Actress Angela Bassett has nabbed herself a new role as Dr Catherine Banfield in the new season of ER, which premieres in the US on September 25. The working mom says that she is able to juggle her twelve hour days with her family life because she works only 15 minutes away from home. This means that Angela’s twin toddlers Bronwyn and Slater can stop by during the days with their dad Courtney Vance:”Sometimes when I get home they’re asleep already, so I bring them to work or they come at lunch time to visit,” Bassett says. “My daughter loves to put on the stethoscope. To see her eyes the first time she heard a real stethoscope was amazing.”

Angela’s husband,actor Courtney B. Vance,however,stops in more than usual as he also plays a recurring role on ER. He plays Angela’s onscreen husband,of course!



~ by blackcelebritykids on September 19, 2008.


  1. Beautiful family. Angela’s hair is so nice! Could these two be the new Ruby Dee & Ozzy Davis?

  2. They look beautiful together…the baby boy looks just like Angela and the little girl looks just like her Daddy. 🙂

  3. Wow they do not look like twins at all!

  4. “PKP”- They are FRATERNAL twins. They aren’t going to look exactly alike. They are both cute. The boy is cuter to me. =D Nice family…

  5. “SUZ”- I really didn’t need you to explain that but thanks for your comment.

  6. “Jay”- the kids were adopted by Angela and Courtney, they are not their biological children, so they really don’t look like neither Angela nor Courtney.

  7. Rav, Both of those children are the biological children of Angela and her husband. Embryos made with her eggs and her husband’s sperm were put inside of another woman who carried and gave birth to the twins. They were on the Oprah show last year when they explained it. You can do the research online. I agree with Jay about the looks.

  8. Thanks for the info Anon27, I’d wondered whether or not they’d used Angela’s eggs or donor eggs. Good for them! Angela is probably so smitten with her twins! Nice family.

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