USWeekly magazine recently sat down with actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and her twin boys Jax(left) and Jaid(right).In the August issue of UsWeekly,Garcelle talks about how much work it is to have twins:
“You’re buying double of everything:formula,diapers,clothes,swings,cribs,” the actress,41, tells US of [11-month-old ]fraternal twins Jax and Jaid(born via C-section after she underwent in vitro) with agent hubby Michael Nilon,41.But you generally won’t find this duo in matching duds:”They have different personalities-and in the beginning, we could tell them apart that way!” While the challenges may be twofold(“If one’s asleep,the other’s awake”), so are you the joys. Beauvais-Nilon loves hitting twins-only mommy-and-me classes:”There’s double of everybody!” Plus, she gets help from [Michael] Nilon, a nanny and even son Oliver,17(from a previous relationship),who loves bonding with the babies.”He takes them to his room to listen to rap music,which I’m a little nervous about,but right now,since they don’t understand the lyrics, it’s OK.”


~ by blackcelebritykids on September 30, 2008.


  1. They are just to cute

  2. They are just to cute and Garcelle is beautiful.

  3. That is so cute that they listen to rap music with their big brother.

  4. Her kids are just the cutest thing. I don’t know about having kids in my 40’s. Thas kinda old especially when i already have a 17 year old son.

  5. TOO CUTE 😉

  6. Cuties…

  7. Niecey what do you mean “she sold out”? Could you please explain what you mean by that.

  8. I’m wondering the same thing Jessica. I know what is usually meant by that term but I didn’t just want to assume that Niecey was ignorant.

  9. BLUE & JESSICA= I think she means what you’re probably thinking.

  10. I was hoping she meant something else by it, but I guess I was wrong.

  11. first off if you dont know what SOLD OUT means you must not be Black. Its just a expression meaning a Black person dating outside their race. They are a sell out. but that’s just my opinion on how i feel.I just dont like when Blacks and whites mix together and have kids. everyone has the right to their own opinion and that’s minds. if you feel im ignorant are what ever you might think about me i do not care. I’m going to still say what i feel.

  12. Niecey,

    why does it bother so much about interacial relationship. I am a black women married to an white male. We are all just people.

    I have have three kids and one one way. They are very beautiful biracial children.

    What is the problem?

  13. Garcella is very beautitful and her children are too.

  14. Wow nicey is NOT nice, AND is plain dumb, and not the best little spelling bee….

  15. rebecca and i spell my name niecey get it right before you judge someone’s spelling but anyway if you feel im dumb, what ever i still feel the way i feel and no one is going to change the way i think about interacial relationships.yes Garcelle is a very beautiful lady i agree.

  16. Niecey when she said you were quite the spelling B she meant when you said minds instead of mine. Your spelling however is not the problem. I know I don’t proof most of my post before I submit them and come back later and see I miss used a word or something if the like.

    No the problem is your mindset and you limited view of the world. If you can’t see pass the color of someone’s skin how can you expect that from others in return? We are all human and we are all here to help each other learn and grow together not tear each other down. When you can’t be happy because we have a two family home and the kids are being taken care of and loved (a rare thing today), just because the parents are of different races the problem does not lay in their relationship but in the fact that seeing her marry outside of her race makes you doubt yourself because you are black and it makes you feel maybe you are not good enough.

    Trust me when I tell you, all people feel insecure at one time or another, no matter how rich or poor, white,black or blue. However when you think someone sold out because they married outside of their race you are taking that as a personal affront against you. When people of different races marry you can’t just assume it is because they think their race is not good enough. Since you know why the made the choices they did. If she can’t find someone of her own race to marry and have a family with of her own race should she then be single her whole life?

    We are good enough the way the lord made us. Never forget that. He made us the way we are for a reason. We are meant to learn from the experiences we encounter in our lives both good and bad. You can chose to learn from them or we can be held victim to them. The choice is yours. In the words of Bob Marley no one can free our minds but us. He was black just like me and you.

    How can you overcome hate and ignorance with hate and ignorance? How many of our black people died just for us to have the right to vote? Yet we have so many of our black men and women that don’t. Did they die in vain? What starts at home spreads abroad. If we work on correcting own self-hatred and love and accept our own whether light or dark skin other people will be more accepting of us in turn.

  17. Bob Marley was more black like “Jaid and Jax.” He was the product of an interracial marriage, a black mother Rita and a white father, Norval.

    Neicey you are entitled to your opinions but I have a question. I get that you are against interracial dating but do you have a problem with the children who are products of those relationships. Quite frankly, children can’t pick their parents. I’m just curious if you think Jaid and Jax aren’t beautiful because you don’t like the fact that their parents are together.

  18. I do understand what your saying Maryamb and i do respect what your saying to me. I just feel that Garcelle is a beautiful black women and i wish i could see a black man on her arm instead of a white man that’s all. but if that white man makes her happy more power to her however im still against it.Jessica to answer your question about the twins. I know children can’t pick their parents but im so sick of biracial people telling me that they don’t fit in with the black people or with the white people because they are biracial. I hear it all the time so where do biracial people fit in at.they don’t want to pick sides because they don’t want to hurt their i feel it’s better not to mix races because it confuses the kids.

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