Take a look at singer Fantasia Barrino and her daughter Zion back in 2005. Now look at them now..CLICK HERE,



~ by blackcelebritykids on August 22, 2008.


  1. omg i never saw her daughter she was a cutie but that was in 05

  2. fantasia look normal.


  3. Zion’s a cutie.

  4. Fantasia has always been ugly and the girl has not improved in the years since she won that TV contest!!!

  5. U are probably ugly and are broke she has more money then U stop hating HOE!!!

  6. Her daughter is pretty and Fantasia seems like a great mother. Bless them both.

  7. Fantasia is ugly as hell. Why is her daughter so pretty?

  8. Monica lets see what U look like, I’m so tired of you woman hating one another. Why can’t you’ll just be secure with your looks and give other’s complaint. If U think she’s that ugly don’y look at her!!! Let’s see U tell her that to her face, she would bet u down and throw U out

  9. AWWW

  10. Monica who the heck do you think you are? If you have nothing nice to say then keep your stupid mouth shut. When is the last time you looked in the mirror? You can have the most beautiful face and still be the ugliest person. It’s what you reflect on the outside not what you look like. All of God’s children are beautiful, you need to go somewhere and pray about whatever issues you have with Fantasia or anyone else for that matter.

  11. Mslewis, let’s hope you don’t have any children. She’s beautiful and perhaps you have a complex of your own that you need to deal with. Get over yourself and stop hating on those who have worked hard to be successful. In these days and times we need to uplift and encourage one another not bring each other down. So with that said get a life and learn to be nice.

  12. I agree that negative comments about ppls personal appearance are counterproductive and they say more about the naysayer than the object of their hate.

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