Singer Ne-Yo a.k.a Shaffer Chimere Smith wants to have children of his own,especially now that he is not allowed to see his “son” Chimere(pictured to the right):
VIA USATODAY:Ne-Yo is less forthcoming when the subject turns to Chimere Smith, a toddler he claimed as his son but later discovered, he says, was fathered by another man. (Chimere is Ne-Yo’s given middle name.) The singer is currently in litigation with the boy’s mother, who was evicted from her apartment when Ne-Yo stopped paying her rent.

“I’m not allowed to talk about it, and I’m not allowed to see (Chimere),” Ne-Yo says. But he admits, “I’ve been thinking a lot about kids lately.” His production company, Compound Entertainment, has launched a foundation that Compound co-manager Tishawn Gayle says focuses on youth “in foster care or group-home situations, teaching them life skills.”

Ne-Yo wants exactly two children of his own, he says, “a girl and a boy. When the first guy comes to my door asking for my daughter, I might end up going to jail. I just don’t know how I’ll handle that.”


~ by blackcelebritykids on September 18, 2008.


  1. She should be ashame of herself not letting him see Chimere. He still wanted to be in his life even when he found out he wasn’t his biological child.

  2. Wow. I hadn’t heard that story. So sad.

  3. I would love to have your baby Neyo… I dont have kids… I love you!~

    Now as for the whore, i mean that chick she should be ashamed of herself. Who would do that?? CraZy people i swear.

  4. WOW…I didn’t know somebody ran the old flimflam on him. That’s crazy. I saw a pic of a girl at a party on another site and somebody said that was his “babymama”. She didn’t have a scandalous look about her, but you just never know. That’s an embarassing situation…more so on her part.

  5. Better he found out now than later. I agree with everyone else, she should be ashamed of herself.

  6. Hopefully the baby’s real father is a part of his life.. not another baby growing up without a daddy!

  7. If you look closely enough at the baby’s face he already looks like a grown man.

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