Baby Nahla Ariela Berry-Aubry,5 months, was photographed with both her parents on Monday. Actress Halle Berry,her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry,and their daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry went shopping in the Big Apple.

Picture Source:Pacific Coast/Gossip Girls

~ by blackcelebritykids on September 9, 2008.


  1. I love them Halle is beautiful, Gabriel is handsome and baby Nahla is so pretty. She is a beautiful baby.

  2. Wow, Halle’s body looks freakin’ amazing!! Also, it’s great to see the whole family out together…. just beautiful.

  3. She’s cute but she looks like a boy (as does every child her age).

  4. They make a nice-looking family. And Nahla’s a pretty combination of both parents. She’s gonna be a such a showstopper!

  5. awww nahla is so beautiful, but it looks like Halle and Gabe are having a disagreement. the first pic looks like shes trying to talk to him, the second looks like he doesnt wanted to hear it. and the third looks like shes fed up and lets him walk ahead.

  6. Beautiful looking family! Almost hurts my eyes to look at them! 🙂

  7. I want to know who has the diaper bag?

  8. @BLssd, the woman who usually holds the diaper bag typically stands next to the umbrella holder.

  9. @BLssd, the woman who usually holds the diaper bag typically stands next to the umbrella holder.

  10. I like Halle’s jeans.

    She does appear somewhat disgruntled in these pics, but it might have more to do with the paps than with Gabe.

    The baby favors Gabe in my opinion. She has his mouth and just doesn’t favor Halle that much. Things might change when she gets older.

    I still believe the cutest celebrity kid is Kobe’s eldest daughter Natalia. She’s naturally beautiful. But that’s my opinion.

  11. Naturally beautiful…lol. What are you now accusing Halle’s baby of wearing makeup and a wig? Hmmm…

  12. Of course not. Where is your mind at? I simply find Natalia more attractive in the face. That’s my opinion. You don’t have to agree.

  13. Her name is Nahala (though I really like the name Natlaia lol).

    First dibs on Gabriel after Halle dumps him!

  14. The girl looks almost entirely like her dad. The only things she got from Halle are a little tan ans brown hair.
    It might change or not. Shiloh looked all Brad and then around the age of 2 she turned into Angie.

  15. She looks just like her daddy, precious!

  16. aww she is GORGEOUS… 🙂

    i’m not gonna go around saying who has the most beautiful kid – they’re just kids and they’re all cutie pies…

  17. I love that daddy Gabriel joined them. That’s a beautiful family!!!!!

  18. Awww cute family outting.

  19. I actually think the baby looks a lot like Halle’s mom

  20. From the way Halle Berry is holding her hands in this picture and his expression, I guess she is telling him everything that he needs to do as soon as they get home. I guess nagging is still nagging even coming from Halle Berry despite her even sexier post-pregnancy body. The baby is cute and the image of her father down to the cleft chin. Does anyone know if the couple trailing behind them are his parents? Mom is looking a little out of breath.

  21. Gabriel is a very very VERY attractive man.


  23. btw…all the kids are precious beauties

  24. TOO CUTE 😉

  25. Halle actually looks like she’s talking to the woman behind Gabriel, guys…

  26. This is such a cute baby! I am also biracial (half black,half white) and I have a white mother and a black father too…just like her!

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