networks. With BBTV, we’re spearheading the initiative to meet consumer demand for family friendly hip-hop content.”~Percy Miller a.k.a Master P

In all Master P has seven children: 4 boys, Percy, III (LIl’ Romeo; the oldest of all), Vercy, and Hercey,and Mercy and 3 girls, Itali, Tytyana, and Intylyana.



~ by blackcelebritykids on August 18, 2008.


  1. That’s what I am talking about. You go boy. Please all my beautiful people tune in so this is a success.

  2. This has no relation to black celeb kids, but still thanks 4 posting.

    This is interesting seeing as how P got started doing crap music with hardcore lyrics glorifying sex drugs, hoes, & other trash.

    Glad to see the change.

  3. He’s never been a favorite of mine but I respect what he’s trying to do. Maybe he should get the input of Spike Lee, Bill Cosby, Robert Townsend, and other influential blacks who’ve got a vested interest in cleaning up our media images /showcasing the positive.

  4. PS: U could connect this 2 BCK by stating that 1 of P’s sons Vyshonn Miller is hosting BBTV’s version of 106park-trl called
    “Sunset & Vine”.

  5. Thanks lil Kunta:) No need for that ..Black celebrity Kids about the kids,parents,etc..Thanks,Lil Kunta..appreciate all the comments:)

  6. I’ve always appreciated Master P’s business savvy and I will watch, if available in my area.

  7. And BTW I love this picture of him!

  8. “In all Master P has seven children: 4 boys, Percy, III (LIl’ Romeo; the oldest of all), Vercy, and Hercey,and Vyshonn and 3 girls, Itali, Tytyana, and Intylyana and one other child whose name is unknown.”
    Well, we know the unknown child is not named Joe or Susie! Seriously, those kids have some creative names.

  9. R vercy & hercey twins?

    How do u pronounce ‘INTYLYANA’ ?

  10. good to see his doin somethin for the people..

    but i have to lmao @ those names…

    and @ lilkunta..i’m guessing the name is pronounce a girl from italy would be an “Italiana”…lol

  11. Master P and his wife have strong, good looks and great genes and their two boys are very handsome.

  12. im glad p miller is still changing game i will watch BBTV im a big fan of p-miller.

  13. im glad p miller is still changing the game i will watch BBTV im a big fan of p-miller.

  14. The 4th Child Name Is Chaina Miller.

  15. Master P clean!!! wit his sexi ass and his son ROMEO

  16. LOL….look at mi daddy in law cuz imma marrie LIL ROMEO

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