Here are the first upclose pictures of Halle Berry’s five-month-old daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry. Nahla,her mom, and her grandmother went to the Los Angeles Zoo On August 30th.

Picture source:flynet


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  1. She’s simply a beautfful baby, pretty eyes and skin.
    I’m sure she’s going to grow up to be goregous just like her Mama!

  2. she’s such s pretty little baby. Halle’s black gene must be really strong. The baby is only a quarter black but looks more like half black.

  3. she is adorable!

  4. I agree she is so pretty. She does have pretty eyes and skin. I knew she was going to be beautiful. I think she looks more like Halle and I can see alittle of her father. Beautiful babygirl Halle. I’am so happy for her. She is going to grow up and be beautiful just like her mother.

  5. @jade: and her next one could be lighter OR darker, and then you’ll say what? How many times do people have to be reminded that skin tones cover a broad spectrum? Are all other ethnic groups the same EXACT color? I think not!

  6. she so cute.look at the curls in her hair.

  7. she is too cute. She reminds me of what jessica alba’s daughter, Honor might look like.


  9. She had blue eyes? Wow that’s cute. She looks like her daddy with her mom’s coloring.

  10. She’s a stunning little girl and the shape of her eyes are beautiful! I’m so happy we can finally see her!

    A lot of babies have blue eyes at birth, and they darken as they grow, who knows what will happen in Nahla’s case? Either way she’s beautiful little girl!

  11. She is pretty!

  12. I guess I’m the minority here. She’s okay to me, not beautiful, just average. JMO.

  13. b-e-a-u tiful. wow!

  14. glad they look like they seem to be enjoying the day and she isn’t heading down the michael jackson road to public outings! i bet those eyes have morphed since birth and they may be on their way to a lighter color, as many of us folks have witnessed with our own!

  15. I think Nahla looks just like her father. She is 3/4 white after all. Either way she’s a beautiful little girl. And congratulations to Halle for not selling pictures to some magazine, that was very classy of her.

  16. i so hate all of these recipies for portions of whiteness or blackness; 1/4, 3/4, WTF?? anyway, she shoulda sold them for a ton and donated to a charity.

  17. To:really? –

    So what? What’s wrong with commenting on skin color? It’s not as if it doesn’t exist. Jade didn’t say the baby’s skin tone was bad or good…just the fact that the baby is darker than many other 1/4 black people. Black genes are usually dominant so I’m not surprised. But look at Nicole Richie’s daughter. You can tell she’s part black but looks mostly white. But really who cares?

    I’m glad Halle is experiencing motherhood. Her baby is cute.

  18. shes very pretty, and i thought she resembled grandma the most!
    tiger’s daughter is gorgeous, though…

  19. as far as the name nahla…
    nah, doesn’t do it for me

    same with suri…
    sounds too much like surly

  20. She looks quite ‘non descript’ to me. I’m not of the school that light skin automatically makes an attractive child. Hopefully more color will fill her out with a bit more descriptiveness like her mother.

  21. well, the baby’s eyes are rather exotic, and light eye coloring is something that Halle yearned for all along. However, this article is about Halle and her mother’s outing with the child as opposed to dissecting the child’s racial heritage.

  22. at the end of the day does it matter what color she is? NO. cute is cute and ugly is ugly in any shade.

    the baby is too cute

  23. Before this post veers off into dialogue about race, skin color , genetics,etc., we should remember this: Nahla is a baby —a living ,breathing HUMAN BEING. It’s not right to subject her to so much scrutiny, disection, personal opinion.How would any of us feel if this was our first child… hunted down by photogs, pics posted for all to see, and then fodder for alll types of race-based discussion and inuendo. Think about it.

  24. She is a cuite and if she goes up to have body like her mom, Hollywood better watch out!

  25. Wow, why must race issues always play such an important part in post such as this one and others that feature interracial families. Nahla looks so much like her father and her eyes are beautiful. Nahla’s eyes do not appear to me to be blue but a grayish color and who knows they may turn out to be a light hazel color.

  26. She is very beautiful and looks identical to her father!!! Halle must’ve been sleep during this conception! LOL!

  27. The girl is absolutely beautiful. That’s all:)

  28. I am so happy for Halle and Gabriel they have been BLESSED with a beautiful little MIRICLE. We need to remember it does not matter what color a childs skin tone is..A child is a child and just want to be LOVED. This beautiful little girl will be labeled in time enough by this cruel world..Please let’s not start it now! Again lets just enjoy Gods blessful miricle.

