David Banda,clad in Scottish clothing and lace, celebrated his dad Guy Richie’s 40th birthday yesterday. David’s mom(singer Madonna) and her two other children Lourdes and Rocco were also there to celebrate in the festivities.[CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGES]



~ by blackcelebritykids on September 11, 2008.


  1. See. This is what happens when Madonna adopts.

  2. And I won;’t even mention the Uggs. SMH

  3. SMH.

    I’m still having issues with the adoption process…maybe I missed some details…but to my understanding, his biological parents are in good health and ALIVE with siblings BEFORE and AFTER Banda…so, why did she adopt him…dare I say it BUT it seems like she STOLE him.

    Just asking.

  4. Hey Naija Gal. Actually, I heard his mom died and dad and grandmom were still alive at the time of the adoption, and that his grandmom was the one who put him in an orphanage (where he was when Madonna met him). I don’t know how accurate that story is though.

  5. @Not Buying It

    Hummmmmmm **raises left eyebrow**

    Thanks but I may have to do some research…but until then, SHE STOLE HIM I SAY!!

  6. No, David’s father gave him up for adoption. He can’t afford to take care of him.

  7. David wore Scottish clothing to honor his father’s Scottish hertiage.

  8. Naija-

    Yes, you need to do some research. Seriously.

  9. @Eb,

    …and I guess that I should go ahead a just believe you?

    That’s why I plan on researching the matter. Have a sense of humor.

  10. I don’t care if he’s white, black or green.. and if his adopted mother is purple.. the outfit with the uggs is awful! poor kid!! His mother is a millionaire & THAT’S the best she can do!
    He’ll look back at this picture one day & yell at his mother I’m sure!! We all have those outfits when we were little that we hate! It happens to the rich & famous kids too!

  11. I’m cool with the scottish clothes, but I was never an uggz fan.

  12. I’d love to see what Kat Williams, would say about this lol. “You can’t name no **** baby nothing soft, not blanket, not comforter, not quilt.” lol

  13. @ forever young: did you mean to post that in the Michael Jackson thread? If not, I don’t get it.

  14. Looks like he is going to a costume party, but its nice he is honoring Guy’s heritage.

  15. I’m normally all for adoption but I have to say what the hell with this one! Lordes and the other sone aren’t dressed scottish so what’s really going on???

  16. that child looks a hot mess in them clothes.

  17. DO you know what I notice? How come every time I see a comment a about a darkskinned baby, there are harsh comments I rarely see comments about him/her being cute.IF ITS A LIGHTSKINNED CHILD HE SHE is CUTE OR BEAUTIFUL.

  18. That outfit was a fxcking train wreck. why the hell would u do that 2 a baby of any color? That is a mess lol. I wouldn’t expect 2 see a black shild wearing that lol..and


  19. plz all celeb kids usually look awful expect suri why do you think people are all over her? because they used to these rich celebs dressing their kids like s#!T!

  20. and naija you don’t have to research the matter it is on the other post of pics of david when he gets caught in the rain that his grams gave him up for adoption. she’s recently passed too. how sad!

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