In this POST, BCK announced that NBA player Allen Iverson is about to have his fifth child. This news raised many  questions,among which was the question:Do celebrities have a responsibility in the images they put out there for children to see?

BCK reader Maryamb had a few things to say about Mr. Iverson:

“As much as I love[Allen Iverson’s] spirit, he is yet another example of that fact that no matter how much money or status you have that you are not freed from the mental slavery. Why do I say that. He still acts as if he is still in the hood even though he stays in a mansion…It’s just like the star athletes(among others) that go out and father all these kids. It’s already hard enough being black why make it harder. When you give the media bad things to report it is just what they are looking for. I am not perfect. No one is. All I am saying is that if you are in the public spot light (especially if you are black and have children) you should set a higher standard for your behavior… I am not judging [Allen]. I am simply stating that everything he does is on display good or bad and his kids are bound to see it. So you have to be careful what type of example you are setting.Allen Iverson is a very talented and spirited person. He should know a better way to deal with his issues. “

BCK says:Do celebrities have a shared responsibility in raising our children?


~ by blackcelebritykids on August 24, 2008.


  1. Celebrities do have a responsibility to children for the image they put out there. These celebrities have become what they are because of people’s support. So that in itself is one reason they have a responsibility to all. Period. Now to children especially I do believe it is paramount that they be a good example. So many children are looking up to these celebrities as people they would like to imitate. Being very vulnerable, they are going to “sponge” up all they see. Once that is done, when “squeezed” only what is “sponged” up will come out. Do they have a responsiblity? You bet they do!

  2. Are they attacking him because he now has 5 kids? We should be praising him for the fact that all his kids are by one woman (I think?) and he married his baby’s mama.

  3. Resse, that’s exactly what I was going to say. Yes. celebrities and people in general needs to take responsibility for their children. Allen been with this women for 15 years and a wife for about 10 (maybe even more). Now if he having one outside his marriage, then that’s not right. If him and his wife want to have 100 children then that’s between him and his wife. Congrats to him.

  4. Oh, I forgot. We don’t know how he lives. Yes, he still has a little hood in him. But that doesn’t make him less of a father or husband. AI really calmed down from when he was in Philly. And being hood is different from being ignorant. My father was hood, but he was a smart man. He knew how to talk to people of higher stature, and was very street smart. I’m from the hood (and at times act it) and being from where I’m from made me smart. Well that’s my two cents(and a little more).

  5. Athletes and celebrities have about as much responsibility for raising for your kids as I do. Parents should be filtering what media their kids consume and explaining what exactly it is. You can’t rely on outside folks to live their lives in the way you want, you can only make sure you and your kids do that.

    don’t agree with my POV, maybe you’ll like the other 2 authors I work with…

  6. BCK Thank you for posting this question. It is something that should be addressed.

    These celebrities go on about how it is the parents responsibilities to raise their kids and not theirs. It is the parents responsibility to teach and guide their children true enough.

    However if the parents know that their kids want to be like someone in the public spotlight and that person is constantly getting in trouble then that means that the parents should intervene and make sure that they censor the kids from the negative influence the person/people are portraying.

    Kingsley Grant I can not agree with you more. When you said this. It is powerful.

    “These celebrities have become what they are because of people’s support.”

    I more people took a stand and said hey I am not letting my child/children follow this person because we don’t share the same values.Then they would either have to conform or they won’t be in the public spotlight for much longer.

    You take your support away because you see them being self destructive and they either get the idea and grow up and do better or they or no longer a factor because no one will want to be bothered.

    Why would we be attacking the man for having five kids? I have four. He has more than kids for her. He cheats, he gets in trouble because he doesn’t want to lose his street cred. If he gets upset he doesn’t show up to his arrangements. His bad boy image is old already. He is not a boy anymore.

    We are saying that because he is in the public eye and constantly under scrutiny that he should be careful if what he is portraying not just for our kids but his own.

    It not just AI it is lots of people that go out and do whatever they want because they think they are entitled. I love Wesley Snipes but I have to say I can’t feel sorry he is in trouble for not paying his taxes. He and all people famous or not should be treated the same under penalty of the law. If all celebrities got in the same amount of trouble for say a DUI or anything illegal for that matter I bet less of them would keep doing the same silly things over and over again.

    It’s like they think that being famous buys them favor and in ways it does because they get free meals, clothes, etc. for being them. It’s no wonder the people like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, AI, Micheal Vick think they can do what they want and get away with it. They should be held accountable like you or I would be if we were in the same situation.

