Yesterday rapper/actor Ice Cube attended the LongShots premiere in WestWood,California with his family. The movie, which stars Ice Cube and actress Keke Palmer, is based on the true story of Jasmine Plummer who, at the age of eleven, became the first female to play in Pop Warner football tournament in its 56-year history.IMDBIn all, Ice cube and wife Kimberly Woodruff-Jackson have four kids.


~ by blackcelebritykids on August 21, 2008.


  1. No one can smile lol

  2. Nice looking family!

  3. All the kids are his twins!

  4. The taller skinnier son is kinda cute. Sadly the daughter and other older son got Ice Cube’s weight genes…Smh.. The little one is cute.

  5. The little one looks just like Ice Cube. Same scowl and everything. 🙂

  6. why does the girl in the red look so old?

  7. The two older boys look older then the parents,so he had all those kids by her cause is look to young too be having boys that old i thought they just had the two younger kids together but i could be wrong.The mom looks good to have had four kids wow!

  8. niec family pic!

  9. I have always liked ice cube but he is getting older now so i might have to settle for a son. lol
    This is a nice photo of his family, I should have been thier mom!!!!

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