Rapper and former member of rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony,Bizzy Bone a.k.a Bryon Anthony McCane II,is pictured with his one-year-old son Bryan. Bizzy Bone has said that he has thirteen children in all(Wendy Williams Show,Β 2005). BCK knows of only nine of his kids’ names:Sarina,Breeana,Bryan,Moe,Shanika,Tray,Destiny,Aaliyah,Shleby.

Trivia:Did you know that Bizzy Bone was born to an African American/Indian American father and an Italian/Jewish mother?

Thanks Jay Lay!
Image Source:Blackcelebkids.com


~ by blackcelebritykids on September 15, 2008.


  1. An “African American/Indian American father and an Italian/Jewish mother”?? Translation: Black father and white mother! Further translation: light-skinned BLACK man! I hate when folks list every piece of a race that dipped into their family. I’m sure all of us can list at LEAST three different races mixed up in us! Save that crap!

  2. His son is so cute

  3. They don’t call him Bizzy Bone for nothing….Hope he takes care of all of them…..

  4. That is some *ish!!

    13 kids!? I don’t get it, why do some men “feel the need” to sow their oats into every single woman they see? Who really wants to have THAT many kids by so many different women?

    BIZZY: it’s called STRAPPING UP!!

    Dude must have a check list, or something, to keep up with all his young ones.

    Such a shame…

    He kid is cute though.

  5. Typo: His kid is cute though.

  6. Hootyjames I agree w/you. I guess we are supposed to ohhh and ahhh, right. NOT! Who gives a rat’s behind what his “racial mixture” is. Is it only black folks that get caught up in that ish?

  7. He sure does have a busy bone!! lol
    Daaamn 13 kids… how could you say you know each & every one of those kids.. and spend QUALITY time with them.. doubt it!!
    It’s too much.. cover it up Bizzy!

  8. 13 kids now that is outrageous, and you know theres gona be a whole lot of baby mamas involved in that bunch, i dnt see why a woman would wana have another kid with him if he has that many already isit the money? crazy

  9. Unlike everyone I won’t go on some rant about his 13 kids or the fact that he is multiracial. From listening to him speak in the past, he seems like an highly intelligent man. And his kid is cute too!

  10. y is it any of ya’lls concern how many kids he has, long as he is taking care of em?

  11. hi all Bizzy bone used to date my sister Yolanda back in high school he has a daughter by him and thats Breeana. anyways All bizzy’s kids are by african american women.
    and yes he does take good care of all his kids.

  12. Why is he on this site and only knows 9 of his 15 kids.

  13. Awww his son is so cute.
    15 kids,oh my! Maybe Bizzy is the one that became a father at age 11.

  14. correction- 13 kids

  15. Do you know what I notice? How come every time I see a comment about a darkskinned baby,(David Banda or modonna’s adopted children) there are harsh comments.I rarely see comments about him/her being cute.BUT IF ITS A LIGHTSKINNED BLACK CHILD HE/ SHE is CUTE OR BEAUTIFUL.
    To show proof, look at the comments on most dark skinned children on this site!!

  16. Yes already knew he was mixed. =D And awwwww that baby is cute.

    But damnnnnnnn fertile enough!

  17. “MEANDMYSELF”- For me I think they are all beautiful no matter how light or dark they are. Now if their facial features are in a way “off” (ex.King Harris) then I won’t say anything or I’ll say how I feel sorry for him. Oh yeah King is light…

  18. I have a few things to say about this topic.

    First off MEANDMYSELF. I don’t care about the color of someone skin. Never have. Just because someone’s skin is light does not make them pretty or handsome and just because someone’s skin is dark does not make them unattractive. I think first and foremost it is the physical attributes if they complement each other. For example Angelina Jolie has big lips but she is still attractive because her other features brings it all together. Second is their presence. If you walk into a room and have an air of confidence about yourself you can be the plainest looking
    person in the room and everyone will want to know who you are. However the most important thing to remember is this. You can have the face and the body of a God/Goddess but a nasty attitude can make you come off like Medusa.

    Also I think Tiny’s Daughter Zionque I think is her name is pretty as well as Lil Wayne’s daughter. However I think that Tiny’s son with that big ole water head is not cute. Sorry. Just my opinion.

    This is to Shanell. It does not matter if he is good to his kids financially. It takes more them money to raise a kid. I know I have four. They need your time,love, & attention. With so many kids by some many different people how can he ever give each child what they need other than money? Hell it is hard for me and all my kids are with my husband and we all stay in the same house. Also it is not just the fact that he is out spreading his seed all willy nilly. It’s very obvious(13 kids and different moms) that he is doing it without protecting himself or the women he is with. Unlike most things in our society A.I.D.S. does not discriminate.

  19. I really hate the recurring theme in these comments…

    he’s an adorable baby–now why do we have to go and discuss the same BS all the time? I don’t get it. Doesn’t anyone else get TIRED of it?

    And usually the comments on a baby–regardless of his/her color–is that she’s “beautiful” or “cute”…so meandmyself can come up of it…

  20. Jasmine when someone says something like what she said, it is due to there own insecurities and the fact that they have a problem being comfortable in their own skin.

    I don’t find that to be true. Angelina Jolie’s daughter Zahara is dark-skinned and everyone raves about how cute she is.

