Grammy-nominated R&B singer and songwriter Syleena Johnson is pictured here with her son Kiwane Garris Jr,1, and her Step-son Kai,7.The working mom,who is married for the second time to Italian league basketball player Kiwane Garris, has a new album set for release on September 2nd. In a recent interview with SingersRoom,Syleena talks about her new album,her new label,and juggling her career with motherhood:

On what she has been up to lately:

Well, basically I’ve been on the road, and focusing on family. I got married, had a baby, bought a new house; just stuff like that. I’m still staying current with my recording while making my family my first priority.

On how she is adjusting to being a new mom and handling her career at the same time:

We just started with the new label; even though it’s been extremely difficult, it hasn’t been that bad. I know that in the future when I start touring, that’s when the real test is going to come. It has been challenging but rewarding at the same time. Having a baby is definitely an adjustment for someone like me. Being a recording artist you’re used to living a very selfish life where everything is about you, and what’s happening with you; it’s just you, you, you. But, when you have a husband and a baby all of that tends to change and it’s not about you anymore.

On why she chose to name new CD, ‘Chapter 4: Labor Pains:

Well it’s titled labor pains, obviously because I just had a baby, and the labor pains that I experienced was some of the worst pains that I’ve ever felt in my life. It was forty hours worth of them, but it was the most beautiful reward because look what came of it, my son is like everything to me. When we work, we just think about ourselves in this world, you know, work pains, labor pains, all of the stuff that we go through to try and get where we’re trying to go. Whatever you’re trying to do to reach your goal, it’s a lot of pain involved in that, a lot of work, and that’s basically where I’m at in my life. With Chapter 4, we’re praying that just like with my son, this will be one of the most beautiful albums that I’ve ever done.

Kiwane Garris Jr,1, is the first child for Syleena and her husband Kiwane Garris; Kai, is Kiwane Garris’ first son from a previous relationship. 



~ by blackcelebritykids on August 19, 2008.


  1. Cute kids

  2. Actually, I believe that this is her very first child; her first marriage lasted for about a year and there were no kids from that union.

  3. This lady here can actually SANG!

  4. Wow I didn’t know she had children.

  5. Syleena Johnson is an awesome singer. I think they only have one son together and the older son is from her husbands former relationship. And I admire her for balancing family and a music career. Have you heard her new songs from Chapter 4? She has them posted on her myspace page. They’re amazing. Love her stories…Love her voice.

  6. U can tell she just had a baby. Her fact & arms are thicker.
    Syl has a great voice, 2 bad she dont get acclaim.

    So is she US based by Kiwane is in Italy? Long distance marriage is hard.

  7. I agree Blacmajic. I even think the new single, Shoo Fly, is about experiences she has had with the oldest boy’s mother. Anyway, I just love Syleena’s voice and never could understand why she is R&B’s Best Kept Secret… I have checked out her myspace and youtube pages – she is so down to earth!!! That’s what makes her my favorite artist because I feel like she is my girlfriend – she’s reachable – even though she is a celebrity. Also, my opinion about long distance marriages – I thought I read somewhere that Syleena spends alot of time in Italy with her husband when he’s playing – going to his games and stuff. With the new album, it may be a strain while touring but I’m sure they are spending alot of time together now to make up for that. Remember, they are still newlyweds!!!

    As you can see, we love you Syleena Johnson and want the best for you!!!! Beautiful family!!

  8. @Blacmajic:Syleena Johnson has one biological of her own and the older son is her husband’s child from a previous relationship. Thanks for your comments..updates have been made

  9. Syleena is a great singer, songwriter, actress. Please america show her some love and respect and give her our support and buy all of her cds. We need real music and thats what she is about.

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