Singer Al B Sure ,a.k.a Albert Joseph Brown III, spends some quality time with his son Quincy Brown,16. Quincy’s mother is Kim Porter and his surrogate dad is music mogul P.Diddy.

Thanks YaniBubbs!


~ by blackcelebritykids on September 10, 2008.

16 Responses to “AL B SURE AND HIS MINI ME”

  1. damn,that is what u call spitting image!!! kim sure knows how to make replicas of her baby-daddies!!!!

  2. No joke…my son and his dad are the doublemint twins, like Al B and Quincy. It’s scary!!

  3. They do look just alike. Dam Quincy looks just like Al. B Sure. He is the spitting image of his father. They both are fine.

  4. Wow he is the spitting image of his dad.

  5. its like looking in the mirror!

  6. wtf, am i the only person
    that no longer considers
    AL B SURE a celebrity???!?

    like srsly, would you stop
    on the streets and try and
    get a cell phone pic of this

    come on.

  7. I aint never seen a kid look just like his dad like they look alike…. Al cant even say thats not his son ever… kim can say thats not her son tho

  8. They need a nice tweezing.

  9. dang, they both have the unibrow and e’erything!

  10. WOW! He is an exact replica of his father. Kim must have hated the hell out of Al B when she was pregnant. LOL

  11. Excuse this, but it’s like he screwed himself. Wow! How in the hell does he show NO traces of Kim?

  12. Hey that lil dude needs a good eyebrow waxing. I’m suprised Diddy hasn’t fixed that up! Kim’s son with Diddy is a replica of his pops too!

  13. Ahhh! My Quincy! He’s soooooo….. cute! I love him so much! Omg! He’s the cutest boy!!!! LUV U QUINCY!

  14. Finally these pics are out to the “,masses”!
    I love these 2 pics of them.
    Al B. Sure! sure knows how to produce ’em. Quincy is a spitting image of ABS!. Al’s genes definitely overrode any of Kim’s.
    Quincy will be a smooth ladies man just like his pops!


  16. Wow. He spit him out!

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