Actor Jamie Foxx is pictured with his daughter Corinne just last year. CLICK HERE andCLICK HERE to see more recent pictures of Corinne and Jamie.

~ by blackcelebritykids on September 10, 2008.


  1. I’m tellng you…eyebrow arching can make a world of difference. smh

    she’s growing up so fast!

  2. Cute pic!… but I’m sorry I have always questioned if this girl was really Jamie’s child. She looks absolutely nothing like him. Forget the complexion and hair texture, Jamie has a very distinct look and you should be able to see some resemblence. I see none! Also, why have we never seen her mother? Something just isn’t right with this.

  3. Perhaps he and the mom are on the outs.

    Also, I wouldn’t put much into the fact that Corinee doesn’t
    favor Jamie. I look nothing like my father–I have my mother’s face. But I am definitely my father’s child. Some kids favor one parent over the other and some kids are a blend of both parents. You never can predict how a child will look with genetics.

  4. how about…the kids who I saw SLIDE OUT OF MY BODY….looks absolutely NOTHING like me. I’m praying I get at least one grandchild that’ll look like their ‘Sugah Mama!’ lol

  5. Leah27, great point! I guess Kim Porter really isn’t the mother of Al B. Sure’s son too huh? Hmmm…

  6. She must favor mom.

  7. uhhh, just because you don’t look like one of your parents doesn’t mean anything – genes are just funny like that.

  8. he should take a paternity test because she looks nothing like him. jamie don’ got trapped…lol.

  9. I can not believe that people are making such silly comments in 2008. Where does it state that a child has to look anything like their parents?

  10. Will’s kids are so cute!!!

  11. From the spots on their faces you can see they’re related.

  12. Notbuyingit…You are right about Kim Porter’s son looking nothing like her. He and his father Al B. Sure are so identical its scary… but she actually gave birth to Quincy so we know he belongs to her. But its different with men. If there is a question, they need to just get a DNA. And that’s what I think Jamie should do, if he hasn’t already. It seems that we would have seen his baby Momma somewhere. Plus Jamie’s sexuality is ???? Find a pic of the baby Momma and maybe I’ll be convinced! but I’m not convinced, that’s all. Later….

  13. my sister,God bless her, doesn’t look like neither of our parents nor me, in matter of fact she looks like the mini version of our father’s sister. Go figure


  15. Grow up she don’t have to look like him dam

  16. I saw a pic the mom and yes she looks just like her. for all we know jamie could have gotten a DNA test.

  17. ventbyblogging, LOL I am with u 100%

  18. He can`t stop her from dating. If he keep on acting that way she is going to hate him. You can not stop a girl from growing up. If he had a son he would`nt act like that. He would let his son date.

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