Rapper Gail Gotti,Teena Marie,and Alia Rose

Gail Gotti and Alia Rose

Gail Gotti and Teena

Singer Teena Marie a.k.a Mary Christine Brockert is an American Grammy Award-nominated R&B/Soul singer/songwriter/producer. The soulful singer has one daughter named Alia Rose(Rose is her middle name),16,who is an aspiring singer.In fact,Alia Rose sang duet with her mom on album Sapphire,Teena’s album released in 2006.Although Teena has remained private about her personal life, she has said this about her daughter Alia Rose:”She’s a little Sista, she’s just naturally a Sista. She always jokes with me and says, ‘I didn’t get my soul from my dad, I got it from my Momma.'” It’s funny because Alia’s father is Black; he’s a postman.”

Recently,many have said that Teena has another daughter who goes by the name Gail Gotti. Much is not known about Gail Gotti except that she is a rapper who is married to rapper Kurupt. Gail refers to Teena as her “mom” and to Alia as her “sister.” Although it has yet to be confirmed that Gail is indeed the offspring of Teena,Teena has said this about Gail and Kurupt: “They’re like my grown kids.” Gail and Kurupt also worked on album Sapphire. 

~ by blackcelebritykids on August 28, 2008.


  1. I don’t know she looks like Teena could be her mom. Either way their a cute lil family of ladies.

  2. Thanks for this post! Teena Marie is one of my favorites and one of the greatest! I noticed that she featured her daughter on her last album so it’s just cool to put a face with the voice.


  4. I didn’t even know she had kids. All three ladies are beauties.

  5. He father is the postman? At first I thought it said her father is the milkman. I don’t know why but this made me laugh so hard until I re-read it. Yes I am easily amused.

  6. They are such a beautiful family. Alia Rose looks a lot like her mother.

  7. Beautiful daughters!
    Wasn’t Kurupt with Foxxy Bornw then had a baby by the girl from Blaque? He keeps his business VERY private. Didn’t even know he was married!

  8. They are all beautiful…

  9. Those are some beautiful photos and by the way Teena has only one biological daughter, Alia Rose. Gail Gotti is a rapper who has worked with Teena numerous times and is like another daughter to her as is Teena’s manager Penny’s daughter, Malaya Rain Sarai.

  10. Gail Gotti is NOT Teena Marie’s biological daughter. She is her God Mother

  11. Gail is not Teena Marie’s daughter. My uncle is Alia’s father. My lil cuzzo has a beautiful voice.

  12. Teena’s voice is of course lovely.she is no beauty though.
    I have seen far more beautiful biracial girls than her daughter.
    Poor thing looks like her mom.Good thing she has the voice!

  13. I think Teena’s daughter is very pretty. Why are you hating on her, Michelle?

  14. A Teena Marie can throw down

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