    I hope AI and his wife have happy healthy baby. They can have 10 more if they want and I would still feel the same way. It’s time for him to put his wife and kids first and be mindful of what he does.

    If you had a choice of how people will remember you when you are dead and gone would be compared to the likes of MLK, Malcom X, JFK ,people who gave their for the good of all people or would you rather be remembered as a lost soul who couldn’t find their way. I know which one I would choose.

  7. I will add this due to what Seattle Washington said. To some degree I agree the parents should be right there to say hey we don’t do things like that.

    However let me pose a question to you. If Martin Luther King was going out philandering and do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to whomever he wanted do you think he would have the same impact he made as being the man that practiced what he preached?

  8. I so sorry I forgot to add this. I filter what my kids watch and even though I do, I can only monitor the program content. I have no control over what they show on the commercials. I can’t tell you how many times I have had the tv on a kids channel and saw something inappropriate. Or what if they go over to a friends house and they watch things I don’t allow my kids to watch? We can not guard our kids from everything negative no matter how hard he try. The network excecs are not worried about our kids. They worry about satisfying there sponsors.

    If people in the spotlight don’t have a responsibility to their fans then how come when Kobe was in trouble from the rape allegations did he get dropped by so many of his sponsors? That is just my two cents.

  9. I guess you can say I have a lot to say about this subject. I saw this after my last post.

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * Mind of the Pedophile

    I immediately thought of R. Kelly. How do you explain away what he did? How do you make it ok for your kids to listen to his music?

    I bet pedophiles around the world look up to him. Yet we still support him. I think the man is a wonderful artist but he leaves a lot to be desired in the being a wonderful person department.

  10. Wait. What is the fuss? Isn’t he married?

  11. Thank you NewbagNcoupe. I could not agree more. We need to wake up. We arer becoming the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. We all should be held accountable for what we do. If we make mistakes own up to them and make them right. When we die the lord is not going to care about what kind of cars you drove, how many sq feet your house/s are. He will judge you by the character of your heart.

  12. In order for me to add a pic to my id had to change it from NewbagNcoupe to this current one .
    @ Tish we are discussing him because most of us believe that he has failed to break the “urban moral code”. Yes he is married but if I wasn’t a sports fun , I would think he was a single man and former criminal that struggles to break the cycle of coming jail his home !!! Why are we concrened? We want the entire urban community to do better !

  13. We want our entire urban community to do better, and why are we on the Bill Cosby pedestal begging that Iverson no longer fit into the stereotype? So we can assimilate into little lilly white society without being grouped into the bad Kneegrow catagory. Iverson is who he is, and he’s a grown man who can make his own decisions whether they are right or wrong. I can care less whether Iverson had twelve so called “babies Mamas ” out there, as long as my house is in order, that is all that matters to me and mine.

  14. You know, something sick is going on. I’m usually a lurker on this website, but I had to respond to this particular post. To that end, why are we concerned about these people’s lives? Do we know them? If not, why are we indulging on conversations regarding how many kids this man and his wife have. I don’t care if they have a million kids. I don’t know them and they don’t know me, so why should I take energy out of my life to be worried about people I don’t know, will never know, and don’t care to know. Celebs are like everyone else. They eat, drink, pee, fart, have bowel movements and have to bathe just like the rest of us except they do it with a fat bank account. We put them on a pedestal and spend so much time evaluated them. It’s kinda sick to me. He, just like everyone else, has to answer to God for whatever he does. Yes, it truly is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Think of it, if his wife got knocked up w/her 5th, I repeat, 5th kid by her husband, apparently she’s cool with him and having another kid. I don’t have to pay for them.

    My point being, athletes and celebs should not be a child’s role model – parent, grandparent, teacher, etc. should be. Now in reality, I understand they are role models, but it’s up to parents to sit down w/their children and explain what character is all about and it’s w/people with upright character (preferably a parent) that the child should emulate, not these “fake” people we read about and see on TV. It’s a fantasy.

  15. He seems immature and has some issues, but we don’t know how he acts at home. He could have a totally different personality. Maybe his kids aren’t exposed to his issues.

  16. Terri, Barlow, Cookie, that is just the problem. I am not worried about the man and his family. I am worried about all people. Saying the people we hold in high regard have no responsibility for the image they portray is like saying all the manufacturers and developers that are doing so many things to destroy the ozone layer and increase global warming and environment in general are not responsible. We all have a responsibility to one another.

