In this POST, actress Karyn Parsons,who played Hillary Banks on syndicated television show the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, says that it is hard being biracial in America:

“Well, it’s hard. When I saw Barack’s speech on race, I cried and I felt like, there’s the speech I’ve been wanting to write. I’ve been thinking about writing about race for a long time. It’s very interesting how we feel about each other in terms of race. When I’m around Black or White people, I’m always in the middle. Especially when I am around Black people; they will really tell how they feel about White people regardless of the fact that I’m also White and have White relatives. It’s very interesting and can be really hard.”

Karyn’s comments incited some very interesting conversations among readers. Here are a few comments from dedicated readers:

Ummm… It’s hard because you make it hard.

Whether it is race or culture, one has to surpass the other. There is no place for both. When you or your kids walk in the street, they are identified as black.

You are black whether you have a white mother or father.

I don’t see any problems there. Once you accept your blackness, there is no problem. To me only when people have a problem saying “I am black”, that is when things go wrong..


Cranberry, clearly you are not mixed. One can’t understand what it’s like to be biracial in America unless one is actually biracial… in America. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as the “one drop of black blood (makes one black)” rule would imply. That concept was a way to discourage whites from having sexual relationships with blacks, as many Caucasians (1) feared that race mixing would render the white race instinct and (2) thought that blacks were so inferior that they were unfit as mates to whites. By implementing the one drop rule, whites who chose to cross the color lines romantically had to deal with the fact that their children would not be accepted in white society nor be afforded all the benefits it had to offer. So, this in addition to all the other ways in which blacks were treated and generally regarded as inferior in America, kept blacks “in their place” and whites with whites.

Simply put, the one drop rule is a social construct, originating from slavery, that does not reflect reality. Actually, if you are born from one black parent and one white parent, you are of both races, to the exclusion of neither (for example, Cameron Diez refers to herself as mixed and is accepted as a Caucasian even though she is of Cuban and Caucasian descent; why should it be any differently when one is of part African American descent?). Actually, if you come from a white mother and were raised by her and her white family in a white neighborhood, you probably identify with the white race more than the black, even though you might be darker than your close kin. Yet, because of people like you Cranberry, that person would be told to “accept his/her blackness” by some, not regarded as black by others, and viewed as “just another white person” by still others. This makes for a very confusing situation, especially for young children.

So Cranberry, you should really read up on your history and have a heart-to-heart with some mixed folks before you make such insensitive remarks.


Well I happen to be “biracial” although I believe there is only one race–the human race. I identify as African-American because I was raised by my African-American mother. My father is Hispanic. Though at first glance people mistake me for Hispanic, even other Hispanics, when I inform them of my entire background they automatically then refer to me as black. I really don’t care because I don’t have a problem with being black or labeled as such. Just like I don’t mind when people mistake me for Hispanic. Race is a social concept with no truth in genetics. I do however clarify to people that because I was raised by my mother, culturally I am black. I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t know how to make Puerto Rican food. Blame my father.

I have no problem with what Karen Parsons said in the above interview, although just because she is biracial does not mean that African-Americans don’t have legitimate grievances against their white counterparts. Half of her family is white. That’s great. They may be the nicest, most race neutral people in the world, but she shouldn’t get upset if African-Americans express their legitimate grievances against those persons who have caused them harm. No intelligent, fair minded person–black or white–would argue that all “white people” are racists. So for her to get upset because some black people express legitimate grievances is unfair. Just because half of her family is white does not absolve or mitigate the racism African-Americans still experience in this country.

As for the notion, that biracial kids have it rough in America…I guess it depends on where you are raised and how much emphasis the parents put on race. I grew up in a somewhat diverse, middle-class neighborhood in the mid-west, although there were more blacks than whites. Because African-Americans are diverse in terms of skin tone and hair texture I never felt like the odd ball in my family or in my community. I have an aunt–my mother’s sister–who has less melanin than I do. She’s downright pale! Because my mother instilled in me at an early age the idea that we are a family first and foremost, I never had any identity problems. I never felt confused or like I didn’t belong. Some girls at school were nasty to me because of my hair, but other African-American girls with long hair got teased so I never took the insults too seriously. This is not to say that other biracial kids don’t have it rough. I’m sure some do. But I think it depends a lot on where you are raised, the racial make-up of the community you live in, and the emphasis your parents put on race. My mother was not naive to race, but she didn’t allow it to permeate every aspect of our lives. Despite our outward differences, we were and are a family first and foremost, dealing with the same life issues as any other family–education, health care, job security etc. Race is just an added layer, but if you don’t obsess about it I think you can avoid some of the identity problems.

Just my opinion.

~black is black.


  • The one-drop rule is a historical colloquial term in the United States that holds that a person with any trace of African ancestry is considered black unless having an alternative non-white ancestry which he or she can claim, such as Native American, Asian, Arab, or Australian aboriginal.(wikipedia)

BCK Says: Let it be known that BCK does not believe in the one-drop rule. A person who is of mixed ancestry is exactly that:mixed. However,as long as any celebrity kid has a percentage of African ancestry in him,he or she will be featured on this site. On that note,do you believethat certain classifications(i.e, the one drop rule) make it hard for people like Karyn Parsons to live in America?


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 4, 2008.


