Actor Brad Pitt was photographed earlier today with his daughter Zahara,3, at Cannes airport in Cannes, France.



~ by blackcelebritykids on September 2, 2008.


  1. MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE CELEB BABY: Miss Zee; love her jeans; absolutely love her hair which has grown so much; i know she missed her daddy while he was away.

  2. I like to see Brad with his children. Zaharra seems like a daddy’s girl. Nice pictures.

  3. I love the Jolie-Pitt clan…. Zahara is so beautiful….

  4. I love little Z, she’s such a princess and I love her jeans. People were saying she was going to be short, yea right. This girl looks like she’s going to be at least 5’9. I don’t know what’s in the water in France but she looks like she shot up like 4 inches.

    I love the stink eyes she’s giving the paps.

  5. I know a couple of people have pointed it out already – but she’s wearing some cute jeans! Brad is awesome with his man bag and pink backpack. I love dads with bags. Haha.

  6. It’s sad how they never do anything pretty with her hair, but they have all the time to dye maddox and pax’s hair.

  7. They have a lot of pictures of Z with braids, pigtails, and a ponytail. But Angelina says she does Zahara’s hair and she messes it up and doesn’t like hair bows or clips.

  8. @Jessic can u show me the link with zahara’s hair is braids cos i ent never seen that. Most of the pics i see her hair is always in a state, and she must really hate the papz cos she ent never failed to give dem such a stink look lool

  9. I have never seen her hair in braids either. Zahara is a cutie regardless! I think she’s Brad’s favorite!

  10. She’s a pretty little girl, I just wish they will get someone to do her hair.

  11. Okay, I usually say it’s okay to rock a fro, but this is total bed head. Z is going to have to learn to sit and get her hair combed and it will be easier while she is young and her is still short. Cute little girl and the dad aint bad either!

  12. Smh….

    Cute pics of dad and daughter… =D

  13. The second picture where she’s in the snow her hair was in braids.

  14. Twists, plaits, braids whatever you want to call them.


  16. lol!! I LOVE her “stink face”…such a cutie…and such a cute dad 😉

  17. I agree, Naija. Wonder where they bought those cute jeans( I’d love to get my daughter some).

  18. She could probably model now. Because she is a very pretty girl.

  19. He have her more than the other kids.where are the boys i never see the boys with him.always Zahara

  20. There are pics with Mad and Pax in Venice on other sites. This is black celebrity kids so unless Zahara is in the pic this site isn’t going to buy pics. He and the boys are on justjared and

  21. I am an ultimate Zee fan, yes there are many pics where her hair is braided or in pigtails. I can send the links but you have to be a member of the site to view them.

    I dont think theres anything wrong with her hair the way it is. It looks tame and clean to me.

    Just two weeks ago we saw pics of Brad with Pax and Madd in on a boat.

    I think that Zee is def a favorite in the house-hold and its apparent why.

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