On Tuesday,Actress Lisa Bonet was photographed shopping in New York City with her daugthers Zoe Kravitz,19,whose dad is singer Lenny Kravitz, and baby Lola Iolani Momoa, 1, whose dad is actor Jason Momoa. A few days ago,BCK speculated that Lisa Bonet may be pregnant with her third child,not fourth as many will assume. It is fairly safe to say that Lisa Bonet is pregnant with her third child!
Although it has been reported that Lisa Bonet already has a third child,a son by yoga instructor Bryan Kest,this information is false.Lisa’s older daughter Zoe has said:”…I’ve heard that I have two other siblings that I don’t know about, but [baby Lola] is her only other child(OK!magazine,September 2007)

BCK Says:BCK is 90% sure that Lisa Bonet is pregnant with her third child. Once Lisa herself confirms,BCK will be 99.9% sure.



~ by blackcelebritykids on August 20, 2008.


  1. Shhh its a secret.

  2. Man, where can I get those sandals?

  3. BCK the baby’s middle name is Iolani with an ‘i’. 🙂

  4. To Erica: Thanks..just making sure you’re paying attention:)

  5. how cute they have matchin shoes and the baby is cute too

  6. I’ve always liked Lisa, even during her so called wild days!!! Her baby is adorable.

    Alia, I believe those shoes are Birkenstock. Very comfortable, kind of expensive (for sandals), but worth every dollar. I got mind on QVC but they are in some stores.

  7. I see that belly button…though I have no idea whether it’s an indication of pregnancy or not…I wish all the best if she is pregnant and I hope she’s respected throughout her pregnancy…’cuz you know how the paparazzi is…

  8. Aww Lola is adorable. =D

  9. Lisa will always be fierce. Pregnant again at age 40? Do your thing, Lisa!

  10. i remember when i first learned that lenny kravitz and lisa bonet had a baby, i was devastated, i was soooo in love with lenny kravitz lol

  11. She has beautiful daughters. 🙂

  12. Lisa Bonet has a child older than Zoe. I remember watching the Cosby Show when she was pregnant and Bill Cosby was very upset. She was always behind a desk or kitchen counter blocking her growing belly. Big deal anyway.

  13. No she doesn’t, she has Zoe and Lola and that’s it.

  14. It’s been confirmed for awhile now by Momoa’s mother on his official website! Despite Coni’s Momoa’s habitual consistent exploits in the fine art of lying thru her teeth, the news of the new baby is indeed true. No news of these children being made legitimate however, so BooHoo, no wedding to report, but indeed, another baby in on its way for Momoa and Boney. I wonder if this one was concieved on a pirate ship too?

  15. [quote] BCK the baby’s middle name is Iolani with an ‘i’. 🙂
    Erica said this on August 20, 2008 at 3:26 p08[/quote]
    [quote]To Erica: Thanks..just making sure you’re paying attention:)
    blackcelebritykids said this on August 20, 2008 at 3:26 p08[/quote]
    Erica is correct. The child’s name is Lola Iolani (beginning with an ‘I’). The chose Iolani as it means “Royal Hawk”…To homage the Hawks flying outside the windows during Lola’s birth.

  16. Dear not a fan of lairs and cheaters:  You must be a fan, because you keep following websites and making the same comments about these people that you do not know.  GET OVER IT.  Maybe you should take this piece of advice IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY ABOUT SOMEBODY, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. But the question that I have is why you hate these people so much?  Just because He (Jason Momoa) left another relationship that you knew nothing about.  You really need to get a life or a man because you are so Jealous of this relationship.  Also, as for them not being married, how do you know if they aren’t.  Nobody knew about the pregnancy until now.  Also there was a picture of Lisa at a Farmers market with a ring on her wedding finger.  If Janet Jackson got away with hiding her married for  13 years, I am pretty sure they could too.

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