  22. TO MARYAMB. i didnt say anything about financial he takes care of his kids emotional and mentaly and financially he spends time with them all he can. he even broght the olders one on tour with him. he never had any CHILD SUPPRORT warrants out like these other rappers,

  23. Shanell sorry if I misunderstood you. You didn’t say how he took care of his kids only that he did. I said before and I will say it again that even though he is involved in his children’s lives and according to you more than just financially that if has so many kids and by different women those kids will still feel cheated because, they need both parent’s involved in their lives on a regular basis.

    The reason it takes two people to make a baby is because two to raise them. No matter how often he is involved with his kids and how deeply he is involved when he does what kind of example is he setting. It’s not ok to go out and have unprotected sex when so many different people because it is destructive. I love watching Chapple I don’t know if you seen it but he has one where he talks about all of the sexually transmitted diseases. It was entertaining but the funniest joke or based on reality.

    I don’t know if you have kids but I am going to tell you kids emulate their parents. That whole do as I say and not what I do line does not work. Good for him for not having child support warrants out on him. However Having unprotected sex with any willing participant is very self destructive behavior.

  24. Maryamb,
    All I can say is, “Amen!” You’ve just said everything I would’ve! πŸ™‚

  25. TO Maryamb,
    Look at the comments from different viewers in this site. If you look at it, most light skinned black babies get more good comments compared to dark skinned black babies.
    Its unbelievable
    Is it that lightskinned black babies get more attention than cute darkskiined babies?
    Lets put it to the test/ Let this site show a dark skinned baby and lets see the responses they get.

  26. meandmyself. Fact of the matter is they have way more people that view the pictures than there are people that leave comments. So just because they have more comments on one picture than another doesn’t mean that folks think that one cute is anymore or less cute than another.

    The post the have the most comments are the ones were people are bickering with one another. So it is really no real way to gauge the whys and why nots of the reason behind the people that post vs. the one that don’t.

  27. How can he take care of ALL his kids and he don’t even know all of their names? smh

  28. What is smh?

  29. umm just so u ppl know the truth bizzy knows all his kids and hes there for them all most the time i mean if sumthing comes up and he cant be there they understand his children are very understandin there not that young nomore no to understand it he had smart children and i know them all and byron keep your head up sweetie see u soon at peabodys kisses

  30. Rawgangsta,

    It is as well and good that he is there for all of his children. I just want you to ask him one question when you see him @ peabodys. Why does he go out and sleep with all these women without protection? How will he be able to be there for them if he gets A.I.D.S.?

    If he was truly a responsible parent he would wrap it up and stop fathering children unless he was willing to being a father and a husband.

    I know no one is perfect. I make mistakes with my kids all the time. I however try my damnedest to let them know I am wrong and I am not perfect and I don’t expect them to be either and learn the lessons that my mistake brought to the forefront. Having children is a great responsibility every decision you make effects them. You can do a search if you think I am making it up but 9 out of ten kids that parents are not together think it is their fault. So if you are not planning on being with this person don’t get them pregnant. That’s just my two cents.

    He is just making all his kids statistics. Most black children grow up in a one parent home. I think I am not certain, that only 30% of our black females w/children are married. How sad is that?

  31. Rawgangsta

    I have to tell you I was watching CNN this morning and I saw something I have to share. It’s because we are not involved in the things that are going on around us that we are dying out. Knowledge is power.

    On CNN this morning I saw that the African American population makes up only 12% of the U.S. population and yet we make up almost half of the people in this country that have HIV/AIDS. The black men are over 95% of that stat and the women make up 45%. Not just that but the leading cause of death among black women between the asges of 25 and 34 is A.I.D.S.

    I think this is the saddest part. The black American A.I.D.S. population is a bad here as it is in Africa. Why I think this is the saddest is because Africa is a third world country. We (Americans) have no excuse.

    When I said that it’s all well and good Bizzy takes care of his children that’s great but he is being reckless. A.I.D.S. is not going to care that he is Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs and Harmony, it won’t care that he has a family that loves him, or the fact that he would be leaving behind 13 kids.

    We need to wake up. I was watching an HBO special called Black List. It was a lot of different black talking about how being black molded who they are. All of them were coming from a place of power. It was a beautiful thing and very inspiring. I can’t remember who said it. I think it was Sharpton that said after the civil rights movement that black people were told that we now were equal and because of that we have become complacent. Chris Rock said “Things are not equal until the black person’s average is the same as white person’s average. He says that his neighbors are dentists and the like. Black dentist and such don’t do well enough to stay where he lives. It’s like we have to work twice as hard and be twice a good to get what the average white man has. If that ain’t bad enough our president is a C student. How is that for irony?

  32. That kid is so cute. I’m glad he’s a little light skinned. Makes ’em cuter don’t you think πŸ˜‰

  33. what a dumb comment MO he’s just cute not cus he light skinned thats such a stupid thing to say.

  34. MO that is a very trollish thing to say. Jazz ignore that comment. When you reply you give the trolls just what they want.

    MO if you found a positive way to get the attention you need it would make you feel a lot better than the negative kind.




  38. HAHAH I AGREE WITH “Hootyjames”

  39. bizzy bone 4 life

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