    The reason I said anything about what AI does is not because I spend my time fixated and the going ons of celebs. I also like how you sugar coated the fact that he continues to go out and sleep around. When I made the Sodom and Gomorrah reference it is because we turn a blind eye to the negative things the people in the public eye do. When I was watching being black in America they had a rapper. I can’t remember his name I think it is Philippe something said that he when started rapping he was saying controversial things like most rappers do and then he went home and saw the negative effect it was having on the people in his community and he stopped. He also went on to say that sex and violence sells. That the record companies tell them to use this when they rap.

    Back in the day the people we held in high regard were not worried about building their bank account. They worried about pulling our people out of oppression. I was watching a video of Issac Hayes interview and the man was doing things to empower his people at 25 years old. Jim Brown and many other were fighting for equal rights. Now we focus our support on silly people like Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie(while she does alot to better the world she slept with a married man), Kobe Bryant, Kim Kard,(who became famous for sleeping around). What kind of image is this portraying. You think that it doesn’t effect everyone but it does.

    Also I don’t why are making a issue of how many kids AI and his wife have but the silly things he keeps doing. I said I don’t care how many kids they have. Why don’t we have people doing things to empower people in more of a high regard than the people doing the wrong things. This is why our morals are continuing to decline.

    If more people took a stand and turn their support to people trying to do the right thing instead of to people doing what’s wrong you will see a positive change. I guarantee. I will write more in a bit got to tend to my kids. They just got up.

  17. Beautiful black kids. Nice posts.


  19. The truth of the matter is not all children’s parents are not involved in their children’s lives the way they they should be. The kids that don’t have involved parents whether it is because they only have one parent or both parents are working all day to take care of this kids etc. They turn somewhere for guidance. I just wish we had more of a positive alternative. When I was growing up my mom worked two jobs and my dad was depressed so he was not involved with us, so I needed some guidance. Most of the things I learned I learned from my friends, their parents or the media. I knew when I grew up I wanted my family to be like the Huxtables. The parents didn’t demean the children. They taught them to be respectable of themselves and other and they acted like a real family. They fought, they did things wrong, they love and looked out for one another. They don’t have shows like this now. Why?

    When you take order out of the situation you have chaos. My husband and I are teaching our kids the right thing or at least what we think is right. However they have to be around kids whose parent don’t teach their kids and they are learning the wrong thing from outside influences. I know it is not realistic to think we can make the people in the public do what is right and just, what I am saying if more people took a stand and say I am not throwing my support behind you because you are not doing things that I agree with and start supporting people who are not about foolishness then the media would stop putting the negative people in the spotlight.

    I know we can’t make these people do anything. The reason it even strikes a cord with me is that people care more about who is sleeping around and who is going to jail for another DUI and as long as we follow this garbage and the less we focus on what people are doing that’s right the programming and negative examples that are being portrayed are not going to get any better.

    I have always heard that if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. We got theses rappers going out and buying bling, and cars they can’t afford but want you to think they can, buying houses and we have the masses following behind them and they are staying impoverish. We have to have name brand this and name brand that. We spend our money on things that break the bank instead of things that help us build wealth because we are to busy trying not to look poor. This is why we are staying poor.

    I once heard that you can have all the answers to black folks problem in a book and they would never find it because we don’t read. I love learning. Knowledge is power. It’s seems like when we had something to fight for we stood together and overcame but now since we “think” we have equality we are falling by the waist side.

    I for one believe that adversity can build character or you can chose to be a victim. We have so much more to offer than shaking our butts or entertaining people to get paid. Back in the day we did wonderful things. Like creating red lights,inventing over 100 things from something as simple as a peanut. Now we don’t have people doing things like this. How far have we fallen? How far will we fall before we wake up?

    We may not be slaves in some since of the word but as long as we are lost we are forever in bondage. Barlow having your house in order is a beautiful thing, but It is not just about your house if your are knowledgeable about things where others are lacking and you let them wonder in darkness are you any better than our oppressors? When people learn better they do better. I do my best to impart this on my children.

    Have you ever heard that with great power comes great responsibility. I truly believe this is what was meant. If you are in the position to be heard and you choose to be a detriment then you deserve to be cast aside. That is just my two cent.


