Halle Berry, her mother, and her baby Nahla Ariela Aubry(father is model Gabriel Aubry) spent their day at a park(playground) Sunday. Nahla is now six months old.



~ by blackcelebritykids on September 22, 2008.


  1. Nahla is so pretty, I’m happy for Halle. She’s a great mother.

  2. Nice to see Nahla again πŸ™‚ I keep looking but all I see is an average baby. Beautiful, but only beautiful in the way that all babies are beautiful.

  3. There’s something “off” about Halle to me. The baby looks so precious in these pics! She might not be ready for the slide yet Halle!!! LOL (last photo)

  4. A beautiful child! Another child born out of wedlock! And Halle has stated she wants more without the benefit of marriage. so sad!! Add her to the list of Erykah Badu, Tiny, etc! She ain’t no different.

  5. What a little cutie!

  6. Have you ever thought that marriage is NOT for everybody. She was married before he hurt her,but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the right to become a mother. I have two adopted children threw foster care, You have to think it better for them to go into more foster homes waiting for this so called ”perfect” two parent home. Or go into a home with at least one good parent. I know kids who are in two parent families who are more screwed up then kids in single parent homes. I don’t know why people have this idea that marriage always means perfection.

  7. I have to agree with Kia, marriage isn’t for everybody. To a lot of people marriage equals misery (as a lot of divorced friends say). I have two kids, out of wedlock, and I’ve been with their father since high school. He wants to get married and I don’t. I’m happy with our lives.

  8. I agree Libra, she’s such a lil’ cutie pie! “CandyLady”, mind your business.As Kia said, Halle tried marriage several times and it wasn’t for her. She’s obviously made peace with that and has found happiness with Gabriel and their baby. Life is too short and the world is too chaotic to be picking at celebs’lifestyles.

  9. I feel sorry for Gabriel. People act like just because he and Halle are not married. That he is some kind of dead beat dad. Some people go on and on like they know what is going on in the Berry-Aubry household. Who knows they could be married right now. She never takes off that (what I think is) “wedding band”. What I really love about this couple is they keep the details of their relationship to their self. My advice is to work on your own life. Stop hating on the way the next man lives. We all fall short of the glory of God. Remember that before you put people down for their life style.

  10. Oh!!!

  11. aww she is soo cute !!!!

  12. candylady what is ur problem…so just bcuz halle has a child and not married u are condeming her…is that what u are saying???? well let me school u on something…u are being just as sinful as halle…why do u ask…bcuz im willing to bet that u have had sex outside of marriage and if im correct the bible says both is WRONG…SO STOP JUDGING…halle has been married i believe 3 times and sadly it all ended in a divorce and no kids… unfortunately she has been unlucky in this dept. she has come to a place in her life where marriage is something she no longer wants to do and if her baby’s father feel the same way what is it ur business, my business or anybody else’s business…married or not her daughter’s father is there and can’t no body judge them but GOD…i’m pretty sure that if we were to look into ur life we would find somethings that we would consider shameful…and one more thing if halle and the other women u mentioned want to keep having babies and not be married it’s their right they can afford to…if they were aborting these babies it would be a whole other set of dramas…so do me and any body else here bck a favor and keep ur negative, judgemental, don’t make any sense mouth shut.

  13. Great mommy and daughter quality time.

  14. @ CandyLady – cosign 100%
    Adopting children and giving birth to children out of wedlock are two different things. How then will we foster the value of sacred family if doing the wrong thing is deemed okay.
    Just becoz halle had two ‘did not’ work out marriages is no excuse to choose to have a child out of wedlock.
    @ Kia, it is true that marriage is not for everybody so let’s not do things meant 4 marriage if not willing to partake in it.

  15. Awww it looks like Halle and Nahla both had a great time!

  16. nahla is so cute, halle looks so happy. i can’t believe her baby is 6 months already.

  17. @ CandyLady and ms t, I agree whole heartedly. It’s a shame that we as a people have become so desensitized to what is wrong with our communities and families that we settle for less willingly. I hope these two decide to give marriage a shot for their child (especially if they are going to just shack up together anyway). Halle might convince herself that she’s ok with being a girlfriend and a mother, but let there be no mistake about it, that child will want more for her parents. Sometimes it seems the children have more sense than the parents (as I can’t tell you how many out of wedlock children I know who yearn for that traditional family whereas the parents are all excited about the “single life”).

  18. Oh you people kill me with this ”traditional family” BS like i said before it doesn’t always happen that way for EVERYBODY.People live the lifestyle that best suite THEM whether that includes children or not! I myself tried to be in committed relationships several times it did not work for me, but that does mean i don’t have the right to become a mother if i choose to. It not about the number of parents its about a GOOD parent PERIOD. People are not going to live the lifestyle to please other people.

  19. I have a question: say Halle and all the other single parents were married and it didn’t work out and they wind up gettign a divorce while the child is young, does this mean that the child won’t grow up to be a healthy, spiritually correct child because divorce means there will not be two parents in the household? No it doesn’t. Let people live their own DAMN lives. I don’t havee any kids but I’m sure that if by some crazy reason I was to have a baby but decide NOT to get married I would make a wonderful mom as did Ms Berry. Ya’ll act like kids raised by single parents are going to destroy the world. Well ya know what one of them just may be out president here pretty soon! **20 more days to my birthday** GO LIBRAS!!

  20. Apologies for any misspelled words or bad diction.

  21. Libra great arguments! Obama is your average black man raised by a single mother/grandparents.

    Wow, the people on this site are getting brighter by the day.

  22. That’s right Libra…we in here!!!!! October 12th right here girl!

  23. Oh shut up Not Buying It. Who wants to see your negativity all over the posts today? You’re a miserable troll.

  24. BOO, did you get your arguements from the children in elementary school? Sounds like it.

    You know what, I’m going to assume you’re a child so I’ll be nice. But, you really need to go study for your next quiz or something (assuming you didn’t drop out).

  25. Nahla is cute. (like all the other Bi-racial babies) NOThing REALLY SPECIAL. What was she waiting soo long for???? it WASN”T THAT SERIOUS HALLE!!!!

  26. What a little beauty queen πŸ™‚

    And OMG–can Halle please live!?? omg! get a life and mind yours!!!


  28. So Ashah, only ‘black’ babies with very dark skin and kinky hair and west african features are beautiful?

  29. Gurgling, smiling, happy baby is the most beautiful thing on this planet. I wish people would stop forcing their religious beliefs on others. I am atheist, happy and thriving member of society. I love my partner and our son and we’ve been a loving couple for 10 years. It’s our commitment to one another that is important and this way I know he is there because he wants to be and not because he signed a piece of paper. We are a FAMILY.

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