  1. As a non African American black I don’t understand why there is so much fuss. In most countries biracials who look black or who were rasied by blacks identify with that side. And visa versa. Biracials who are raised with white family and look mixed often identify with both sides. Those who look mixed and who are raised by white and black family members probably see the one drop rule as backwards.

  2. The one drop rule is idiotic and has no legitimate basis except for racial division.
    What you are made up of genetically is what you are. If you are mixed half black and half white you are that. Not black. If people really want to go by the one drop rule then the number of blacks in the world would go up considerably as a lot of people from other races have a drop of black blood.

    My child is half black and half white. He identifies as black, not because I TOLD HIM HE HAS TO but because he is raised by myself and is only around us his black family. He has never been around his white relatives, his father’s family is supposedly racist and therefor do not even know he exists. How ever I digress that is another story.
    My child looks mixed. Most people assume that he has Hispanic ancestry, he does not. When he was a baby people assumed that he was my friends baby or if I was alone thought I was baby sitting.

    I also think that the fact that when you fill out forms pertaining to race and it states that you MUST choose ONE, and there is no category for biracial, it is really disheartening. I believe it is a not so suttle way of letting biracial people feel un accepted by the powers that be. Karen Parson’s as much as she wants to feel bad for her white side, is a little ridiculous because white people will not ever accept her as white. That is their way of thinking. Until she realizes that she will continue to feel she has it hard. I been told many times by my white friends this fact, they do not accept mixed black and white people as white or into their community as we blacks do.

    It’s very interesting that in Europe this issue isn’t the same as it is here in the States.

    I think what one identifies as is completely different than what one is made up of genetically. Black Americans should not allow what delusional
    racist white men came up with hundreds of years ago to dictate to them who is black. No one should allow that. White people are not God, they didn’t create this world, although I bet some of them think they did.

  3. I meant to type I have been told by many of my white friends and even my child’s white teacher(who was a total @#$% by the way)that white people do not accept mixed black and white people as white.

  4. Agreed Deb, that’s the thing that needs to be killed I remember when the whole fuss was made over Tiger Wood’s caubl…..can’t remember how to spell it. But We accept him as black because that’s what we know black to be. In other words, black folks don’t look like Tiger mixed folks do.

    I personally don’t take issue if Tiger wanted to call himself black nor do I feel any of us can 100% identify with one group of people. However the whole one drop rule needs to die. Mixed races of people are growing up with blended cultures and therefore should represent that. Unfortunately to do that as someone who’s mixed with black and anything else, will be viewed as a sell out and one who hates their “black half”.

  5. What I notice about people is how they treat others & myself. If you are a good person, citizen, etc., then it shouldn’t matter what color your skin is.

    If a person doesn’t treat his/her fellow humans well, then he/she shouldn’t expect any better ’til he/she changes his/her ways. How people are treated by one another is what should count. (I know this is very simplistic but this world would be such a better place to live in if it were that way.) I mean, we’re all human beings, for Pete’s sake!

    And celebrate the differences—this would be a boring world if we were all the same.

  6. Wow. Marla, how beautiful it was to read your post. You truly got your point across effectively and intelligently. Such a pleasant change from the majority of yo, dis, and dat remarks.

  7. I am mixed & agree that the “one drop” rule does make it …. less pleasant to live in the US. Everything seems to be about race; it’s very sad.

  8. The “race box” on applications should be removed IMO. Like someone above said, we are all of the human race; color shouldn’t matter.

  9. Blue I agree check this out.

    The primary difference in skin color between blacks and whites is however a minor genetic difference accounting for just one letter in 3.1 billion letters of DNA.

    Everything in life is what you make it. If you make race an issue it will be. If it doesn’t matter to you one way or another then you are own your way to self acceptance. If you focus your attention on the things you can change for the better in your life and change them, instead of the things we can’t change like the color of our skin your life and the people that surround you will be better for it.

  10. Who cares? I accept people as people. Until we get rid of this, “I’m black, biracial, white, whatever, we will continue to be divided. I don’t care what people call themselves. However, I live in a town that has tons of black men/white women/biracial kids, and what I’ve noticed is some of them have a sense of superiority – a sense of “I’m better than a ‘full black’ person syndrome.” I’ve never looked at anyone, white, black, Latino, etc, as better than I. I’m a black female and I’m proud of that. Some biracial people (even in my family) may be called black, and they get highly insulted, however, if some are mistaken for white, I doesn’t quite seem to be a big deal. Anyway, call yourself what you want. It makes not one bit of difference to me whatsoever. I judge a person by the content on their heart and not their outward appearance.

  11. The problem comes because blacks are still divided and have a chip on their shoulder! cranberry stated problems come when someone doesn’t state themselves as black. but thats not true because a biracial person if they say are black they are lying to themselves because they aren’t. but blacks take this offensively like oh you’re denying your truth self! but its funny because if they do say oh i’m black aren’t they denying another part of themselves? and only blacks get all crazy when a biracial person claims one side if a biracial person says to a white person oh i’m black they aren’t going to get all crazy like a black person will if a biracial person says i’m white.

  12. blacks want to claim everyone and also i think part of it is you have white in you and many blacks hate that or are jealous so they want to see you claim black even if you don’t look it, it makes blacks proud. Me as an african american woman I never knew black people felt so inferior until I started dating a white man. A heard things about mixed children I’ve never heard before. I think things are shifting and not for the better. My best friend was talking about mixed people and was saying how her family told her sister who is mixed and looks white that she would be able to get a job first and have a better education because she had white in her. In older days children who were mixed were praised and now I think that has changed many people want to bring down mixed people because of that, being envious having that chip on their shoulder. Now mixed kids are ugly and better claim themselves as black or you’re white washed and taking your white side and think you’re white!