    I have to address this. Where o where did I say anything against this man and his wife having children? I am confused. It’s people took that and ran with it. I never said anything about him and his family or their kids. I said that the man needs to grow up, stop hanging with his want nothing friends, going to strip clubs and sleeping around. I am not just speaking of AI I mean all the people in the public eye that does things things they know are wrong because they feel they are entitled.

    The world is filled with lambs that follow people. I know this and accept it. What I would like to see is more positive examples for the to have to follow. This happens when we the people stop supporting the people that don’t have morals.

  21. We are responsible for rasing our children We are responsible for keeping the lines of communication open We are responsible for talking to them about negative and possitive images and people Kids take what you teach them in the home out into the world when you start relying on celebs and forms of entertainment to raise nanny or rear your kids you are on the wrong page MOMMY AND DADDY WHERE ARE YOU AND WHOS FAULT IS THAT!!!

  22. Im sorry I have met many people from all walks of life and thanks to GOOD PARENTING my peers have never been able to decide for me or make me do something that I would later regret All Praises to GOD And GOOD PARENTING I like celebs and all but my life was filled with REAL MODELS not ROLE MODELS we have to stop bluring the lines and kids under 12 should only watch 2 hrs of tv a day TRY BOOKS THEY HELP

  23. Shayla I have 4 kids three that are 4 and older and they have all been reading since 4 years of age. Not have they been reading since 4 they love to read. Truth of the matter is not all kids have good parents. We are all responsible for either contributing to a better tomorrow or a worse one.

    Have you ever heard be the change you want to see in the world. It is what I try so hard to do and teach my children. It’s easy to turn your head and say it’s not my problem I take care of my kids. If the things you put out are not being a tribute to society it is being a detriment plan and simple. Do I sound to you as if I am a weak minded soul that caters to the whims of others. If I do you have not been listening. I am a leader 100 hundred grand. They have leaders of all sorts. They can either lead the lambs to slaughter or green pastures. Even those of us that or not in the public eye make decisions day in and day out that affect others in and outside of your house and you don’t even know it. It is why I try never to be mean to anyone. My kind words may be the thing that keeps someone from thinking what is it all for. The movie crash is such a good example of a chain of events of which I am speaking. I know I don’t sound uneducated. My husband and I both are and we are teaching our kids to be as well.

  24. No, celebrities do not have a responsibility in raising our kids. That kind of thinking is the reason our kids are in so much trouble today. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children…no one else. I believe that it starts at home.

  25. Jay it’s not just celebrities but all people that have responsibility to one another. We are put here to learn and teach each other. What we teach is another matter all together. No one person knows everything but if you have a good network of friends your knowledge and capacity to learn and grow does as well. When white people and people of other races learn things that are of value they share their knowledge the work together, invest together, what do black folks do? For the most part they are looking out for self. That is why we are still so far behind. We don’t trust each other. We don’t buy black. Most black folks that have businesses are so ghetto most people don’t want to waste their time. If we are able to find a better way we should come back and show this to the people that don’t know there is.

    When a little boy doesn’t have a father at home who does he turn to? They have to try and learn to be a man from somewhere. If they turn to the thugs in the street are they learning how to be a man or a thug? When they said it takes a village to raise a child this is what they meant.

  26. Naija Gal, where are you? What is your opinion on this topic?

  27. Let’s not just jump down Allen’s throat…that wife of his play a very important part. What..she doesn’t have anything better to do but have baby after baby. She can be making a name for herself as well, besides being known for Allen’s baby making machine. The opportunity is right there. She should take notes from Ice Cube and Snoop’s wife!!!

  28. You should read some of his articles. He said it on many occasions that he doesn’t want his wife to do anything but be under him 24/7. He is a control freak , so it would be hard for her to make her own career! Tawanna isn’t a baby machine , if you going to say that, I would say the NBA wives are all baby machines . Name 10 NBA wives beside Junita who has a business popping off?

  29. Readers are reacting to Iverson having a baby?…really. Seriously, as long as there is love in that home and they are there for their children; what’s the problem? I will not use society or hollywood to raise my daughter….that’s all me. I am wise enough to know that the world is constantly changing for the worse, and it is UP TO ME to make sure that I do everything in my power to see that my daughter has a strong mind, body and spirit. She will have activities up the wazoo, go to church with her mamma (not up for discussion), and her friends will be screened like the CIA does perps. This is my responsibility….not Iverson’s…not Tyra’s lacefront, and not Miley Cyrus. I could give a flip what they do personally. This (looking at blogs and pics) is for fun people. Look to your own to validate you….they are your example and will put you in check by just living and being your carbon copy….what kind of imprint will you leave is the question.

