On an episode of the Tyra Banks show,which aired on Tuesday of this week,Tyra Banks showcased a panel of women(dark-skinned women) who were willing to do anything to lighten their skin color. The extent to which some of the women would go to lighten their skin color was baffling to audience members. One such woman,a woman by the name of La Tasha,detests her dark skin so much so that she has her three boys on a “skin-lightening” routine.La Tasha admitted that she bleaches her three boys, ages 4, 6 and 8, every morning. She told talk show host Tyra that she didn’t want her boys to have “a bad presentation when they go to school.”


Despite the side effects that may result from skin bleaching,the women on the show were willing to go to extremes in order to appear lighter:VIA THE TYRASHOW:

…As we saw on the show, some women slather creams over their entire bodies. But is the result worth the risk — even if the risk is cancer?

Even small doses of Mercury can cause neurological damage. This concern is so great, Minnesota has outlawed cosmetics like skin lighteners that intentionally feature it. But some “mom and pop” shops carry creams with that contain extreme levels of such ingredients.

This component of many skin-bleaching techniques is also found in film developing products. (Note: Your body is a work of art, but should you treat it like a chemically processed photo in a darkroom? We think not!) The idea of using this ingredient didn’t sound good to the French, who banned it for fear of cancer risks.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids
These are most commonly found in facial chemical peels, which are better known as procedures reserved for serious and infrequent skin overhauls administered by professionals. These should not be in anything you use at home regularly.

Most people hear this word and immediately think “poison,” which is exactly what arsenic is. Not something you want to find on the list of ingredients in your face cream, but that might be the case with some skin lighteners.

BCK Says:How interesting that in this day and age,while caucasians(and lighter-skinned women) are trying to darken their skin by getting tans,dark-skinned women are willing to go to any extent to lighten-up their skin color. It just goes to show that human-beings are never satified;we always want what someone else has.Or is there more to this skin-bleaching epidemic?


~ by blackcelebritykids on September 24, 2008.


  1. I saw this episode of Tyra and I was sad and disgusted at the same time! To see those little boys think that it was better for them to be light skinned just broke my heart.

  2. Yes. Truly a sad commentary. This problem isn’t exclusive to the black community only. Womanhood from countries all over the world (India, Mexico, China, etc.) have all been brainwashed into the “the whiter I am, the better.” I felt sorry for these poor children on Tyra who are victims of a mother who was also a victim. They need psychiatric help b/c no matter how light they think they will get, it still won’t help the deeper issues that plaque these ladies. Unfortunately, children are often caught up in the madness. SMH.

  3. I’m in shock!

  4. I have a friend who bleaches her skin…religously.

    I’ve always asked her, why? She also feels that “light is right and black is whack”. What’s funny is that she is a BEAU-TI-FUL woman w/ guys knocking at her door EVERYDAY with the intention of impressing her.

    So, I say: “Honey, do you not see that you are beautiful as a brown-skin woman?!…That is the way you are meant to be!”…but for some reason, she cannot understand that.

    She recently had a baby boy (cutest thing ever) and refuses to keep him out in the sun for extended periods at a time because she fears that he may “loose his color”.

    Did I mention that she is leaving for MEDICAL SCHOOL in January? So, by no means is she stupid…just ignorant.

    So, who is to blame?

    THE D*MN MEDIA!!…as we all know, the media, fashion industry and black history have it carved in our society’s mind that “light is right and black is whack”.

    Case in point, Beyonce’s photo spread with L’Oreal where her skin was lightened…isn’t the heifer light enough as it is?!?!

    So, what is the answer?
    TO EDUCATE OUR YOUNG ONES that it is fine to be dark, brown, or light.

    Easier said than done, yes….but at least it’s being done!!

    SMH…I’m about to click on this link and watch this FOOLERY, I pray that I don’t get mad at this heifer.
    Y’all pray for me.

  5. It’s sad but it truly brings to light the issue that’s still within our culture. Everytime we say things like the girl said people tell her she’s pretty to be dark skin. When the kids are spoken about on this site even if it’s not explicitly targeting skin color or hair texture all of that stuff adds to the issue.

    BUT individually people have to get at themselves and say look no one will define what is or isn’t beautiful about me but me, and not even me but God. There is always going to be some issue that another person will have with you and “correcting” it for their sake does nothing to change that person internally.

  6. This absolutely breaks my heart. All of these industries (skin-bleaching, perm,and weave conglamorates)monopolize on our lack of self-worth. They’ve created billion-plus dollar industries based upon the notion that our natural beauty isn’t good enough! I am so saddened by the women on Tyra’s video ,sad too for our future generations who’ll have to battle all of the media and societal imagegry.

  7. I feel sorry to these women cos it’s true they are constantly being bombarded with images of lightskin being the epitomy of beauty, you only need to watch one of THEM MUSIC VIDEOS to see how brainwashed amny ppl have become!

  8. Tyra’s so condescending and patronizing. She’s always like woo woo woo my dark skinned sisters…woo woo woo my fat sisters…Oh please! Save it! She perpetuates the situation with her super fake image. She’s good at talking the talk. She makes me laugh though. I’m not being judgemental…I’m just calling it how I see it in this instance. I can’t help but feel like she’s always trying to make us look pathetic. Like all dark skinned women have self-esteem issues and she decided to do this show after receiving soooo many calls from dark skinned black women who are down in the dumps about their complexions. LOL Shut up Tyra!

  9. I understand their feelings of being a dark skin person. I am dark skin but since I was a child I’ve always been told, “black is beautiful” my aunt who is light skinned always praised me for my dark skin saying she wished she had my skin tone because I always looked so cool and layed back. I know I’m dark, but I don’t really care. I’ve been described as “cute” so I guess that makes up for it. But there have been some incidents where females have called me “black burn”-they were just jealous. and guys saying that “they like me but they dont want their kids to be dark”–like we were going to have kids anyway.
    I even heard some white guys saying. “Isnt she cute?, Who that black girl? I know its weird.. right?”