  13. Teri I know the attitude you are speaking of. We should also remember’ black people are still dealing with years of slavery and opression.

  14. MARLA= Loveddddddd your statment about the whole ordeal.

    MIA=I agree with you.

    It’s a crazy thing people make a big fuss about. People of all the different ethnicities make fuss over race and whatnot.

  15. I’m not biracial but I can understand Karyn’s feelings regarding being biracial. You always hear that you have to pick ONE race and be done with it. But how do you pick just one race when you’re not just one race. People were all over Tiger Woods when he said he was Caublasian…folks missed the part when he said he made this word up when he was a child and second how can he just say he’s African American when his mother is Asian. He would be clearly denying his mother and part of who he is. I just feel people who come from a mixed background should be able to express all of who they are and not be forced to just pick one.

  16. Get over it. Race is a socially constructed concept that has no basis in biology! Do not let others define you! Peace.

  17. from my understanding, its not a problem of blacks accepting biracial children its the whites. if you are biracial, whites have a harder time accepting it. always has been always will be. you are not seen as “pure”. where as the black race has been mixed down so many times we accept everyone

  18. Mia you sure don’t sound black with all those ignorant generalizations you’re making about black people. Have you not heard of slavery and the years of segregation in this country? Those two major events have a lot to do with why some of us feel rejected when a clearly mixed person denies their “blackness”. With all that we’ve been through as Black people, some of us are still a little sensitive maybe even a little paranoid when it comes to race relations. You sound extremely ignorant coming out of your face the way you did.

    And I agree with Karin Parsons. Being bi-racial is hard in this country. But I certainly don’t think it’s only Black people that make it hard for them. Do we have to be the scape goats for everything wrong? I’m not buying that ish!

  19. In Europe dark biracials such as Mel B are called black by whites and blacks beacuse thats how they look. But at the sametime no one denies their white parent.

  20. Even Australia, did u know that d real owners and natives are Blacks!. They stole their land just as other natives in North America. If u think Native Americans are suffering, then u have to visit Australia and see real suffering, they dont go to skool, they are not supposed to get out of their reserve to where other whites are, otherwise they’ll be molested!. Do they report any of these in ur news? welcome 2 d world of d white man!. U say u know we need to forget d past and forgive, yes do so, just dont ever fall into d trap of a white man cos they’ll always take whatever they want. They just support us like their partners cos they know if u make money, they will enjoy it too!. Have u ever wondered why it is that when there is real competition btw Blacks and whites like sports, Blacks always win, cos they cant really stop u there if they wanna make money!. Also watch The salon and read books(non white), and u’ll also find iut that Blacks contributed a lot to thids country like car engines, air condition, traffic light, toilet, bicycles, etc. Dont let white people affect ypur mentality please, cos they are really succeeding 4r d most part..

    I actually think white people should be ashamed of not only their colorless/ leprosy complexion, but also of their origin and everything else about them!.

    In conclusion: we are also at fault too if we dont like our men/women, then maybe we should get involved with Educated Native Americans, or maybe even well to do Mexicans that can actually think beyond food (just kidding), or other colored people apart 4rm asians and east indians!.

  21. @BCKRR>>>Yes, you are absolutely right. I cosign that as well.

    I cosign 100% with Tanisha and Katrina. This Mia chick sounds like a ignorant, raggedy person posing as a black woman. If she is black, she’s tragic, in my opinion. She needs to get over herself. Like I mentioned, I could care less what biracial people call themselves and I don’t need to “claim” them.

  22. JAY=I agree with you as well. Biracial/Triracial/Multiracial people should be able to express EVERYTHING that they are. Not just the part(s) that shows more and people think they should pick.

  23. You know, in the scheme of things, who cares how biracial people consider themselves. So they express everything they are? And??? So what? Does that make them “better” than any other human being? As quiet as it’s kept, most of us are mixed with something. It appears to me that some biracial people want to “confess” all they are because they feel they are superior or somehow their racial mixtures make them above everyone else or that they will be more endearing to white folks. Trust me, I have biracial people in my family, and that my consensus. I, as a black woman, have NEVER considered them anything other than what they are – human beings. I even read where a biracial chick said they are superior because they are immune to certain diseases. What tha??? Suz, the reality is that if they look black, that’s what they are considered, like it or not.

  24. News reporters and the press continue to call Barack obama black even after he wrote in his book to the whole world he had a white parent. Its something he doesn’t seem to have a problem with. Unlike some of the biracial people Terri was refering to earlier. There are also thousand of biracial people who only identify as white. But thats there choice and business.

  25. @ bckrr and Teri, i feel u guyz. My advice is dont bother urselves!, their mentality needs more work than u know!. The white man has almost succeeded!.

  26. Cosign Teri!

  27. I think Mia is a poser too. I was looking at her wording and there are certain phrases that make her very suspect to me such as “blacks have a chip on their shoulder” and referring to black people as “blacks” and saying she didn’t know we all felt inferior???????

    Or maybe it’s just what you said Teri, Mia is tragic!

  28. Tanisha, you are just plain ignorant. Only whites have a problem accepting mixed kids?? By saying that you are generalizing a race. Isn’t that something blacks claim only happen them? Do you enjoy it when it does? Then don’t do it to others, it shows what a fool you are.