  29. How many bodyguards she got???

    Anyways when I first saw the pic on TMZ I thought she’s not that cute and has funny eyes, but then when I kept looking at her, I saw her beauty. She has gray/blue catty eyes and she has momma’s lips. I think when she’s like 2, we will be blinded by her beauty. She will be darker and probably have a gray/haxel eyes, making her very striking. But not right now, her features are still forming.

    This is what’s Halle’s wanted for a long time, congrats to her.

  30. Beautiful Berry and beautiful baby.Nice picture.

  31. Jhazzai!!! lol

    Anyway, congrats to Halle and Gabrielle for their little blessing!!…and, IT’S ABOUT TIME!

  32. omg halle your baby is so beautiful, i know she is going to look just like you when she grows up. congrats halle and gabriel!

  33. Cute baby, she Looks like her grandmother.


  35. She’s a beautiful, little baby girl! 🙂 ‘Nuf said. 😉

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  37. What a wonderful family. That baby is cute and may she continues to blosoom into a wonderful person. Hopeful Halle will have another. Best of luck to the family!

  38. She’s beautiful and looks like her daddy. I agree that her eyes are particularly striking.


  40. How do you pronounce Nahla? She’s beautiful and I bet she has mommy and daddy wrapped around her little finger. 🙂

  41. What is wrong with everyone and this “COLOR/RACE” business. My grandfather is lightskinned with greyish blue eyes and my grandmother is darkskinned with brown eyes and straight hair. They have 12 children together but only one came out light…even though my grandmother’s mother was white. Of their many grandchildren only one came out with very light colored eyes. My grandmother has three brothers and two sisters and they all literally look like day and night. Some are high color and some are dark. We as african-americans need to stop asuming just because you have two people of different or mixed races that their kids are “EXPECTED” to look a certain way. You all need to shut the hell up and have an opinion about something else OTHER THAN RACE AND COLOR. It’s getting tired and repetative. We are all adults here NOT CHILDREN SO GET OFF THE DAMN PLAYGROUND AND GROW THE HELL UP. Halle Berrys daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!!


  43. @ dana: First of all Nicole Richie IS NOT HALF BLACK! I really wish that people would stop saying that. Lionel Ritchie ADOPTED Nicole when she was younger BECAUSE her parents couldn’t care for her so Lionel OFFERED to take her in. Nicole is not half black and DO NOT have any black in running through her veins! Lionel adopted her.

    Now to Halle’s baby 🙂 She is SO cute. I love seeing babies and I like How Halle did her thing and protected her baby.

  44. Oh yea and to add on…I hope that she does not grow up and look like her father because he is UGLY! why does he have his lips poked out like that?!

  45. Cherry,
    I am pretty sure thats a bodyguard. Her father is a model named Gabriel Aubry and he is H.O.T.

  46. BREATHTAKINGLY B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L…just like mom Halle…
    i knew from the time she announced her pregnancy that she was going to be pretty ..
    halle and her hubby are beautiful .. so we had to expect a beautiful babie..
    she is going to tug on boys heartstrings when she grows up.

  47. Nicole Richie is part black. Her biological father is part black im not sure about her mother but she looks black. Nicole herself said on the tyra show she considers herself black………and the baby is adorable regardless of her race she is beautiful.

  48. Cherry,
    You are correct when you say that Nicole is adopted and that she is not half black, but she does have black “running through her veins.” She is of Caucasian, Black Creole and Mexican decent (not that it matters).She even said that she labels herself as black (though I find that a little hard to believe).

    I think that Nahla is a cutie. I bet she’ll be striking when she gets a little older.

  49. BLUE=”She is of Caucasian, Black Creole and Mexican decent (not that it matters” Exactly…

  50. I disagree about Nicole Richie. I have never seen anything where it says she considers herself black. Anyway as for the talk about her heritage, I’ve heard it said that it was Nicole’s mother who was mixed, but that may not be true. As for baby Harlow, her birth certificate says she is white, so get over it.

