Miami Heat’s basketball player Alonzo Mourning has a new autobiography out titled “Resilience: Faith Focus, Triumph” with Dan Wetzel. In the book,Alonzo writes about the day that changed his life:the birth of his daughter Myka(pictured in 2000) and being diagnosed with focal glomerulosclerosis, a rare kidney disease. Alonzo writes:
My wife, Tracy, was pregnant with our second child, and part of the deal I made with her was that I could fulfill my dream of being an Olympian as long as I promised to make it back for the birth.
I tend to push things and believe everything will work out, so we had looked at the Olympic basketball schedule, found a couple of open days and decided to have the labor induced on a Saturday right in the middle of the games. That way, I could fly back to Miami with my mother- in- law and my first son, Trey, be at the birth, and then fly back to Australia and not miss a single game. USA Basketball was on board with the plan and NBC was even going to send a camera crew along. Nothing makes for great television like a new baby. It was all set.
But two days before the induction, the baby decided to come anyway. My wife started feeling labor pains and was in the shower singing to her, “Baby girl, wait for Daddy. Wait for Nana and your big brother.” By the time she got out of the shower, though, she knew she couldn’t wait. She called me and said, “Look, it’s time; it’s coming.” I dropped everything. We grabbed the next flight from Sydney to Los Angeles— fourteen hours in the air—and then jumped on a plane from L.A. to Miami, which is six more hours. The trip from L.A. came on the private jet of the owner of the Miami Heat; if he hadn’t been so gracious, we probably wouldn’t have made it.
That trip seemed to take forever. The last few hours, my wife was in the delivery room still singing to the baby to “wait for Daddy, wait for Daddy,” but it was getting close. We finally showed up, I went racing in and my wife was just bawling because she couldn’t believe we had made it. Within half an hour Myka Sydney—named after the town hosting the Olympics—was born.

It was one of the greatest moments of my life, holding this little baby girl in my big hands and gaining that immediate love that only being a parent can provide. I was so overwhelmed I forgot to even be tiredTalk about a whirlwind. I have so much faith in God, I never worried that I would miss the birth. It seemed perfectly reasonable to me that I arrived from the other side of the world, camera crew in tow, with twenty- five minutes to spare. We all spent a great night together and then, less than twenty-four hours after reaching Tracy, I headed back to Australia where I arrived just in time for the medal rounds. I was exhausted but managed to play well. We won the gold, and my lifelong dream was fulfilled.
I returned to Miami and a house with a newborn, which isn’t conducive to sleeping off jet lag. All things considered, I kept telling myself, I had every right to be tired.
I was being naïve, of course. This was more than jet lag. The truth is I had been fatigued all summer. Later my doctors couldn’t believe I was even walking around, let alone winning a gold medal. My cholesterol level alone was between 500 and 600.
I was fidgety and my muscles were taking on more water than usual. One day at the Olympics I was getting stretched out and my leg looked swollen. I pushed into the leg and it left an indentation. I said to the trainer, “What the heck is this?” He told me I needed to get it checked out. But still, I was so unconcerned I never even told Tracy about it. She was busy with the baby, anyway, and I just thought, this is nothing.

Back in Miami, I decided to go to the hospital for some tests. My agent, Jeff Wechsler, was driving when I passed out in the passenger seat. I had a temperature of 104. I was very weak and depleted. But it still didn’t dawn on me how sick I was. I wouldn’t allow myself to admit it.



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 3, 2008.


  1. I cant’t wait to buy this book for my son. God has truly blessed Ao and his family. I wish them the best.

  2. Cute baby and great experience to read about.

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