  29. @ jespen: I agree. I’ve seen in both races acceptance & rejection of mixed children.

    But just as an aside–where I live in the south, I’ve seen more white people w/ mixed children than I have black.

  30. Teri, you sound bitter and the people who cosign are probably bitter too. You reduce the plight of mixed people to merely what they call themselves, which shows you aren’t comprehending the interplay of various issues involved here (the most obvious being that of race and self identity).

    Further, if you truely didn’t care, why comment to begin with? What if a light skinned mixed person were to tell dark skinned people to get over their issues? Would that be as well received by the black community? I don’t think it would. But why?

  31. Not buying it, I think you are being judgemental. I cosigned with Teri on the attitude of some mixed people. I didnot generalize all since I don’t know all. My other comments were about the way the media and press see some dark biracial people. Just as white biracials like Heather Locklear and Gabreille Reece are seen as white.

  32. Notice, I used the term “probably.” If it don’t apply, let it fly.

  33. All of this tragic mulatto crap is tiring. The premise behind the one drop rule is false, but so is the premise behind race altogether. So if we’re trying to get to TRUTH, biracial is just as insulting. Your parents aren’t from 2 species so why do you need to identify as both. This is not about “parental denial” and frankly that argument is narcissistic. IF you are so desperate for you children to identify themselves through you, perhaps you should NOT mix with someone from another race-or even from another family, lol. Race is a social construct that we need to be trying to DEconstruct. Using labels like biracial is simply adding to the screwed up concept that somehow we are different anyway. This chick needs to stop complaining cuz she sure didn’t mind playing a black girl on Fresh Prince. Where was her angst then? Her problems are mostly in her head. And ofcourse, she has to point out the black people are her main problem. Wake up ya’ll this biracial movement is nothing but white supremacy in a new form. Often the Black parents of these kids have messed up racial concepts and pass them along to their children.

  34. We recognize she was ACTING correct? That argument is just as weak as saying why did Halle portray a crack addict if she didn’t want to be regarded as one in real life. Pls come stronger than that.

    Also, there is no deconstructing the fallacy of race by merely denying one part of one’s culture. To truely deconstruct, one would have to abstain from the notion of race altogether. Question: Kizzy, do you reply “I am of the human race” when asked what race you are on an application? I didn’t think so.

    Yes, race is a social construct. But that doesn’t negate it’s relevancy; after all, many things are social constructs. The idea that you live in the United States and are an American is a mere social construct.

    As long as race remains relevant in our world I’ll be checking the multiracial box because that’s what I am.

  35. 1. If this was just “acting”, then why couldn’t a white actress do it? Or why have we yet to see her play a role in a white sitcom as a member of their “monoracial” family? Oh that’s right, it’s not that simple, so perhaps YOU should come stronger than that. Yes, the PERSONA was acting, but she cannot ACT her appearance. Using your logic, a man should be able to play a wife and mother with everyone dissociating their past idea of what a man physically looks like from what they see. Interesting logic. You are what you look like in this society, and if she wants to reinforce her otherness perhaps she shouldn’t allow her otherness to be associated in the media with blackness. But I guess her logic is tossed out the window when moeny is involved. Big difference between playing a crackhead and “playing black”.

    2. I have ENVER advocated for the denial of culture. But I’m sorry, white is not a culture, and black is NOT a culture. They are social races. IF she were of French descent and spoke french and all that mess…fine. Be a black OR white French-American. Big difference. If a Black person has a parent from Jamaica and a parent from America, they may be bicultural (which very FEW people are) not biracial. The terms are not interchangeable. Culture does not equal race. Do I say I am of the human race? No. Because Black functions distinctly from white in this country. And until they no longer need to function, then I will HAVE to use it. I can say I’m human all I want, but if I’m not white and don’t benefit from whiteness, than no matter what I say or how I rationalize my heritage/identity, I am Black. PERIOD. In order to move away from deconstructing that fallacy you don’t keep adding to it with new logic and new terms. Look at Brazil. They have 50 racial categories and more racism (overt and covert) than they know what to do with. Biracialism is not a solution. Biracialism doesn’t function in a way that is unique from blackness or whiteness. It’s simply racial leverage for those who see a benefit in scientific racism and it’s something I want no part of. I don’t respect fence riders.

  36. KIzzy please go sit down. First, mixed actresses have acted in roles that were made for white women. Halle Berry in “A Rich Man’s Wife” is only one example of this. Secondly, race oftentimes connotes culture. So while those terms cannot necessarily be used interchangeably, they can both have relevance in any given scenario. From what you’ve written it’s clear you consider yourself black and because of that you have embraced what you have before denounced as a mere social construct: race, thereby destroying the premise to your original argument.

    Why do you care what multiracial people classify themselves as? Biracial people are different; we look different and are genetically different. We are neither but all. Accept that. If you don’t… that’s your issue.

  37. I’m sorry Sara Jane, but my name is not Kizzy. Secondly, let me reiterate that the context of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air highlights a BLACK wealthy family, in which REFERENCES to Blackness and a Black identity were made on several occasions. In A Rich Man’s Wife I don’t recall ANY overt references throughout the movie that led me to believe the character was SUPPOSED to be white other than the prior knowledge that this is usually the intent. Again, I find it amazing that you don’t see (or won’t admit) the difference. Like I said, when Halle or Karyn show up on a white show with a white husband and obviously white kids, LET ME KNOW, lmao. When money is involved tragic mulattoes tend to not be so tragic after all.