  51. Leighla: I’m just wondering where u saw harlow’s birth certificate to know it says white?

  52. Umm the baby is ordinary looking just like any other i have seen
    but just cause her parents are who they are u pipo are oohh and ahh.
    In any case children tend to fade either way on the beauty line as they grow up.

  53. I think all babies who are mixed get attention b/c of their exotic features. Just like cats that look like cheetas and mini-tigers and are selling for thousands of dollars….Anyway, babies like her represent this country’s diversity and Nahla is going to be extremely beautiful because both her parents are models and have incredibly amazing bodies and gorgeous faces.

  54. Never ceases to amaze that plain Nicole Richie and her blah baby Harlowe are mentioned next to Halle and Nahla,AS IF there are any similarities. Nicole/ Harlowe are plain-looking to put it nicely.Both have features from shallow end of the gene pool.Halle/Nahla are both gorgeous with superior features and bone structure. Ask any artist or photographer.

  55. Nicole Richie said she considers herself to be black. I know she said it on Tyra as well as in another interview. Google it. Then get over it.

    I think Nahla and Harlow are both beautiful, not because they’re black or mixed or famous offspring but because that’s my opinion.

    @ WTF – What exactly are “superior” features?

  56. It’s surprising no one on here commented on Halle Berry having a baby out of wedlock but damn near tore up that Tiny/T.I. blog!

  57. Mickey, I don’t believe you. Get over it. Nicole, a friend of Nicole’s said that Harlow’s birth certificate says white. Stop trying to force a black identity on her. I might add that I seriously doubt that Nahla’s birth certificate says she is black either.

  58. Funny how quick people are to say how beautiful this baby is – probably because the mother is HOT, no question. But she seems like a just a regular ‘ol baby to me. I do want to know where Halle got her sandals though…

  59. Demarcus and his wife have a beautiful baby. I don’t even think Halle is that hot.

    CR, please stop with the “mixed babies are special” crap. Many of them look non-descript. You must be white or mixed.

  60. All I have to say is I am glad that we finally got to see your cute little girl Halle and Congratulations to you and your boyfriend Gabriel and I hope she grows up to be an intelligent,healthy, happy, strong minded,loving and caring young woman such as your self because that is all that any parent would want for their child.


  62. Mud duck, I mean Teri, why so bitter about beautiful mixed people? Are you mad because you weren’t born multiracial? It sounds it.

  63. Aww… how cute! She is the precious thing and her eyes glow! They are beautiful!

  64. I think her baby is cute – not because she’s mixed, but because she’s a cute baby. People, please stop assuming that just because a person is mixed, their automatically beautiful. Not all are, just the same in any race…

  65. omg she is sooo beautiful!!! as to be expected with her parents…

  66. Ah yes as race rears it’s ugly head. A beautiful mixed race woman has a beautiful mixed race child. Are some of you happy that whatever the skin colour/eye colour this beautiful angel has graced us with her presence? No instead you all spend time deliberating on how white or black she looks. If Halle found a black man you would complain about the child being dark, she found a white man – you still complain. Some say sell the pics,some say don’t sell. Bottom line is this. What if it were your child? Would you welcome all the negative comments? If I were Halle Berry and this were my kid I would tell you all to Go to HELLLLL!!!!

  67. this baby is an angel from God….all babies are a gift from the Lord….i am grateful for being priviledge to see and share in the ooooing and awing of this angel….may God continue to bless Halle and her family


  69. Thanks Claire. This thread is bad but I think I’ve yet to recover from the horrible things said about Solange’s son and the Knowles family on Youtube due to his skin and eye color. Seeing the rabid fighting and bizare comments was disturbing and caused me to rethink my opinion on a few things. Sad. Anyway, Halle’s baby is empirically beautiful. Blessings on all their family.

  70. Halle’s mom looks like a straight up ADDICT but she has some FLY #SS shades on! Anyone know the name??

  71. PrettySanchez: well, you know what they say, it takes a “straight up ADDICT” to know a “straight up ADDICT.” You might want to check out your local recovery center, if you haven’t already.

    On another note, it’s very clear that you’re miserable and never got the attention you thought you deserved, and that’s why you habitually try to tear down beautiful mixed people (who let’s not forget are black, just as much they are [fill in the blank]. Is that the best you could do: come up with two mixed people who you think are not attractive (and who most people would find very attractive, might I add)??? Your weak arguments are laughable, especially considering there are countless non biracial blacks who are unattractive to many (I would bet good money you’re among them). Anyways, I won’t dwell on you any longer, you’re clearly pitiful. I’ll pray for you my homosexual brotha.

