Hands-On parents Heidi Klum and Seal took their three children,along with some nannies, to the park over the weekend.Leni,4,Henry,who will be turning three this week, and Johan,21 months,had fun with their parents at a park in Beverly Hills.

In a recent interview with Parade magazine,Heidi admits that although she and Seal have help with the kids, they are hands-on with their parenting:“We have help,” she said. “But we do our own cooking, and we’re very hands-on with the children. We drive them to school every morning. Leni is 4 and in preschool. Henry has to be potty-trained before they take him in pre-K, and Johan’s turn comes next.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on September 8, 2008.


  1. Leni is beautiful.. Henry & Johan are getting cuter each day!!
    I love this family!!!!!!!

  2. Those are her kids..she can do what ever the HELL she wanna do with them!! I dont understand why people care what CELEBRITYS do with there kids…You dont know them or there situation mabe the boys do want there hair cut..You shouldn’t care!!

  3. HENRY!!!! 🙂

  4. liza…it doesn’t matter if you’re mixed race, that was totally uncalled for to call her a “white ho”…like, why? was it really necessary to even go there?

  5. Take this comment from a black woman (ME) ignorant black people who don’t love or accept themselves need to shut the hell up about hair. I adore the fact that WHITE women are raisisng thier kids to be NATURAL. These kids are adorable AS IS no chemicals or combs, why aren’t you telling Heidi to comb her daughter hair because you feel that is “good hair” so be it, whatever you want to call it but it’s natural. Love yourself the way God created you and not the way you want society to see and accept you. Get over it!

  6. Liza , please do not take your own racist feelings of inadequacy and make effort to pass them onto to others. You should learn to look in the mirror and love yourself. Racial purity is a myth and it has never existed, to some degree or other we are all blended.

  7. Why does me calling her “white” spark rage,, she is,, and calling her a ho,, is just my humble opinion which I thought was what blogs were about.. why do people always say you dont love yourself if you highlight any views and differences.. being the product of a mix, I live both sides so my views are a real reflection of both.. BUT does it mean I hate myself.. No.. but all you online physcologists disagree.. so weak.. And lastly her “other” child in my opinion is no better!! cant we ban this funny looking family from this site! (only kidding)

    Cant wait to show my white mother this stuff.
    peace & love to all

  8. I won’t take too much attention away from the fact that Seal and Heidi are both appear as very involved parents. And no it does not take an online psychologist to inform you that you have issues of self hatred, your comments alone confirm this as fact. First you reference others as a breed backed with a faux belief in racial purity, even though you claim you are the product of a mixed relationship. Then you make disparaging comments in regard to Heidi Klum simply because you are uncomfortable with her relationship. If it weren’t for your mother and father( if in fact you do have recent admixture) you simply wouldn’t be. you also indirectly stated the children were ugly simply because they were mixed, so therefore, how do you define yourself?

    Peace and Love without judgment…

  9. I’m not sure what comment sparked the debate, but they look like a great family to me. Heidi seems to be a very hands-on mom ,as is evidenced by the fact that she’s seldom photographed without her children. Who cares what color the parents are- they love each other and are raising a beautiful family. The look on little Johan’s face says it all.

  10. Ok folks..

    It doesn’t matter white, black blue.. The fact is that Henry needs to get his hair comed. No one is saying he needs a perm, they have to groom his hair.

    Would they just let Leni’s hair go without combing it? No!! So why do it to Henry and Johan?

    If Heidi has no clue, then get a nanny that knows how to do that type of hair. Henry would look amazing if they would curl his hair or give him dreadlock. The way it is now, he looks like he never gets a combing.

  11. P.S. Cute kids – great family. I love Henry! Johan looks like he wants to club Henry with the broom.. LOL

  12. Beautiful family

  13. Barlow.. really dont care what you or any other person thinks bout me.. I stand by all my commments.. fashionista mama said it, comb your kids hair its not hard.. There are some white girls that just want a cute chocolate baby, and know nothing about how to groom them.. .. damn right she would not let Lenni the perfect little blonde haired and blue eyed girl go around looking like that…Why?? Seal is just as much to blame.. so dont make out its all about heidi.. its not.

    If I am racist black and white people made me that way… they made me.. and both races got major issues… race, breed, colour are words that have existed a lot longer than me.. and also why do black people think only they have the right to speak on certain topics. It was the black in me that made people call my mother a “Black mans W—-” after looking in my stroller! so dont tell me like I am not really mixed or aware.. furthermore most black women usually moan that white women are stealing there men and dont do there kids hair proper anyway… so we all going to front now because I dissed a white girl and I liked it!!!!


  14. liza you seem very immature it’s up to the parent how thay want there kids hair i have mixed children and care for there hair as good as any black women can it’s obviously there choice to keep there boys hairs like that and it don’t look that bad so go sort your own racial problems out !!!!!!!!


  16. Beautiful Family!!!

  17. The kids hair is fine. I am glad seal found someone who cares for him. They have a cute family.

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