    Secondly, race does NOT connotate culture. I suggest you read up on that, because in that case I better not hear anyone who is black call themselves anything but African and anyone white call themselves anything other than European and even THAT would be problematic seeing that those places are multicultural. It’s a great big world out there, I suggest you visit it. Relevance and interchangeability do NOT an argument/logic make, and are NOT the same thing. Funny I’ve ran into THREE White Jamaicans in the last month-I suppose in your world they’re black. I’m bicultural because I speak 2 languages and have parents of 2 backgrounds, but I am not half cow and half sheep, so I’m not “biracial”. And I don’t buy into this new idea that race is about self identification and pleasure for the sake of “racial accuracy”. And if you “choose” to do so, stick to it at all times, not just when your acting roles start to dry up, lol.

    Also, the premise of my original argument hasn’t been destroyed because if you were one to read for comprehension, you would know that I said these labels are imposed on me and FUNCTION in my society regardless of what I say or do. It is not a choice, therefore they HAVE to identify with it and understand it in order to function and in the case of Black Americans-SURVIVE. Hopefully this isn’t too far over your head, but where would Black people be if they didn’t? And until they no longer function, I will use it as a description of what I am AND what I am not (White and privileged by whiteness). Who in the history of America has CHOSEN RACE? Nobody except white people who benefit from it and now the “biracial” people who want to legitimize it’s construction. The same way I don’t believe in gender inequality, yet I HAVE to on some level identify with the construction of femininity because no matter what, it will be imposed. This is one of the advantages Blacks historically in this country have over many Afro Latinos historically-and understanding of what race is, and where they fall into that system. Not some Octoracial system that inevitably still subjugates folks that look like they came from Africa and those who lean towards it.

    NOW I see where your stupidity comes from. Please look into the issue of race and genetics so you will see that race is NOT genetic and biracial people are NOT genetically unique-AT ALL. That’s why you have “biracial people” or people with significant Euro ancestry that look like Don Cheadle and people with Significant African ancestry that look like Mariah Carey. Genetics is a crap shoot for all people, you’ve just bought into your own hype. In fact, “biracial” people are no more genetically unique than a person who’s parents are from two different parts of Africa-the most genetically diverse continent. So the idea that you just flipped the script on man-kind cuz your momma is white just isn’t flying with modern scientist. Which is why most hospitals and medical forms STILL don’t have multiracial boxes….they know the deal. It’s also why the federal government edits the census of those who check multiple boxes and gives them 1 racial class….they also know the deal. I see you aren’t strong in the sciences, and that’s okay. But the idea that race is genetic has been dead for damn near 60 years. How can you be neither but all? I know it sounds philosophically whimsical, but it’s just STUPID. And frankly, if I haven’t mentioned it before I’ll mention it now-people can call themselves what they like and I can respect their right as human beings, but I CERTAINLY don’t have to agree with it or support it and in this case (among others) I don’t. Like I said, get yourself a passport and go to China or Zaire-witness true genetic diversity.

    And if it’s my issue, why are you clearly bothered by my opinion?

  38. Kizzy your rant is too long. I shall read it later and comment, when I have time. But, from the length of it, I can tell you’re truely bitter about all the options mixed people have, in Hollywood and beyond. Believe me, I understand. We can have our cake and eat it too sometimes, and it makes others who don’t have that option jealous. Sorry for ya.

    Until next time…:)

  39. Still waiting for a reply =)???

  40. Sara Jane, since you’ve made it obvious you can’t read and certainly can’t respond to all that knowledge I just dropped on your tragic mulattoness, I will accept your thinly veiled attempt to bow out gracefully and allow OTHERS to learn from what I wrote. That’s why I love public forums. It just ain’t about you. Don’t front like you didn’t read what I wrote, it’s ok boo.

    And so called “mixed” people don’t have options Sara Jane, that’s why your ass is in here complaining about my little ole opinion. Just ask the future first African American president in the U.S. He was smart enough to recognize the facade when he was a teenager. It’s folks like you that still don’t get it. When he can call himself a white man without anyone blinking twice, then I’ll believe he has “options”.

    I would love to here more about these options though, lol. Entertain me.

  41. Izzy , it’s great to see someone else set “Not Buying Blacks” straight. He/she/it’s tragic azz never fails to beat that tired “mixed -conundrum” drum.

  42. Tragic Kizzy, sorry I was out enjoying life this weekend, while you were obviously pining for my attention. I’m back now, have no fear:-)

    As for your movie claim, try Paula Patton on for size. She was in a few movies where she was a crossover character. Again for you to truely comprehend what I’m saying here you must keep in mind that I think mixed people are just that, mixed. Not black, nor white. Paula was recognized as a mixed person (if not white) in Deja Vu, as her father in that movie was caucasian. In Mirrors, she had a white son and a white husband. I think I’ve debunked your myth of mixed people being cast as only blacks in movies. So, let’s move on, shall we?

    As for your claim that race does not connote culture, you’re simply wrong. Blacks tend to eat different foods, speak differently and value different things than whites in America. All of those things, and more, comprise one’s culture. If you think differently, just go to your white brethren and ask him or her who she’ll be voting for in November and see if you get a reply. Then go to a black person and ask the same question. Most likely the white person will not divulge this information; yet, the black person will most likely give you a response. Why? CULTURE.

