Kerry Butler is an actress who is mostly known for her work in theatre. Kerry recently starred in musical Xanadu for which she was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musicalwikipedia Pictured above is Kerry with her daughter Segi,whom she adopted from Ethiopia:“I adopted my daughter from Ethiopia, and when we were there, we heard about children dying in the orphanage where my daughter was from. I have been involved with this charity called World Vision, and they are taking a percentage of the money from my CD and putting it to work in Ethiopia.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on September 22, 2008.


  1. I’m sorry but once again, she doesn’t know what to do with their hair. The older one needs a perm.

  2. The title says “and daughter Segi.” From that I would assume that only 1 of the girls is hers (most likely the baby). So it would not be up to her if the older girl gets a perm or not.

    And no she does not need a perm. Black girls can have beautiful hairstyles with out any type of har straightning.

    But anywho…Segi is adorable and her little outfit is cute!

  3. Her adopted daughter is such a li’l QTpie. I have a little girl the same age as her little girl and my priorities are healthcare, education, college fund…things like that. The last thing I’m thinking about is putting some chemicals in my little girls naturally beautiful hair. God bless this woman for her selflessness in adopting this child.

  4. Beautiful daughter! Congrats to her and good for her for teaching her daughter to embrace her natural beauty!

  5. The older child is not her kid, the baby is. Segi is beautiful, I love her outfit and her little hairstyle. Every black girl does not have to get a perm. I love natural hair and I wish that I had an opportunity to keep it that way. The hair comments are old and tired, leave those kids and their parents alone.

  6. She is too cute! Love her outfit AND her hair! Just the way it is! When she’s older, if she wants to put chemicals in it, then that’ll be up to her!!!

  7. Forever young,
    It is SOOOOOO sad when we hate ourselves So much that we feel the need to try to look like others! It is also disappointing that it takes “them” to appreciate our natural beauty.

  8. Kudos to Kerry for her work in Ethiopia! Segi is a little doll ,and I’ve always thought Ethiopians to be a beautiful people.

  9. Beautiful baby! I am happy when any child gets a good home. With someone who loves them.

  10. She is so adorable…she looks so much like my son.I’m happy she has a home

  11. I love WORLD VISION. Glad she gave that little girl a home.

  12. Great that she provided a home for this precious little girl. I don’t see no black celebrities stepping up to the plate AT ALL!!!

  13. “The last thing I’m thinking about is putting some chemicals in my little girls naturally beautiful hair.”

    If anyone ever bugs you to put chemicals in her hair, tell them that water’s a chemical too. 🙂 You don’t need to use extra caustic chemicals too!

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