Former NBA player Dennis Rodman and his daughter Alexis Rodman,19, in Las Vegas on May 16, 2008. Dennis has two other younger children:a son named Dj and a daughter named Trinity.(click to enlare picture)


~ by blackcelebritykids on September 10, 2008.


  1. Cute pics! Good to see them enjoying a happy “family” moment.

  2. Personally, I don’t believe that’s his daughter. But if she is his daughter, then she came out very attractive… against ALL odds!

  3. Is this the same daughter all that talk was about when she was little? Time sure flies. I didn’t realize she was so old already.

  4. He’s so gross she; on the other hand looks like a nice young lady he has must have weak genes; LOL

  5. I don’t know what yall are seeing; she favors her father a lot. They have very similar noses and lips.

  6. I agree they favor alot

  7. that’s his daughter. when he lived out here in MI (Detroit pistons basketball) he was married to a white woman, and god bless his daughter, but she looked like a white version of him when she was little (like 4,5y/o)-as she got older, her features fell into place. it’s amazing how she’s evolved…smh

    when he and his wife divorced (as looney as he was) if his daughter was mentioned, he’d immediately soften up and just cry. Good to see them together.

  8. wow…i didn’t know he had kids! =O

  9. he has young children now…i think they’re like 8, 9 yrs old.

  10. See THIS is why I love BCK. I’ve been lookin’ for a picture of this girl for YEARS. I only saw one back when was like 7 or somethin’ and it was a picture of her in his book but I never knew what happened to her and what she looked like now. Good job as always BCK!

  11. She is nice looking. Looks like dad..

  12. 19?

  13. dennis’ baby mama is obviously white or light-skinned as hell.

  14. that’s his daughter. she actually used to be a lot prettier. now she’s starting to look just like her father. *shudders* but she’s still a cute young lady.

  15. She’s attractive. She does favor her father somewhat.

  16. Her mother is Rodman’s ex-wife Anicka and she wrote a book called Worse Than He Says He Is: White Girls Don’t Bounce. There’s a picture of her on the book cover. I think his daughter looks mosre like Dennis than the mother.

  17. Who the hell gave Anicka a book deal?
    Anything goes in hollyWEIRD i guess.

  18. that is his daughter the ex wife was just on pawn stars pawning his jerseys

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