  72. she is gorgeous. did we expect anything else. congrats!!!!

  73. My goodness so much anager all over a baby. However did anyone notice the lips? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

  74. @ Blue

    When I was doing my little research on Nicole when ppl were really wondering if Lionel was her real father, and reading an interview she did and seen pictures *I wish that I could find them pictures* Both her parents looked to be mixed with anything but white! Nicole labels herself as being black because of her adopted father and her wife. When being raised by them, it’s common to say your black. I’m sorry to break it to you guys but that heffa aint black and aint got no black in her veins like I said. She might got mexican and creole in her veins but not black.

    Creole aint black neither before someone come in and say that it is…

  75. @ DW

    LOL…Oh ok because I was wondering. I’m like he look so odd being with her…the body language threw me off. Did a little google search and seen the father.

  76. @Not Buying It

    Although Hispanic isn’t a race( I’m assumming you can read from my name that I’m Hispanic) I’m not Black so your point is moot!

    My opinion stands, that baby isn’t cute nor is Alicia or Rain.

    AND NO those aren’t the only 2 biracial people I could come up with , those are the only 2 i felt like typing.


  77. @Cherry

    Nicole IS part Black. her father is Mexican and BLACK and her mother is also part BLACK.

    Nicoles racial makeup has already been done to death.

    Someone whip out the dead horse with flies PLEASE!

  78. PrettySanchez, if you really were Hispanic (or were cultured for that matter) you’d know that you can be both Hispanic and black. So you telling me you are Hispanic doesn’t disprove a thing I said. You clearly are of black heritage and are dark complected (at least by standards espoused by most Hispanic communities, if you are in fact Hispanic) and that’s why you continue to try to relegate the beauty of mixed people to a subpar status…. because your features have been so relegated in your community. I am very conscious of how Hispanics view beauty. Just turn on Telemundo and you will realize who they deem worthy of TV exposure (light, bright, and damn near white). The people on that TV station are not representative of the Latino population (because after all, like I said above, some Latinos have black blood and could be mistaken for being African American). But, I’m not Latina; that isn’t my fight to fight. You, PrettySanchez, clearly don’t fit the beauty bill in your community and you’re angry. I understand; but, take that up with your people. Don’t come on this site trying to degrade beautiful black children; instead deal with your own issues. Hurt people hurt people. Get some counseling will ya.

  79. anybody that had something negative to say about this baby is hating….she is adorable, she is just too cute!

    It didnt matter if she was light or dark she is cute, blue or brown eyes she is cute, bald or hair to the middle of her back she is cute. she is just a pretty baby!

  80. @ Not Buying It

    I believe I told your triphling ass once before that READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!

    I didn’t even read your little rant because it’s quite obvious that you didn’t even read the first line of my comment!

    I SAID:


    Now what part didn’t you comprehend??

    Oooooh girlfriend not only are you ghetto but YOU ARE DUMB TOO! Not a good look sweety!

  81. I guess ignorance is bliss UglySanchez. Perhaps you should reread my post (this time slowly, and please do so several times). Because again, nothing you’ve said disproved anything that I said. I’m done talking to you though. Quite frankly you’re a bore. I refuse to debate with someone who doesn’t have a grasp on the English language.

    On to more relevant topics… Halle Berry’s baby gets even more beautiful each time I revisit her pictures (and I thought that wasn’t possible).

  82. You’ve said that before during our little Badu debate but yet and still there you are typing your little fingers away!

    You clearly stated or ASSUMMED I didn’t know that there were BLACK HISPANICS within my ethnic group.


    1.I wasn’t Black.
    2.After reading the first line of your “THESIS” I stopped!

    Now go head gutterbug , fight the urge not to respond or break out the oh so tired “fag” line. You can do it lol.

    If you can’t I’ll be right back here to rip you a new one just like I did before LOL

  83. UglySanchez AKA glib peasant, like I said, go read a book and them come hallah at me. Until then, you’re out of my league. Go on now…

  84. Hahahahaha

    You don’t disappoint!

