NBA Player Kobe Bryant had an Olympic birthday celebration this past weekend.Kobe Bryant,who turned 30 on August 23rd, celebrated with his wife Vanessa,his daughters Gianna,2, and Natalia,5,during practice at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.Kobe Bryant and his team went on to win the Olympic gold in Beijing. Cake,birthday Presents,and kisses!What fun



~ by blackcelebritykids on August 25, 2008.


  1. Beautiful family….. Congrats US

  2. That is so cute, I love seeing kids lay a sloppy one on their parents! Gianna laid the smack down on Kobe, eyes shut and everything!!

  3. Cuties!!!
    The next Ming and Aoki mayb???

  4. I LOVE the picture with the little one holding Kobe’s head.. so cute!!!! She loves her daddy! Aww

  5. Awww cute family outing.

  6. I meant family time together.

  7. They look like little princesses! The little one is a daddy’s girl 100%.

  8. aww…! How cute! They are the cutest things! I love them. Ming, Aoki, Natalie, and Gianna are the cuties and my favorites on this site.


  10. kobe’s the man!

  11. Whats not right about kissing your children on the lips??? Its fine in many people eyes… Do everything always have to be seen in a negative view just because you dont do it or isn’t use to it… GROW UP…

  12. Jenny you seem like you long for a male figure in your life. Was your dad not around?!?! I feel sorry for you but parents should always show their children love and affection and it is obvious yours may have not. They are babies! They are not 14 or 15 years of age! I’m 26 and my mother still sees me as her baby girl and TRYS to lay ones on me every once in a blue moon! Needless to say I wipe it off like a 2 year old and keep it moving (lol). If you are or when you become a parent I surly hope that you don’t treat your children like your parents did you…. that could only produce insecure, cold, unaffectionate, and bitter grown ups.

  13. Just precious.

  14. Not to say Kobe doesnt love his kids…but y is that in every picture HE is the only one holding his kids and his wife is off to the side…

  15. Jenny…what??? That’s her daddy and she’s his little girl — what is wrong with you?

  16. Wow, I can’t believe the comments in response to Jenny’s observation and OPINION. I happen to agree with you Jenny. Grown ups do grown up thangs with their mouths, and the little ones shouldn’t be exposed in that way. That’s not to say that I believe children shouldn’t be kissed. Of course they should. I just happen to believe the cheek is just fine for doing so.

  17. Something is wrong with Jenny. I miss my mother’s kisses and i remember them just like that. To not buying it and the germs things if you know anything about parenting you would no it is health to expose your children to germs as it helps to build their immune systems.

  18. Kiki, if you ever passed a class that involved reading comprehension, you would realize I wasn’t referring to any type of germs. Instead, I was referring to the ones you acquire when engaging in adult activities. Also, if you’ve ever observed children, you wouldn’t suggest that children need kisses in the mouth to build their immune systems. After all, they get germs just by existing on planet Earth. Get a clue.

  19. Not Buying It and Jenny- I totally agree with you. Nothing wrong with love and affection but the mouth action is a bit germy.


  21. Poor Jenny– What happened when you were young?

  22. […] KOBE BRYANT’S OLYMPIC BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WITH WIFE AND KIDS NBA Player Kobe Bryant had an Olympic birthday celebration this past weekend.Kobe Bryant,who turned 30 on August 23rd, […] […]

  23. yall iz so crazy but kobe happy very late b-day i dont find nuthin wrong wit kissin your kids in da mouth they have da same thang dey parents got so kobe keep doin yo thang sweetie LUV YA

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