    Look, I can go on; but, really why should I? I have no vested interest in enlightening you. This is your life. Believe what you want. You sound like an angry dark skinned troll who is jealous just like Jessie Jackson. Oh, and speaking of Obama. He’s had more success than any other black politician, and do you think it’s coincidental that he’s mixed? Perhaps. But, then again, perhaps its his mixed heritage that makes him more palatable to the average American.

    I love being mixed:-)

  43. From a non bias point of view, some people say race mixing eliminates racism. But the reality is it only rids some racism and blends some cultures together. There are some biracial and triracial people who are more racist; and have more complexes than both whites and blacks. And there are blacks who are envious of biracials because whites are more accepting of them. Similar to the hate and envy seen in some black families where dark skinned members are hated by light skinned and visa versa.
    Not buying it, I believe if Colin Powell had ran for president he would have much of the success as Obama. For no other reason than him being a good canidate to blacks and whites,not because he is black man with 2 immigrant parents.

  44. to BCC: FYI-Colin Powell is a mixed man of part Scottish descent, which attributes to his very fair skin.

  45. Not buying it, My point is Colin Powell doesnt have a white parent and a black parent like Barack Obama. I saw them of his biography; they both obviously have black genes. Also do you think Jesse Jackson is pure African? I am not against biracial identity but the fact remains that men such as Jesse Jackson; Louis Farrakan more than likely have white or native indian ancestry. Both of whom are not like by whites.

  46. Umm Paula NEVER plaid a white woman’s role. She plaid a role that was UNSPECIFIED, hence crossover capability. I don’t see why this is hard! How old are you? Just like Halle in the Rich Man’s Wife (since you STILL don’t get it), NONE of those roles implicitly or explicitly called for a white woman. The inclusion of her in a movie with a white husband is no different than the inclusion of Naomi Harris in 28 Das Later or Angela Bassett with Robert DeNiro in The score. Again, this is VERY different from Karyn “playing black” because that’s the only way she gets acting roles. The role called for a black woman with 2 black parents and black brothers and sisters (which resembled the least). None of Paula’s roles were race specified. So what the child in her latest movie was “white”? (mind you dark haired and arguably ethnic looking) That’s what might happen if she has a child with a white man, sort of like Garcelle or ANY OTHER BLACK WOMAN. “Crossover roles” fundamentally mean that someone of ANY color could play that character because no reference to race is made. That was NOT the case in Fresh Prince of BelAir. Try again Sara Jane. You REALLY need to step your analytical game up.

    Now you’ve proven you’re also a racist. Blacks eat different foods? Lemme guess, fried chicken and corn bread, right? LMAO. After all WHITE SOUTHERNERS don’t eat that, right? You’re a mess. “Talk differently”?? There are linguistic variations among whites regionally and economically? They ALL Still speak SOME form of American English that is spoken NO WHERE but AMERICA. Different Values? I’m gonna let you explain that one. We live in a society with the SAME economic system-trust our values are THE SAME. But I’d love to hear your racist take on this. All of these “Cultural differences” are still fundamentally AMERICAN values. Only idiots see it otherwise. Also, Obama can’t win an election without the white vote, so sit down somewhere. MY white bretheren have Obama stickers on their smart cars and share my values. Yeah, some don’t. But SOME do. Surprise! And disclosure isn’t culture-specific honey, it’s circumstancial. You basically implied that ALL white people will react the same, so much for biracial objectivity, lmao.As I said, please get a passport and travel so you can see how nonsensical you are.

    You clearly have “vested” the last few days in TRYING (and failing) to enlighten us, but you’ve ended up exposing your lack of knowledge. And since I disagree with you, you’ve asserted that you MUST know my complexion and know my temperment. I can see how your strand of logic operates, and no wonder you’re so mad folks in here aren’t buying your crap. You call me bitter, yet YOU started off by disrespecting ME. I love this hypocrisy. Obama’s success is *contextual* and yet to truly be seen. How can you call him the most successful black, when plenty others have SUCCESSFULLY achieved what they set out to achieve? Clarence Thomas-success. Colin Powel-success. Coincidental? Hardly. Just like Martin Luther King was no coincidence. Nor was Condoleeza rice’s. And just like his knowledge of race led him to call himself a BLACK man and not a tragic mulatto was no coincidence. You *think* he’s palatable because of his hertage? I doubt it. His heritage hasn’t convinced the majority of white America (who statistically favor McCain) to believe in him. So child, stop. Unlike the tragedies that whine about their race all day, he is more than his mother and father’s heritage. And most people with BRAINS understand that. I know you love being mixed….mixed up. I hope you unscramble yourself one day.

  47. Thanks guess who. I’m glad people see some of this biracial rhetoric for what it is-white supremacy in a knew form.

  48. Not buying it, Colin Powell has never identified as anything other than black. So if you’re trying to imply that fair skinned blacks have it easier-that’s another discussion. One that many would challenge you on. Clarence has also been a conservative favorite. Are you gonna bring up his Irish Great Grandmother? ALL of those men have been marginalized or politicized by their blackness on SOME level. You diminish the qualifications and integrity of these men when you assume their main asset is their “somewhat whiteness”. Very old school.

