Keisha Whitaker,wife of actor forest Whitaker and host of new television series “Who Are You Wearing,” is a devoted mom who once upon a time put aside her career to raise her daughters.Now that her daughters Autumn, 16, Sonnet, 12, and True, 10, are getting older, Keisha is devoting more time to her career.”They’re getting older, and I’m in a position to do more things,” Keisha says of her three girls.The mom of four(Keisha has a step-son named Ocean)  admits that it was a bit of a juggle filming her new TLC show:”When I was doing the show, it was a little bit of a juggle. My husband was starting a movie in New Orleans (the upcoming “Hurricane Season.” Normally I go and kind of help get him prepared and make a home. This time, he was able to come back and be with me and the girls over weekends, so that was a little bit of a reversal,” she says. And it was “a little bit of a challenge with the girls in their last few days of school, the end-of-semester cello recital and pool parties.” But the energetic Whitaker is not complaining. “I have great people who help and support me. When I look back at my mother and grandmother, I don’t know how they managed to do all they did.”

In addition to her television show,Keisha has a cosmetics line called Kissable Couture. 



~ by blackcelebritykids on September 4, 2008.


  1. I think its good when a woman talks about her career and family.

  2. KW’s ‘kissable couture’ is a nice idea but tooo expensive.

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