  30. @ewok This was the question we were discussing -“Do celebrities have a responsibility in the images they put out there for children to see?”

    A number of us was saying that Ai puts out a bad image for his kids to see. We are not discussing celebrites and their image and how it impacts your children!!!

  31. Ewok we are not reacting to AI having a baby they are reacting to this comment I made on the post when BCK originally stated that AI and his wife are excepting their 5th kid.

    “Their kids are two cute!! Allen Iverson as much as I love his spirit he is yet another example of that fact that no matter how much money or status you have that you are not freed from mental slavery. Why do I say that? He still acts as if he is still in the hood even though he stay a mansion.”

    That is where it started. I am not saying we use society or celebs to raise our kids. Just answer me this? Does your daughter have to live in society? Does she have to live among people who may or may not have parents that don’t raise their kids the right way?

    The reason I say we all have responsibilities for the state of the world we live in is because I feel we do. Let me ask you this. If the media didn’t focus on desensitizing us against violence and sex do you think your child would have a chance of being safer in our society? You can teach your kid all the right things and she could go to a school with a kid who has a parent that doesn’t give a damn and that kid can come right to the school and hurt your child and many others. This is what I mean. It is not all about what we teach our that’s why when I am around kids that are in need of guidance I do what I can to show that someone gives a damn. Each one teach one. We can not only worry about our own the lord wants us to work together at making us all better people.

  32. I hear you, Maryamb. You made a valid point…we were put on this earth to learn from one another. But I can’t learn from an image I see on TV…celebrities cannot raise everyone children. I learned from my parents, family members and people that I’ve encountered in my life. I didn’t learn from an image I saw on TV. My mother had me in the library every week, talked to me, preached to me, had me writing book reports…my father had me reading constantly. They knew where I was at all times when I was growing up…who are your friends. Be your own person…this is some of the things I learned from my parents and my older brother. I didn’t learn from a celebrity. Parents/guardians need to be held accountable for their children and the teaching starts at home that it starts at home. There are a lot of children who grow up without a father but still grow up and make something of themselves…and that’s usually because there was a strong mother being the mother and the father. We have to teach our kids to be strong-minded…be a leader not a follower. The example starts at home…not on television. Teach kids when they are young…instill values in them. At the end of the day, we’re all human and we’re going to mess up…some more than others but we can’t hold everyone accountable for our kids. Because when something bad happens to these kids…it’s the parents that are questioned…not the celebrities or anyone else.

    And you are right about black people not supporting each other…because we are crabs in a barrel but that’s another topic!!

  33. Jay I hear you to and you have made a valid point as well. However not all kids are as blessed as you are to have parents that put the kid’s needs above their own. They have lots of people that have children that are mentally children themselves.

    My parents are married and have been for over 30 years and neither of them were involved with us for the most part. My dad had us in lots activities like piano, karate, yoga and things of that nature and he did lots of things with us until his mom died when we were 6 and he withdrew because he was depressed. My mom worked 2 jobs to take care of us. She did things with us like taking us to amusement parks and things of that nature. Feminine hygiene and things of that nature we learned either from school or our friends. My mom and dad had lots of words of wisdom but I feel like I raised myself. I started cooking when I was 8. I would have dinner ready when my mom came home and did my best to clean and she always found fault with what I did because she was not happy. My environment was very chaotic to say the least. I hated growing in my house. I am a good mother because I didn’t want my kids growing up the way I did. I went to therapy to be able to but my troubled past behind me so I wouldn’t take my frustrations out on my kids like my did. I was the family scape goat and whenever anything went wrong I always got blamed for it. I would get whipping for things my siblings had done because they thought I put them up to it. I was always outspoken and because I stood against their mistreatment of me I became the target.

    I had made up my mind not to repeat my parent’s mistakes. I was not going to follow in there footsteps. I brought every kind of parenting book I could find. I wanted to learn a better way. If I make mistakes with my kids it will be all new ones. My family is my world. I have wanted to be a wife and a mother all my life and I take my job very seriously. That’s why it breaks my heart to see my own twin doing to her kids what my mom did to us. She barely spends time with them. She doesn’t discipline them until they get on her nerves or they embarrass her. She had my niece and nephew walking 2 miles to school by themselves at the age of 8 and 6 until a middle school kid jumped on them and hit my niece in the head hard enough to knock her unconscious. My nephew had to run all the way back home to tell her what happened and then she went in the car to get her.