    In the end, you just have to be comfortable with yourselves, if her parents were instilling self acceptance in her since youth she wouldnt be doing this.

    when i was 3 i went in a store and picked up a white doll, and my grandma was convincing me to ge the black doll. and i told her the white one is prettier, since then, everyday she pounded into me black is beautiful, dont be ashamed of your skin color, so everytime i think about my skin the only thing that comes up is black is beautiful.

  10. im 18 by the way

  11. Should we be surprised by this mom’s behaviour? The mental illness the majority dark world suffers as the result of white supremacy weighs deep on our psyche, and if we look back on various postings and the way we give descriptions adoring descriptions of light as opposed to dark skin children, we’ll see how subconsciously we are all affected with such madness.

  12. No disrespect to Tyra, but I’d love to see the show in which she dismantles everything artificial that she crowns reaping of eurocentric standards of beauty, and displays or exposes her own true self.

  13. @forever young>>>you have to realize that the psyche (as someone above so graciously put it) has been stained by the not so subtle institution of racism. It’s been so ingrained that you have black guys telling you that “they don’t want their kids dark.” They are probably dark themselves, so what does that say about the way they seem themselves. It’s really sick.

    We must not allow society or anyone else to dictate our self-worth. God made you the way He did and He makes no mistakes.

  14. Forever young I have to say much props to your Grams. We need more like her. If we did so many of our black people would not have the self hatred they do now. My mom is lighter than me and when I was a kid I asked her why and she said it doesn’t matter and from that point on to me it did not matter. All my daughter have long thick hair and the two older girls were saying they wish they had straight hair. I made sure to tell them that all that glitters is not gold. What looks good to you is not always good for you and the lord made them the way they are for a reason.

    Black people can be so versatile with their hair the way no other race can. I take pride in that fact. I also made sure to tell them they probably have just as many non black people that could do their hair like ours.

    To the poor misguided souls that think they are not good enough because of the color of their skin you need a big head and a reality check. No one can make you feel anyway about yourself be it bad or good without your permission.

    I have always been the type of person that instead of letting negative comments brow beat me turn into the stepping stones i need to rise above. Take heed. Only you can hold you back.

  15. I also made sure to tell them they probably have just as many non black people that wish they could do their hair like ours. My bad. I made a correction

  16. The video was wow…It’s real messed up how society has made people think things like that. Smh…Them poor little boys. And Latisha,(I think) she bleached her face with actual bleach. Like that’s really extreme. She is lucky the bleach didn’t eat through her skin and that she doesn’t have scars over her face.

  17. Tyra Banks should have done this show with an all black audience. The white women in there are laughing inside. This is exactly what they use agaisnt … They are watching for entertainment.

  18. I don’t think Tyra is sincere or has the skills to adequately cover such a sensitive topic. I feel like all she cares about are ratings and getting gasps from the audience. This is a serious topic that should be handled thusly, and I just don’t get a serious vibe from her…just seems corny. =/

  19. i dunno if the white women were laughing inside. my white friends are always tanning to the point where they will probably get skin cancer and will definitely age faster. They always say they wish they had my complexion and they wouldn’t have to tan . I don’t know if its a race thing; Men (media) put women up on this high pedestal they expect us to be tan but not too dark, skinny etc

  20. It is not a race thing, that is a mental thing. (haha) It did not make Michael Jackson look any better. Duh!

    Nobody is happy. Whites want to be black with tanning and lip injections and blacks want to be white especially when they do this desperate stuff.

  21. well im lite skin and i dont see the difference btw being dark or light we need to wake up as ppl ang get over this color barrier shit grow the hell upi and be glad GOd brought you into this world and if god wanted you to be a certain color trust me god would have made you that way !!! Thank you!!

  22. that’s sad you should be proud of what color you are and what color you kids are. just cause you may be darker doesn’t mean anything, we all are the same in god’s eyes so i don’t see what’s the problem

  23. babieblu_law I could not agree more. Very simple and very true. I think you said it better than me.

  24. Yeah this is very common all around the world, i see it a lot with Haitians, i actually know one of the guest on the show, the 1st one Mya, went to school with her here in Miami and actually have pics of her from high school, not sure about this whole ” I moved to NY when i was 16 with my sister and my skin got really light cause at 16 we were in high school, but anyway I am Black American and i do know other Black American girls that also do this but the high school i went to was a lot of Haitians, the neighborhood i grew up in is called Little Haiti and the girls bleached all the time, i never understood cause i always loved my complextion, not the darkest girl and defenitely not the lights but just the i was intended to be, and the sad thing is its not just the women, but the men to, i went and did laundry the other day and the Haitian man that runs the laundry-mat had totally bleached his skin, i noticed he was doing it months ago, starting with his face but when i saw him recentely he had totally bleached face, neck and even his hands, now needless to say he look like a damn fool cause anybody with eyes can see that this is not his natural complextion, these creams are to be used for skin discoloration, dark areas and spots, not to wipe out who you really are as a Black person.

  25. I am simply disgusted by these women and all woman who have so much self hatred that they had to go to great lengths to lighten their skin. Will people of color ever realize their self worth? I find it very ironic that while millions of people of coloring are bleaching their skin to look white millions of white people are tanning themselves to get some color. I feel skin bleaching is the ultimate sin because you are telling God that he made a mistake when he made you and God makes no mistakes. Instead of trying to fit societies standards of beauty fit your own. I just hope these woman can love themselves one day because they are truly pathetic.

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