  49. Poor Izzy, your glib remarks are nothing short of boring. You make so many baseless points that it would be difficult for me to dispell them without writing an even bigger novel than you have above. Which I refuse to do because again I have no vested interest in your enlightenment.


    Say it loud, I’m mixed and I’m proud:-)

  50. I meant Kizzy…hehe

  51. Sara Jane, I type fast-what can I say, lmao? It doesn’t take but 2 minutes and half a thought to correct your stupidity. Thanks for proving what I already knew, you have no argument. And if race equals culture, you need to see about those Blacks in India or the Black Chinese in South Africa.
    For everyone else reading-you all got my basic point. Cree Summer played a Black biracial girl in A Different World. Her “biracialness” was reinforced by the things she said and the family they showed on TV. She didn’t just start whining about her “mixedness” being marginalized when she was out of work. Karyn, like Sara Jane and many of the other tragedies that followed is a hallow whiner.

    So you had time to *read* my response AND comment, but you just can’t comment on…the comment? LMAO. Girl, you so smart! LOL.

  52. BTW, if you have no vested interest….why have you pretty much responded to EVERY other person in this thread???? Hypocrite AND a fence rider. It must be lonely out there.

  53. To Kizzy:

    I see you missed me again; I’m back (but only momentarily).

    Again, your arguments are wack and they completely miss the mark. I thought we were talking about black and white people in America, not abroad. But, apparently you unilaterally took it there. Again, black Americans have cultures that are unique to them (although some don’t subscribe either consciously or subconsciously). Our conversations of course have to be in general terms, as there is no statement that will hold true for an entire group of people. If you disagree, that’s your OPINION.

    And as for your claims that I need to travel, sweetheart please. I’ve had a passport for years and just got back from Paris a little bit ago. You don’t know me, so don’t make a fool of yourself by making such assumptions. Just because you think your OPINION is golden, doesn’t mean everyone else will. I disproved your point about Hollywood with the Paula Patton example; but, you want to skate around that. Ok. You can state that kid looks ethnic all you want. Point is, she had a white husband and a white child (regardless of his hair color…lol). Fact is, Paula P and other mixed actresses have more options in Hollywood and can choose being black, mixed or white on the big and small screens (if their features allow it). That’s no big secret. But, again Bitter Kizzy, if you disagree that’s your choice. I couldn’t care less.

    Anyways, I’m bored with talking to you and I have way more important things that I need to be doing with my time.

    By Kizzy.

  54. Let me start by thanking you for vesting a little more interest in lil ole me:

    Again, you have yet to address these cultural values that are unique to Black Americans ONLY and practiced by all. You’ve already implied that race and culture are virtually synonymous, but you have yet to explain how or why YOU think Black and White Americans are culturally different-especially since (as I pointed out) they live under the same economic and social systems. I already explained to you why they aren’t, but you thought that post was too long and you had too much to do to respond (but you’re still here, lmao). I’m waiting…

    Girl, please. Who HASN’T gone to Paris? Lmao. That’s the first and usual place every American says they been when they want to sound “cultured”. That’s like saying you know America cuz you went to NY for a week. Lightweight.
    Plus, you never responded to ANY of my other points, and apparently other people in this thread see what a joke you are too. If Karyn doesn’t want to be called Black, stop pretending to be black when you think it pays, then whining about it later. IF you think I skated around that response, I’ll post it again:

    Umm Paula NEVER plaid a white woman’s role. She plaid a role that was UNSPECIFIED, hence crossover capability. I don’t see why this is hard! How old are you? Just like Halle in the Rich Man’s Wife (since you STILL don’t get it), NONE of those roles implicitly or explicitly called for a white woman. The inclusion of her in a movie with a white husband is no different than the inclusion of Naomi Harris in 28 Days Later or Angela Bassett with Robert DeNiro in The score. Again, this is VERY different from Karyn “playing black” because that’s the only way she gets acting roles. The role called for a black woman with 2 black parents and black brothers and sisters (which resembled the least). None of Paula’s roles were race specified. So what the child in her latest movie was “white”? (mind you dark haired and arguably ethnic looking) That’s what might happen if she has a child with a white man. How is that any different from Garcelle Beauvais ANY OTHER BLACK WOMAN with white looking kids. “Crossover roles” fundamentally mean that someone of ANY color could play that character because *no reference to race is made*. That was NOT the case in Fresh Prince of BelAirm where they were supposed to be black. Try again Sara Jane. You REALLY need to step your analytical game up.

    See you again real soon Tragica Mulatta-I know you can’t help it. PS, last I checked, Paula called herself a Black woman. Take that up with her…

  55. Someone’s gotta pay attention to you; so I’ll do it, for now. But, not for long.

    As for Karyn, I say to her, pretend she’s black when it pays. Scoop those roles up as well as roles that other ethnicities could play. I don’t think she was mad about taking that role at all; you completely miss the point. Yet again.

    And as for my vacation choices… well I couldn’t care less what you think of them. You sound very out of touch with reality (and probably yours) by saying that everyone gets the opportunity to travel to Europe. I refuse to run down the list of my excursions. You’re a virtual nobody; so why should I? But, trust I’ve been to places you probably could only dream of going.

    Traggic mulatto, I’m not. Beautiful mulatto, for sure. And believe me, I laugh all the way to the bank like Karyn and others similarly situated.

    Alright Kizzy, go do something with yourself. Instead of fantasizing that you’ve won a virtual debate; go work. I don’t want to find out my tax dollars are going to pay for your light bill.

