The FBI is looking into a possible hate crime at a local children’s hospital in Philadelphia. The perpetrator happens to be a electrician who worked at the hospital:


The Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia confirmed a noose was found hanging in an electrical shop of a CHOP building.
CHOP officials said an employee found a noose hung in an electrical shop on August 11, almost two weeks ago. After an investigation, the worker alleged to have put it there was fired.
Sources said a white IBEW
(International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)worker hung a noose on a light fixture on the 13th floor of the Aberson Pediatric Research Center.

Sources also said that the worker was asked three times to take the racially offensive noose down by an African-American co-worker. When he repeatedly refused, he was reported, investigated and fired.

Employees were hesitant to talk in detail about a disturbing email (pictured) that they got from management recently.

An employee tipped Fox 29 News off and provided it to us, exposing the incident.

~ by blackcelebritykids on August 21, 2008.


  1. what is the reason for

  2. That is a very interesting story. I am interested in how it will be handled. Anyone who was offended by it should reported as a hate crime. The black co-worker who asked him to take it down should have called the cops, I would have.

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