    You got that right, I am NOT in your league. I’m FAR from ghetto and a long way from TRASH.


  85. Let’s be honest: You haven’t stepped into a class since high school. I can glean that you’re very uneducated (or went to an extremely subpar insitution of higher learning) merely by the way you articulate yourself. Not only that but you clearly haven’t found acceptance in your own community (and that’s why you keep stalking black sites like this one). I understand you have issues, in part becaue you’re homosexual and because of that, you’re frustrated with a world that will never accept you (at least not in this lifetime). Again, like I said earlier, we are in two different leagues. Stay in your lane.

  86. FYI, Nicole is half balck and was fathered by one of the members in Lionel’s band, who did not want to care for her.

  87. nicole richie sure aint black. she’s hispanic. sheila e is nicole richie’s aunt. sheila e’s brother put nicole up for adoption as an infant, he’s still alive too. halle’s daughter is gorgeous look at those eyes

  88. These arguments are hillarious! I have never been a Halle Berry fan, but I have to say the baby is Gorgeous! Almost as cute as my li’l pumpkin. I also have to say I respect the people who come here and give their honest opinion…Her looks aren’t going to appeal to everyone. That doesn’t mean they are jealous or haters, etc…she just doesn’t meet their standard of beauty. It happens.

  89. FYI: The man sitting next to her is her bodyguard, not Gabriel her boyfriend..

  90. here is a peace of nicole richie’s biography for all you ignorant people – Known as the daughter of renowned pop singer Lionel Richie and a lively socialite, Nicole Richie is undeniably rich also popular. To most people, her life seems to be a perfect one for she has got everything they have dreamt of. Nevertheless, behind all of these actually lies some bitterness that she had to endure before she could rise from her downfall and overcame all the trouble in her life. A unique mix of Caucasian, Black, and Mexican ethnicity, Nicole was born on September 21, 1981 in Berkeley, California. Given the name Nicole Camilla Escovedo, she is the biological daughter of a Latin musician named Peter Michael Escovedo III and an anonymous backstage female assistant of Lionel Richie during his world tour in 1980. Raised alone by Escovedo who was also a member of Richie’s band, little Nicole spent most of her time on the backstage and studio since her father often took her along by his side.

    As Richie gradually grew a deep affection toward Nicole, the three-years-old girl was taken to live with this famous musician and his first wife, Brenda Harvey, under Escovedo’s approval. She was legally adopted at the age of nine by the couple for …

    ** Nicole Richie biography continues below **

  91. wow,OMG!she is so beautiful damn all da guys will b crazy ova her when she’s all grown up….good job Halle


  93. her daughter is cute- i wonder where they were- her daughter has the best eyes- halle seems so happy to be a mother- i wonder if she’s going to get married to her boyfriend- i think in order to raise a child in a stable environment- marriage is important! but congrats!

  94. Ya’ll all is tripping that baby looks just like her daddy not a bit like Halle but she’s just a little darker than most babies who are a quarter black but halle herself is pretty dark she was only light during her pregnancy. And her baby varys I’ve seen pics of her beautiful and fugly but overall I give her and alright. Her head is shaped funny and her nose is oddly shaped too but she has pretty eyes and hair, and her skin color is unique.

  95. Her baby will not get darker and she will not have her eyes change that only happens in the first 6 months after that eye color and skin color usually don’t darken unless that baby gets a tan. You’ll are talking that the baby is dark and stuff her baby looks pretty white to me. Not as white as some 1/4 black babies but still lighter than Halle and she looks just like her dad just with halle’s nose. she doesn’t even have halle’s complexion Halle Berry is dark. which is also why her baby didn’t come out looking completely white. Plus mixed people carry both black and white genes, usually they produce mixtures of both like white hair black nose mid colored skin, etc. this baby has many white things and black things about her all that you can tell came from Halle: white people’s hair and eyes, lighter skin with alight brown in it, black nose but overall she looks like Dad

  96. That baby is not pretty. She has those big ass ears, that oblong head and funny looking lips. Hopefully she grows into her features. Just because her eyes are stunning (which might not last) and she has light skin doesn’t make her all that pretty. I like babies with pie faces. her face is that of an older person. like she skipped the baby phase of her head deveopment. But I hope all goes well 4 Nahla and mommy and daddy.

