Rapper Jay Z wants a family and soon.On Wednesday,the rapper was honored at the U.N. Global Leadership Awards Gala in NYC for his work in Africa:”I went to Africa, spent a couple weeks in Angola. A bunch of different places. That was the whole thing for me,” he said. “I’ve given to charities in the past and you close your eyes and cross your fingers and hope that the money gets there.With this I got to go to Africa, I got to see the water pumps, I got to touch it,” he went on. “I got to see the kids turn them on. Tonight, I don’t know what I’m doing here, I’m rewarded already.”

Unlike many of his celebrity friends who have adopted after traveling the continent,Jay Z wishes to have children of his own:”Most people I guess dream of having a family some day, so I’m just a regular American boy,” says Jay-Z . Jay Z and Beyonce married earlier this year according to many credible reporters.


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 2, 2008.

10 Responses to “JAYZ WANTS A FAMILY SOON”

  1. The reward is encouragement for you to do more charity. God blessed you to bless others. And yes B needs to have some babies.

  2. I can;t really picture Beyonce pregnant. Her or Mariah Carey.

  3. Aww, everything he said was sweet. I hope they start a family soon.

  4. Doesn’t he already have a child? If so he already has a child and should akready be experiencing fatherhood. It doesn’t start just because he’s NOW married.

  5. Candace: Since when does Jay Z have a child?

  6. He’s denied from day one being the father of that girl’s (from the Big Pimpin’) child. Supposedly, that was just a rumor.

  7. Hopefully they have a child one day. =D Hoepfully soon… JayZ isn’t a young one.

  8. Well bemeer in a couple you’ll see mariah hhaving a baby because her nick cannon anounced it……..


  10. You need to get some pics of the kid he made with that video hoe. He got a ready made family already. Dont 4get about that one Jay….. He look jus like you, but waaay better. Dont knock up that Knowles, that baby wont be as cute as JUelz.LOL

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