Television personality LaLa Vasquez was photographed with her one-year-old son Kiyan Anthony on Thursday.Kiyan’s dad, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, plays for the Denver Nuggets and was not along for the duo’s stroll around Beverly Hills.


~ by blackcelebritykids on August 22, 2008.


  1. It seems like he is older than one. I thought, But he is a cutie.

  2. he’s so cute they look just alike omg

  3. Nice pic

  4. He looks like his daddy. I forgot her and Carmelo had a child.

  5. And she is alone because Carmelo is in Beijing still right for the Olympics?

  6. I thought Lala and Carmelo got married.

  7. Wow- he looks so much like his mom.

  8. I like Carmelo and Lala and the baby is cute. But why didn’t she go to China with him, they’ve been over there for a while now.

  9. I thought Carmelo and Lala broke up. The baby is cute. He looks just like both the parents.

  10. why dont any of the nba wives go to china to support?? oh cuz they broght their jumpoffs hahahahaha

  11. Her huge engagement ring is missing! Hint Hint…..

  12. They have been engaged forever…

  13. USA Basketball would not allow Wives and girlfriends to travel to China.

  14. He is cute, he looks like a little man. I hope her and Carmelo get married. But I doubt it,

  15. He does look like a lil man

  16. Having a baby to keep a man never, ever works in the long-term. Just saying…

  17. I saw Kobe’s wife and kids with him, helping to celebrate his b-day.

  18. He’s so adorable! Looks like the both of him, but more like Lala. I don’t think their engaged anymore, just together. And Kobe’s wife and kids came on the last day. They needed to stay focus on the game. But I do wonder, who does Melo’s braids. Surely not a dude. Congrats USA.

  19. he look’s like is dad and nba wives can go to china.

  20. he is so cute and so is his name!


  22. If Kobe wanted to bring all of US to China they wouldn’t tell him no! LOL! Nobody wants to upset cry-baby Kobe.

  23. Yuck. Lala dont need to make another child. That nose. Yuck.

  24. Awww… he is so cute

  25. HE’S A CUTIE PIE!!!

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