Baby Phat CEO Kimora Lee Simmons and her two daughters, Ming Lee,8, and Aoki Lee,6, visited Cold Stone Creamery in Times Square New York on Tuesday. While there, Ming and Aoki created two new Cold Stone creations.Ming’s ice cream creation consisted of banana ice-cream with yellow cake and fudge ,while Aoki’s consisted of cotton candy and strawberry ice cream topped with gummy bears, sprinkles, and white chocolate chips. Both ice cream concoctions will be served at the Baby Phat/KLS 10th Anniversary Fashion Show on Friday, September 12.


~ by blackcelebritykids on September 12, 2008.


  1. Kimora you are smiling too hard.
    But you are beautiful.
    Aoki looks like Russ.

  2. Ming and Aoki always look so happy. I love Aoki’s curls. 🙂

  3. Aoki Lee is just too cute!

  4. The both of them are really cute! Ming Lee is just like Kimora and Aoki is just like Russell!

  5. They are behind the counter – I wonder if they served any customers? That would have been fun to witness. I wish I got my own apron when I visit Coldstone…

  6. They are really cute but im sorry that lil one is a brat. The oldest Ming seems to be more settle and humble like russell.

  7. They are beautiful. And that must have been fun.



  10. Aww! I love them! Aoki is so cute! Ming, Aoki, Natalia, and Gianna are the cutest girls here!

  11. @ Melina: Take CuriousGeorgeGianna out of the cutest girls group…

  12. LMAO@WTF

    I’m sorry I just on’t think Oki is pretty…

  13. I think Aoki is pretty actually she’s beautiful and so is Ming.

  14. I luv everything the Simmons’ do!!!

  15. the girls are cute but aoki is too grown. Every time she is photographed she is posing.

  16. The girls are beautiful! Aoki has so much personality and she is going to be the diva that her mother is training them to be. That’s why she seems to be grown but I think she’s fierce! Don’t hate 🙂 I’m sure she is very smart and I know Russell will curse her out if she gets too out of line. Ming is a little laid back Russell and Aoki is a little diva like Kimora…..

  17. i luv them! aoki and ming are beautiful. aoki isnt 2 grown she’s juss a diva, juss like her mother. ming has fits to… she’s juss not as outgoing nd loud as aoki lol.

  18. Her and the girls are beautiful!

  19. Ppl need to stop dissing these kids, they are just children.

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