    You obviously didn’t have to try and find a role model outside of the house. I did. I had no one else to teach me. My parents were misguided themselves. It is the reason I wanted my family to be like the Cosby’s. What I am worried about is the kids that are growing in situations similar to mine. They don’t have shows like the Cosby’s anymore.

    The only reason I say celebrities have a responsibility to the type of image they portray is because they have children who are lacking guidance and they may not be mature enough to discern make believe from reality. I know we all have seen the stories where the kids have been watching wrestling on tv and tried to emulate what they saw and hurt someone. It may not be directly related to the celebrity themselves but if the kid without proper guidance hadn’t seen the show would they have done that?

    I think if more parents (be they celebs or regular folks) would stand against all the negativity that were are surrounded by day in and day out our decline into the vast abyss of no return would make a turn for the better. It’s is like the people that have a voice that are in a position to have it heard don’t say anything for fear of being black balled like Bill Cosby.

    We don’t have our culture anymore or identity anymore for that matter and we are being bombarded with images of how the racist media portrays us and because we are so lost we fall victim to it. They think we all go around speaking all this gibber jabber and shot em up and bang banging each other. So that’s what they show and because the weak minded and ignorant black people see this they think this is how you are suppose to act and that is why when I see men walking with there pants sagging and talking nonsense I just shake my head.

    Jay your parents are an inspiration. My husband’s parents were like your. We need more like them. My parent’s parenting skills sucked but because I am the strong willed person I am I was able to raise above them and their poor examples.

    So I guess my next thing is did situation make me into the person I am and if so should we try and save people from situations like mine are is it because of the situations that we are put it that makes the strong people transcend? Sorry for any typos. I didn’t not proof read.

  34. why the hell is this a deal?? cuz he has 5 kids….not like it’s it’s 5 kids with 5 different women..this is 5 kids with tha same girl he’s been with since his high school days…

    …i think joseph jackson needs to get the memo that apparently having this many kids is not “responisble”…

    …whoever wrote this is foolish..simple as that..i mean i’d rather see a hard workin, married black man anyday, then those who just drop their seeds like hot cakes

  35. dang!….fifth child?…last i heard he only had 2 but as long as
    he take care of his child and be a father!

  36. Celebrities hold a crucial responsibility in the way children turn out. Not to say that they literally or even figuratively “raise our kids”, but they hold an essential role as “role models” in the social, emotional, and moral development of children.

    Now more than ever the media influences almost everything we do. In the psychology world this is called “modeling”. Not in the sense of a woman walking down a runway, but in the sense of behavior being shaped by what we see others around us doing. There is practically no way to escape the subliminal messaging that celebrities participate in, whether it be billboards, ads, commercials, music, etc. When sex is perpetuated the way it is not, in music videos, in books and magazines, children take that example to heart and begin to engage in that type of behavior.

    So when a child sees a celebrity or someone they idolize doing things like drinking, doing drugs, and doing other illegal things and not being held accountable or caught for their actions the child believes that he or she will as well not be held accountable and have to face consequences for their actions. Celebrities claim that they are “just like everyone else”, but the rest of the world doesn’t see it that way because they have the two things in this world that majority of people want: money and freedom. [These two things branch out into so many other categories, such as happiness, love, stability, etc.]

    I do not blame celebs for the way children are turning out [can be both negative and positive], but I do begin to blame them when they don’t take responsibility for the impact they have on the rest of the world. Many of them deny the immense impact they have on this world, like David Banner when on BET he said “I am not responsible for raising your kids . . . I don’t make them listen to my music and watch my videos” This type of immaturity makes me sick, because he is basically saying ‘Yes I help in portraying black women negatively and I encourage kids to have sex when they are not prepared to deal the possible consequences, but anything that happens as a result of that I have nothing to do with.’

    Celebs have EVERYTHING to do with the way that people are today. I just with they would all grow up and take responsibility for the impact they have on so many lives.

  37. Wow all these comments just because the man is having his fifth child with a woman he’s been married to for how many years. As far as I’m concerned he’s married and he’s raising his kids, why is that such a problem. Can’t black people do anything without people judging them. Their own people at that. Just leave the man alone, you don’t even know him.

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