  56. Welcome back Sara Jane…

    At least you’ve conceded my point about Karyn, she’s a racial mercenary and as I said-be what you want, but I don’t have to respect it, and don’t whine when others follow my line of thinking. NOW YOU’RE getting it.

    As for your “vacation choices”, like I said, get a passport, interact with people who aren’t like you. I can tell by your definition of race and culture that you really have no idea how define them. And don’t you find it interesting that you’re paying SO much attention to a virtual nobody. You consistently contradict yourself. Don’t worry about my dreams, stick to the content of my posts (which I’ve noticed you have yet to address).

    Yes. You laugh to the bank like Karyn (when was the last time she worked, lmao). Awesome. Describe your “wealth” to a virtual nobody online lmao. I believe you girl…you so well traveled! And BTW, the most successful blacks in Hollywood call themselves blacks. Maybe a few years and a few experiences under your belt will help you understand what you’re clearly mixed up about.

    You’re obviously very hostile to the idea that everyone doesn’t conceptualize the world the way you do-including people “like you”. Get over it. Like me and most folks on this thread have stated several times, you’re creating your own drama and I don’t respect it.

    Now here is where you claim you’re going to post ONE last time, and start rambling about how wonderful your life is and how you don’t have time to post….while you post. Enjoy!

  57. Alright, Kizzy this is the last time I’m going to address you because for one you’re delusional. You’ve not read or comprehended any of my past posts (and I refuse to reiterate points I’ve already made). On top of that, you’re very one track minded, as you consistently deem your OPINIONS as facts.

    Let’s take your claim that I’m hostile towards the idea of mixed people claiming to be black, for instance. I have absolutely no problem with any mixed person claiming to be black. And never have I said that I do. What I have taken issue with is black people forcing their views on mixed people. I know what I am and everyone else is put on this earth to find who they are, and I’m comfortable with that.

    As far as Karyn, I’ll let you count her bank account; but I’m sure its longer than yours as her few endeavers were quite profitable (success that, from the sounds of it, you’ll never be able to obtain… for one you’re one of the most unlikeable people I’ve come across online). But, again that’s neither here nor there. You love to dwell on the irrelevant; unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t have time to.

    You sound very young and naive to think that if one were to be well traveled they would hold your opinions as true. I am proof of that fallacy, for I disagree with almost every sloppy point you’ve asserted on this board. In fact, I’m inclined to believe your a teeny bopper from your naivete. And so I’m disengaging myself from this conversation, a convo that is going nowhere fast.

    And now, I leave you in your eternal misery. Smootches Kizzy.

  58. Here’s my question-if you DO NOT have a problem, why are you sitting her arguing with EVERYONE? Our opinions conflict, yet you’ve decided to try to prove (unsuccessfully) that you’re right by saying culture is synonymous with race (wrong) and that you are genetically different (wrong). What exactly have you said that made ANY SENSE? You’re literally arguing for the heck of it, and you’re mad that I have the time to call you out on your BS. Sorry boo, just sit back and take it. I disagree with you and most importantly your LOGIC. That won’t change.

    You just told me not to judge you, and yet you’re assuming that I’m not and cannot be successful. Reinforcing your hypocritical nature. I’m not going to tell you about my trip to Paris (lmao), imma let you believe what you like. As far as being unlikeable, YOU seem to be the agitator in this thread…the common denominator. Not me. I see you also lack the ability to be self reflective. Not good. This is your THIRD time saying you don’t have time….but here you are =). Need I go on? Take a stand, STICK to it. That’s been a reoccurring theme in my posts here.

    Sara Jane, I pray in these hard times you actually do get to interact with different kinds of people, and more importantly RECENT scientific literature. You KNOW you’re wrong and you’re ACTING like it. As I said before, I await your “final response”. When you show me where 1. Race is genetic and 2. Culture equates to race I might decide you aren’t as stupid as everyone has witnessed.

    Awaiting your response, lmao….

  59. Oh and this is for anyone who use the term tragic mulatto. I haven’t met any tragic mulattos but I have met a lot of tragic sistahs who refuse to leave the house without their cancer inducing relaxers and/or weaves, wigs and hair extensions. And don’t forget those who bleach their skin. They’re all tragic (and I’m sure Kizzy is among them), as they can’t accept themselves for who they are.

    Now that’s sorry, sad and truely tragic.

  60. LMAO, you couldn’t even wait an hour to forfeit your busy schedule and come back with your generalizations. Tragic mulatto indeed. And since I like to think at a more analytical level, it amazes me that tragic mulattos love to point to black women as the source of all these pathologically anti-black. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a wave of sistas going natural and ESPECIALLY rockin’ dreads. Moving AWAY from the white supremacist views of themselves. That’s called progress. No longer begging white people to accept them…not even half of them. So yeah, you see that with SOME black women. You see it with white ones and “mulatto” ones too. In fact, ain’t seen a single “mulatto” woman in Hollywood who doesn’t use a flat iron or straight out try to BE white (Nicole Richie, Carol Channing, Jennifer Beil). Please go to bed, you sound desperate….and TRAGIC, lmao. Those same cancer inducing products are being used by women all over the world. We just don’t use our genetic makeup to try to justify that stupidity. Try again Sara Jane.

  61. Sara Jane,

    Please google your brother Leo Felton for more info on why I don’t support your kind and your logic.

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