  97. Well, well, well, I return to find you all still fighting over Halle’s baby. What are some of the comments I have read here: “she ain’t pretty, her ears are funny, she don’t look like Halle etc…Still hating on an innocent child that don’t give a damn about non of you. All this child cares about at this age is where is my next meal coming from and who gonna change my diapers. You think she wakes in the morning and says “Damn I’m ugly or God I’m so gorgeous”. No that is ya’ll issues coming up to the surface. You might think that you commenting on the baby but you just confronting you own prejudices like skin colour and eye colour etc… Some of you need to check yourself when you start hating on children things are really bad with you psychologically. I can say all this because I come from a country where a great majority of us blacks(including myself) have a mixture of races in our ancestry. We are more open to racial mixing and are aware of the many different wonderful looks mixing can produce. You don’t have to love the baby’s looks or even love Halle but you do owe her the respect she deserves as a HUMAN BEING! Hopefully this post will put this arguing about colour and looks to rest.

  98. The level of ignorance in some of the comments here hurts me to the bone. I am the mother of 2 biracial children and I can’t help but take all of the negative and disecting comments personally. How the hell are we supposed to advance as a people when something as superficial as skin color is still a prevalent issue within the ranks of our own people? I think the baby is gorgeous. Some may feel differently. You have that right. I don’t care how light, what percentage of her blood can be considered “black”, or what color her eyes are. The only reason that I can think of for such petty dissections is that there is some latent insecurity or anger that needs to be address. How long have we fought to get others to stop using our skin color as a measuring stick? What message are we sending when we continue to judge people on those same supercialities? Being black is more than biological features, demeanor, or any of the other silly things people use to gage “blackness”.

    The Lord calls for ALL of his children, regardless of what their blood makeup is, who are we do scrutinize one of his creations? I think HE knows more about what HE’s doing that we do and we need to just accept that he has breathed life into yet another potential saint, and leave it at that. Sometimes, I swear I’m so ashamed to be associated in anyway with people with their eyes so firmly glued on a damned box of crayons and superficialities. Is it any wonder that children of mixed heritage sometimes try to pass for anything other than white? Who would want to stand up to the scrutiny of being on trial for being “too black” or “not black” enough?

  99. Nahla is every bit as beautiful as expected. I am sure her parents, especially her mom adores every inch of her. The most important issue is not her beauty or race, it’s the miracle of a 40 y.o. woman, with diabetes, giving birth to a healthy little girl. God bless you Halle and Gabriel as you raise your little princess.

  100. Why is this White BABY on HERE this baby aint Black Her dad is white and her mama wanna be all white

  101. U sound really stupid. Halle is bi-racial which makes her half black, so get educated that makes the baby a quarter black. I promise that a lot of people that make this stupid comments are some haters that doen’t have anyhinhg else to do with their time. And to all of those that keep calling God’s angels ugly he will deal with U some how. Baby Nahla is beautiful!!

  102. Like I said that baby is white. Education is something I do have and I could swear 75% is larger than 25%. And then if we take it any further I am sure that Halle Father is a desendent of Slavery which means he is not even 100% black which lowers that 25% number. PS Telling the truth is not hating. I thing your the real hater!


  104. Okay lets see – some of you all have disected Halle into how much white and black,Called Halle’s mother an addict, said Halle boyfriend is ugly, quarelled about how much white or black is in the baby, called the baby ugly and non descript etc… and there are still some of you that deep down think that light skin and light eyes makes one pretty, but what does all of this really say about YOU. Yes YOU, because the more I read the comments here the more I realise that this has nothing to do with Halle’s baby and everything to do with YOU. Even though the physical shackles of slavery are off the mental ones are still on. Boy slavery did and is still doing a really good job on us. When we can’t even be happy fora woman- a woman just like us(forget race for a second) to be blessed with the gift of life shows how we women are our worst enemy. When you can’t just say congrats my sister on bringing new life into the world, it has to be a medical disection of an innocent child what does that say about us. See the white slave master knew he no longer had to keep shackles on us to enslave us he just had to let our minds do the work for him. And another thing what really is black? Black can be light or dark have dark eyes or light eyes it is diverse and all beautiful. Lets face it over the centuries non of us is exactly like the person that got on that slave ship we’ve all mixed and blended and technically HYBRIDS. And here’s one more food for thought, if we were to return to the village of our ancestors how many of us would we be warmly welcomed back ‘home’ and how many of us would simply be looked down on as ‘the children of slaves’. If we aren’t prepared to love ourselves – all OURSELVES then why do we expect anyone else to.

