Hint:It’s all in the picture!Also,these kids have been on this site once before.Let’s see if you pay attention!So who is their daddy?

The answer to the last game was SPINDERELLA”S DAUGHTER


~ by blackcelebritykids on September 25, 2008.

16 Responses to “WHO IS THEIR DADDY?”

  1. Isn’t that one of the members of Bone Thugs and Harmony?

  2. I think thats Layzie Bone in the picture. So I’m going to say Flesh- N- Bone kids.

  3. layzie bones kids

  4. Lazy bone it is

  5. those are Krazie bones kids’s (he’s in the background with the blue on) the day he was released from prison

  6. Sinbad!! (Damn ya’ll fast!)

  7. nope its Flesh N Bone kids them are layzie’s neices and nephews
    thats layzie’s kid from a pervious relationship layzie got 8 kids

  8. i ment thats flesh kids layzie got other kids thats from another relationship all 2gether layzie has 8 kids and flesh has like 6 and those are 3 of them in the pic

  9. bizzy bone’s kids

  10. Dnt know but they’re cute!

  11. I’m not sure which bone it is, but that has to be mom on the left

  12. Layzie Bone

  13. OOPS I mean Flesh n bone lol

  14. the man 4m Bone Thugs and Harmony (can’t think of his name)


  16. they are another rapper’s kids not any member of bone.

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