Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith says that there is only one star in the Smith family and it is her husband actor Will Smith. Although Jada is a star in her own right,she says that she is okay with Will being the center of attention because that is how they “keep [their] family balanced.” Jada,however,makes sure she is not forgotten by the rest of the family:”Well, I always try to make sure that I’m not forgotten, so that when I do want to work I can get a meeting. But my priority is my family. I do love doing what I do, but you can’t have two superstars in the family. We already have one…”

Although she is as ambitious as she was when she first started acting,Jada says her kids always come first:”My kids are the most precious things I have and so children just put things into perspective. Once my children came into the world, I was like, ‘There’s nothing more precious than these human beings.’”

The mom of three( Jada has a son named Jaden, 10,a daughter Willow, 7, and a step-son named Trey,15) says that she is not much of a cook,but she is somewhat of a  baker.She leaves the cooking to Trey’s mom Sheree Zampino,Will’s first wife. During the holidays when the blended family all get together,Jada bakes and Sheree cooks.One of Jada’s favorite cake to bake is a 7-up cake:”It’s a cake made with 7-Up soda. You all wouldn’t know about it – it’s a ghetto thing from the American South. It is the bomb! It’s cool because Will’s ex-wife cooks really well – we all spend Christmas together – and she cooks macaroni and cheese and creamed corn and I do my little 7-Up cake, so Will’s happy! I told him, ‘You made two good choices: one who can bake and the other who can cook’.”


~ by blackcelebritykids on September 26, 2008.


  1. Will’s birthday was yesterday! Oh and yeah I love this family and how they blend so well together

  2. Yeah that’s wonderful that they can come together like that. I love that family!!

  3. so proud of them.

  4. Now that’s the mature thing to do. Everyone gets along great, thus there is no baby mama drama. Jada, girl, you the business. I love the fact that her children are her priority over business. Go’on yall!

  5. The gorgeous Smith family… =D

  6. I love the fact that she meantion Sharee, I think it is very mature of Jade cause some women Hate to be bother with the other women! I am glad that they have that RESPECT for each other!

  7. You go Mrs. Smith! They are a lovely family.

  8. Jada, we DO know what a 7up cake is. Every AfrAm does.
    & Bmore MD aint the ‘american south’!

    Jada dont mind working bc she lucked out ( Like Sheree Zampino did) in that Will gave her no prenup. Though they married in Bmore, they live in Cali where everything gets split in 1/2.

    Will aint learn from Sherree? When Sheree filed 4 divorce Will has 2 pay her $900,000 lump sum divorce settlement,plus $24,000 per month in alimony and child support! This equals $288,000 a year !
    $288,000 A YEAR! Just 4 having a baby! Must be nice!

    ….But I do like Jada thought. For real I do. Woo sucked bu she was great in “ADW” & “Jason’s Lyric”.

  9. they are pathetic and plus there swingers and they need to start getting closer to god

  10. ummmmm dont they look like a fake barbie doll family? like if you go to target and buy the barbie family package, they would be it.

  11. What does Sharee do for a living? I heard she was a model and at one time she was working for BET? Her child support is about to gbe up and her alimony should be done also!


  13. love the smith famo!! who wouln’t!!

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