According to blogger the  BROOKLYNDAUGHTER,actress Lisa Bonet may be pregnant again. The Brooklyn daughter had the opportunity to see Lisa Bonet while she was filming in Brooklyn for her new show “Life On Mars”(see picture above) On August 7th,The Brooklyn Daughter recounted her experience while on set with the actress:

So, since getting back I have had the luck of wondering on to a couple movie/tv show sets. Today I found out about one in advance and went down to see what I could see. I’d heard that a new show called, “Life on Mars” was filming in nearby Prospect Heights. So I jumped into my trusty Jeep and took of toward the set. I was excited because I knew that Lisa Bonet is in the cast and I wanted to see her. I found parking relatively easily and went to the set. It was really easy to get on set and blend in. When I first got there nothing was really going on, they had stand-ins getting the camera angles set up then down an alley I saw her. Lisa Bonet, Miss Moon herself. She sauntered on down the alley and went into a school that they were using as a police station. I was across the street with my trusty camera phone and got the above pictures. It was interesting to say the least. Lots of activity, walkie talkies, screaming ACTION and CUT! Lisa seemed laid back, way laid back. On set they called her Lilakoi, I mean it is her legal name now. Lilakoi left her sunglasses in the makeup case that I was standing right next to. Hmmmm, missed opportunity for a token of the day. Lilakoi looked great! She was a little heavy for her, I mean she just had a baby recently. Side note… As I stood there they were handing out paychecks to the crew! One makeup guy beside me got a check. Boy oh boy did I wanna say, “So uuuummmm how much did you get?”
The last picture has Lisa in it. She’s wearing a white shirt with a vest and an overcoat. The movie was doing 1978 takes and 2008 takes. This looks like it may be interesting. I’ll have to take a look when it comes on in the fall.
***.Something has been sort of bugging me since I finished this post earlier. Lisa Bonet had her last child last July. So why did she look pregnant again when I saw her today? There’s no way you could poossibly tell from the photo I took but check her out [above].

If confirmed,this will be Lisa Bonet’s third child,not fourth as many people have assumed. STAY TUNED FOR MORE….


~ by blackcelebritykids on August 18, 2008.


  1. Maybe she just ate a sandwich?

  2. IF she is pregnant again good luck to her. From what I hear she’s a wonderful person and is probably a great mom, too.

  3. As long as she takes care of her kids, more power to her!

  4. If she is so what! I mean her body, her life and her money!

  5. If she’s pregnant, then congratulations!

  6. lol @ lilkunta

  7. Those are pregnancy pants… she’s preggers! Also, I would love to know what camera phone “BrooklynDaughter” has… the photos are great.

  8. I remember when Lisa Bonet was on the Cosby Show. I was recently hired to work at J. Michael Bloom LTD on 50th street in Manhatten. She was a client. I saw take an elevator…she kept her face to the wall until the elevator arrived.—She was ayoung kid back then. This was during the 80’S Scary uh?

    Check out my blog site…I refer to my life at J. Michael Bloom back in my youth. I saw such notables as James Earl Jones there also. I was given free tickets to see his Broadway Show called “Fences”…celebs..are PEOPLE TOO!

  9. If she is I hope it’s a boy. He would be so adorable. I always thought she would get back together with Lenny but oh well.


  11. I wish she does something to her hair,tho!

  12. Oh, shut up Joy! She can wear her hair natural and low maintenance. She aint gotta be fake with perms and weaves.

  13. It will be her 4th. Does anyone remember the bump Bill Cosby was hiding during the end of the Cosby Show. He was upset that she was pregnant and had to find ways to cover up her belly. The famous cover ups were the grocery bags, desk and kitchen counter.

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