[Roxanne Shante is pictured with her four kids (L) To (R):Chris,Tajze,Kareem,and Randy(click to enlarge)]
Roxanne Shanté, a.k.a Lolita Shanté Gooden is a hip-hop pioneer. The legendary rapper came into fame at the age of 14 with her hit single “Roxanne’s Revenge” and her association with the legendary Juice Crew.At the age of 25, Shanté retired from the recording industry to become a psychologist. She now holds a doctorate degree in Psychology and is married with children.

Courtesy of Source magazine;Wikipedia

~ by blackcelebritykids on September 16, 2008.


  1. WHAT!!!! Homegirl went and got her doctorate! I had no idea. She looks content. All of her kids are nice looking. Glad to see she didn’t let the industry break her!

  2. too bad the rappers today dont have that sense. they just make clothing lines and jewels.

    good to see that she got her education and i bet she is raising her kids well

  3. Looks like Roxanne started her own “Juice Crew”. 🙂 They have a lot of leather/ different patterns going on clothing-wise but she has a cute daughter and nice looking sons.

  4. oops I meant to say two instead of to

  5. my bad wrong forum

  6. WOW! I am impressed. She was very young when she started, but she obviously had a great support system. She excelled.

  7. Her daughter’s jean are kind of high

  8. She got her doctorate? Wow that’s wonderful!

  9. She got 3 grown sons!? Wow!! I remember hearin’ her say she quit rap to go to school on BEEF part 1 after she got pregnant as a teen but damn, go head on then girlfriend! The first 2 boys look totally different from the squatting boy and the little girl – them 2 look just alike.

  10. Do that mama. Here is a great wexample of a grown rapper that knew when to call it quits, hung up her gloves on a great note, and excelled after she left hollywood!

  11. She has a beautiful family.

  12. The one on his knee, I think Kareem is cute. =D

  13. OK SHANTE…

  14. She did not receive her doctorate. After that claim was researched, it was found that she lied and should not have been taking patients. She was bit under the warner brothers label and they did not pay for her to go to school. She has no degrees to date, and has issued public apology for her lie and deception. Go to YouTube and watch her interview on why she lied about this. All that being said, best femcee alive! if it wasn’t for her contributions to hip hop music, there may not have been remy and nickey, foxy, or Kim…

  15. She doesn’t have a doctorate. She was on the breakfast club recently and confirmed that she does not.

  16. When we provide a person’s exact words our viewers can see both the ideas and just how they were offered.

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