Singer Brandy refers to her daughter Sy’Rai as her “Shinig Star.” Six-year-old Sy’rai is indeed a star,born to a singer and a music producer named Robert “Big Bert” Smith(pictured below).Robert and Brandy “married” in the summer of 2001 but their union did not become known until February 2002—the same month Norwood revealed that she was expecting her first child. wikipedia Check out FOREVERBRANDY to get the latest on Brandy and her latest ablbum.



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 1, 2008.


  1. Brany’s daughter is a cutie and so precious. Way to go mommy Brandy, I remember when I watched you on national TV and loved watching your show and now you’re all grown up and a mommy.

  2. She is pretty and Brandy still looks about 19. I can’t believe she’s 6 already.

  3. She is pretty!

  4. I watched her show to on MTV I tape it!

  5. Did her and the baby’s father really get married? I thought it was revealed that that was a lie.

    Her little girl is sooo cute.

  6. Syrai look just like Robert. she kinda favors Brandy also, it dont seem like shes 6 as another poster mentioned, time flies by so fast.

  7. Cute little girl…time sure flys!!

  8. Cutie…

  9. They were “Spritual Married” something like that mess!

    I fell in Love with her daughter’s name……Now I hear that name all the time. I remember watchin it on TV thinkin it is very pretty and different and no one has that name!

    Brandy started a new trend because alot of little girls has that name!

  10. I hope Brandy don’t put no perm in that child hair!

  11. She looks like Brandy!!! a little bit of Robert too.


  12. I think she takes after grandma the most, Brandy’s mom.

  13. That’s what I thought…thanks Joy. And I agree she does not need a perm right now.

  14. they were never legally married. sy’rai is so cute and has a wonderful personality…so full of energy and loving the spotlight.

  15. i dont think Brandy would be that crazy to put a perm in that little girls hair.

  16. she’s a cutie and she seems like a really spunky and fun child 🙂

  17. cute! 🙂

  18. she’s just as juicy! dang..has it been 6 yrs?!

  19. She is a cutie.

  20. She looks just like her dad and thats all i have to say!

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