Super-Model Naomi Cambell yearns for a child of her own,but for years now has been unable to have children. During a talk at the Natural History Museum last night, the 38-year-old model revealed that she was previously infertile.In March(2008),Naomi underwent an operation to remove what she thought was a small cyst,but turned out to be something more. The something more happens to be what had been preventing her from having children all these years:”[doctors] thought it was a cyst. When they opened it up they realized it was more.I was not able to have children up until March. Now it’s in God’s hands. I would love to have a family but it’s up to God. I do want to have kids. I’m 38 years old.”

Naomi is presently working with the WHITE RIBBON ALLIANCE,an organization which helps to provide healthcare for pregnant women around the world.



~ by blackcelebritykids on September 9, 2008.


  1. This crazy ass B*tch should NOT have kids!!

  2. Yeah, I agree. She’s much too tempermental. Hopefully it never happens.

  3. I think the lord has that same idea in mind and that is why she is sterile.

  4. thats kinda harsh ya’ll shes made a lot of bad decisions but you never know maybe a child will mature her

  5. That maybe true, a child may mature her but I wouldn’t be willing to put a baby in that situation based on speculation. Besides babies don’t make people mature. Most people do better because they want to set a good example for their children. However they have lots of people that have kids and the kids act like they are their parent’s keepers instead of the opposite.

  6. If she is meant to have a baby, she’ll have one.

  7. I think she would still be a diva if she had kids, but maybe she wouldn’t be so self centered. Hopefully the father of her future baby will be less temperamental than Noami.

  8. […] pitching star and supermodel Naomi Campbell has the all-clear for […]

  9. Poor Naomi but I dont think she is the best person for motherhood. Maybe it’ll help settle her down.

  10. Glad she got that removed from her body.

  11. i think that “god’s will” or “the Universe” has nothing to do with whether Naomi has a child or not.
    I feel for this woman.
    She is obviously a tortured soul.
    I think the opposite of what most posters have said here: I think that a child would be a leveling and humbling experience for her, in her life; whether she gives birth or adopts. And Lord knows that there are more than enough children that need adopting.
    I think that a child in her life- past reckless- would balance her. If this is truly a desire for her.
    I’m not pro- or con- Naomi. But I wish the best for every individual. There is redemption for all. We have all had to deal with our own idiosyncrasies. She has been dealt- and has dealt- her own BS.
    She is a human just like the rest of us.
    Regardless of her past, present or future.
    Every single human being is deserving. Regardless of their pitfalls-

  12. I’m not a pro or con Naomi kind of person either, but who knows? I’m not saying her not being to have a baby caused her bad behavior – but it sounds like she has wanted one for a while. People get stressed and depressed when they have to deal with something like infertility. And who knows what else she has dealt with in her personal life. We all react to things in different ways. Something bad happens amd you might go cry it out in a corner in your room. your friend might go out and get drunk and not know where the heck she is when she wakes up. or she could get angy and start taking it out on other people. who knows. either way, future baby or not, glad the cyst was removed.

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