  105. Amen Claire. If you want more insight into what you stated find Willie Lynch How to Make A Slave

  106. Yes, it’s hard for some to extrapolate what today’s baby will look like tomorrow, but it’s pretty obvious to me that this one will turn out quite fine … and at a perfect time in history to possess such a set of genes.

    I can’t wait until Nahla’s gorgeously lightly curly hair gets longer (mine was like that at her age, and today it’s flatter when longer, but still curls when shorter, and responds well all over to curl enhancing shampoos) … I think her hair will interact stunningly with her facial features, esp. if the front locks are allowed to grow just below her jawline … and yes, those eyes are going to be WOW, especially with a little bang covering just part of one eye. Ideal would be if her mom lets her grow her hair long, then gathers it loosely into a ponytail, leaving just the bang and slightly shorter hair in front. Her hair is going to have a lot of spring-back … Halle’s going to find out quickly that wet cutting and styling Nahla’s hair will result in far too short results when dry.

    And those lips … my thin excuses for lips will never hold a candle to these, which will surely rival those of Angelina and her daughter Shiloh.

    The biggest mistake Michael Jackson ever made was doing _anything_ to what was a perfectly good nose, on what used to be quite an adorable face. I sincerely hope Nahla learns from the mistakes of the 20th Century, and leaves her nose exactly the way it is.

    I predict that directors will be BEGGING to get Nahla onscreen, in her natural state. That is, IF the extremist idiots in this world (of EVERY religion) don’t trash our planet before she gets a chance to grow up.

  107. This thread is a trip.

  108. if we were to return to the village of our ancestors how many of us would we be warmly welcomed back ‘home’ and how many of us would simply be looked down on as ‘the children of slaves’.


    D@mn black people still believe that lie. HAHAHA I was feeling your “thesis” until you got to that part.

    And you got the nerve to call someone mentally enslaved LOL

  109. Hey PrettySanchez or whatever the hell your name is. Back off! Firstly, “Halle’s mom looks like a straight up ADDICT but she has some FLY #SS shades on! Anyone know the name??” This comment sounds shallow and stupid. You know Halle’s Mom personally to know her drug habbits? Drug addiction is a serious illness and here you are talking about damn shades! I realise having a kind word to say about somebody is hard for you seeing as how bitter and envious you are. I realise from reading your posts that you are nothing more than a negative energy looking for attention. Others on here might have gone easier on you. But you mess with the wrong person. You need to quit it! My “thesis” as you call it wasn’t meant for people who like to advertise their shallowness and ignorance. There I have given you the two minutes of attention you desired, now go back to the oblivion that you belong in.

  110. my friends say am handsome.i need a a lady to be my friend

  111. OMG

    She is just a baby. She is beautiful. God Bless Halle and her family.

    Stop Hating on Halle baby. You know you want a Biracial baby that why you are hating.

  112. why is she going to the zoo and gettin on swings soo earrly. haile must’ve really been waiting awhile for this child.she looked uncomfortable on the swing on the pics she’s too young.

  113. BUT the more important thing is that shes happy. so more power to haile. and its warm in la still or whervever they are …wish i was there lol

  114. Lord, please heal our race. Pour out love, understanding, forgiveness, and increased self esteem on all of us. Only You can fix us. Thank you for your love. Thank you for our beauty.

  115. hello halle berry is daniel duff

  116. a biracial kid myself have I to tell you that i flippin hate the whole black white classification thing and I am sure so do other birecial kids.PLEASE STOP

  117. excuse the wrong spelling

  118. Halle Berry’s Baby is beyond beautiful. I mean Halle has passed those good genetics on to her daughter.

    Halle please bless the world with more beautiful children.

    I am happy for you Halle.

    I have a beautiful Shih Tzu Puppy that I named Halle. What can I say I am a Halle Berry fan.


  120. Beautiful baby but where was daddy that day?

  121. I agree with MISS NEW NEW. You haters need to be quite Halle Berry’s baby is beautiful and all the negative comments are coming from people with a complex problem.

