Nahla Ariela Aubry,the daughter of actress Halle Berry,is wearing a Life is Good Love Bug Yellow Infant Romper.SHOP NOW


~ by blackcelebritykids on September 25, 2008.


  1. She is a gorgeous baby.

  2. ooo i love this baby shes sooooo cute

  3. ha ha she looks just like her daddy, so cute

  4. I love that with all the money Halle has.. She still is smart enough to not go crazy buying costly baby clothes.

    @Justine- I think she looks like Gabriel too.

  5. The baby is beautiful, like her mother. However, I’m starting to get tired of seeing her pics everywhere.

  6. opinionated-
    Nahla is the new “baby it girl”. There are 3 babies the media are in love with right now. And when they come out of the house the paps and the mags go crazy… Nahla (of course) Suri, and Shilo.

  7. Dee-
    I’m well aware of the media frenzy for celeb babies. I’m speaking more from an ethnic view. Black blogs control the pics they post. There are other black celeb babies that would be just as pleasing to the eyes.

  8. Halle and the baby are HOTTTTTT

  9. cute lol

  10. I agree; Halle and the baby are gorgeous:) Bring on more pics of them!!

  11. Opinionated-
    I am not trying to fight with you. I was just listed the “it” girls. And you’re right there are a lot of Hollywood babies that get the D-listed treatment (like some of they actor parents).

    From the moment Halle said she was pregnant. The world has been looking forward to see Nahla. Not only because Halle is an A-list star. Its mostly because of the way Halle and Gabriel look (cute parents = cute baby). I’m just saying the media and the fans pick who they are going to idolize. Yes there are tons of beautiful tots out there. That the press over look or don’t care to talk about. But the “it” girls (Nahla, Shiloh and Suri) will always get tons of press every time they and their beautiful parents walk out of the house. Is it right…No! But that is the way it is. Unless you want to start your own baby blog. And show case the kids you want to see. I don’t see this system changing anytime soon.

    BTW: I think if it was up to Halle and Gabriel. They would like for Nahla to stay out of the press all together. But that isn’t how the game is played in Hollywood. If your not out and about with you kid. The press is going to find away to get those celebubaby pics with or without the parents permission.

    I am sorry if I am telling you things you already know. But in case you didn’t there you go.

  12. Dee I know this is not really what you are talking about but when you said cute parents= cute kids. I don’t necessarily agree with that. I think that Halle and Gabriel are attractive but the baby is cute. I think that Russel Simmons and Kimora are average looking but their girls are beautiful. Hell look at Flavor Flav and then look at his baby. They have lots of unattractive people that have pretty kids and then they have people like Jasmine Guy and her husband. They are both nice looking. Their little girl is not what I would have imagined. That is just my 2 cents. I think it has more to do with the luck of the draw that determines how the kids will look more so than the parent being attractive or unattractive.

  13. Maryamb-
    I totally agree with you. I was trying to say in this new media ruled world. Most people think cute parents = cute kids. Until they come out and prove us wrong. 😉

  14. cute

  15. AWWW 😉

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