  122. jadelaw- The Dad was probably working he does have job.

  123. jadelaw- The Dad was probably working he does have a job.

  124. @ Claire
    That willie lynch theory is a bitch and still is in use today!!! Even halle berry is guilty of it, she is on record as saying when she was younger she thought her skin color was a disease and use to tell her mommy she wanted to wash it away. That is something that is taught, obviously by her mother!!! And that is what turned me off from her when I heard those comments. But I know why she said that, we have been brainwashed into thinking our skin is not beautiful by White people’s standards. You see it in the magazines and even in our own videos, they usually get light skinned females who aren’t that dark or latino’s who look closer to white females. You notice they have never said a dark skinned nubain female was beautiful, but they say halle berry is and its funny cause she is bi-racial so they can make the case well she isn’t all black she is half white. but as I stated above, slave rules say 1 drop your black and science proves the black genes are stronger then the white genes, not opinion but mere facts.

    I just wish us nubians would take pride in the fact that we are the most imitated and duplicated but never appreciated. Why do these celebraties get tans, to make themselves look darker? Why are other females getting lip injections and butt injections, to compete with our beautiful women who naturally come like this!!!

    Wake up my nubian people, you are hated yet people wanna continuously wanna be apart of our like us!!! Ask yourself why is this?

  125. Wow, Truth, so you’re basically prescribing to what you yourself admitted was white slave laws? Hmmm. Maybe you should think about that for a minute. If not, why not go back to segregation or, worse yet, slavery… since, according to you, we’re to follow “white slave laws.”

  126. Truth- It is a known fact that Bi-racial children do battle with their own set of problems that the rest of us can’t relate to.

    I’ve listen to Halle Berry as well as Barack Obama make mention of problems they’ve had to deal with because one parent is white and the other is black.

    I mean from just reading some of the blogs today it clearly shows that its evident. I have a black mother and a black Father so I can’t relate to them on that level. But I can relate to being a light skin black person though and other black people at times have tried to put a label on me. Saying that oh she’s pretty but she would’nt be as pretty if she did’nt have that light skin. And I think thats crazy. But this is our own race speaking like this.

    So I’m sure bi-racial people have alot of unique issues within themselves.

    I do agree that if one of your parents is black then you are pretty much labeled as black or african american.

    But I don’t see anything with a person acknowledging both sides. There’s nothing wrong with saying thatyou are blackn& White.

  127. I meant to say that I don’t see anything wrong with a person acknowledging both sides.

  128. Notbuyingit- I feel you.

  129. That baby is a cutie pie. Halle looks good. Her mama looks as if she is saying, “There goes that damn paparazzi!”


  131. r. scaife, thanks for the shot out. Oh, and thanks for being concerned about my life. Have no fear though, I’m doing quite fine on that front. You should, however, concern yourself with your inability to articulate yourself in an adult-like and educated fashion. There are classes for that.

    As for the substance (or lack thereof) of your comments: you have your opinions, and I have mine. I never comment with the intention or objective of changing others opinions. Quite frankly, it’s not my job, nor my concern. But…

    Poor you for thinking your opinion is the only valid one. You should really get out more. Smootches.

  132. Oh and I, like many other multiracial individuals, consider myself to be multiracial. I apologize to no one for that. Further, I’m not confused by that designation/categorization; however, if you are that’s YOUR problem, not mine.

  133. omg everyone calm down gosh…yes nahla is GORGEOUS! and has GORGEOUS eyes but she is just a baby my goodness..calm down…if her parents where not famous and you saw her in the mall or so you would not be causing this huge riot…and her nationality does not matter..and once you have a black parent or a spanish parent you are NEVER going to be considerd white..white is when your COMPLETELY white meaning both parents are white and your grandparents are white and it goes down the nahla will not be considered white she is more a mullato (which means mixed).

  134. I am so happy for Halle, finally finding the love of her life as well as being blessed with the child she has always wanted. I hope she gets pregnant again soon!!!!! Your time clock is ticking Hal… Enjoy Nahla because time goes by sooo quickly. New Orleans loves ya.


  136. what beautiful,gorgeous,cute baby she is. halle’s jeans are so strong.wish u all the best on being a mommy. halle u a my rolemodel i love u verymuch, i want u to make sure that baby Nahla have both of u as her parents till her back bend.

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