It has truly now been confirmed that singer Usher’s wife,Tameka Foster-Raymond, is pregnant with their second child. Tameka was spotted at the opening of Playwright’s Tyler Perry’s multimillion-dollar TV and film studio on Saturday. Usher could not attend the celebrity gala.


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 6, 2008.


  1. ****sigh****she really doesn’t look bad here. Congrats to her and Usher. I really hope Usher is happy with this woman.

  2. She looks cute!

  3. Looking good. She’s never been “ugly” per se… just has made some very very very unfortunate styling choices at times, lol. Congrats to Ushmeka…

  4. Congrats to Usher & Tameka. Hope this one is a girl! I think they have like 3-4 boys total, right?

  5. i guess they tryin for the girl. she has 4 boys already. its just something about her i just dont like. but this is the best i have seen.

  6. She looks beautiful!!

  7. I dont think they trying for anything in particular. Usher said he wants her to have their children now before she gets too old.

  8. Love the dress

  9. What does Usher see in her???????

  10. Tameka looks wonderful. I’m very happy for her and Usher.

  11. I never could understand the dislike toward this woman. I guess it has to do with Ush and his mama. I don’t know, but if they’re happy, so am I. Congrats on their upcoming baby. BTW, I don’t think she’s ugly at all. Never have. JMO.

  12. LMAO @ ONLINE…”before she gets too old”… HAHA And umm yeah congrats to Usher.

  13. well congrats to her! and yall stop hating damn!!!

  14. She certainly is not ugly.She is gorgeous and you guys are hating her because of Usher. He loves her,has Wifed her, and she has his babies. You people are fools commenting. To call her ugly is ridiculous and just hate. She been a career person before him and a nice looking brown sista. Yes 7 years older, but so what?!! Its his life and hers and they are obviously doing them! Women are just pissed cuz she GOT HIM and he’s in love with her. Ush,had ole has been Chilli, nutty Naomi, and still married her. His mama prolly mad cuz she’s smart and not a fool letting her run their life. Yay for Ush and Meka, I happy for a black couple. Why hate and say mean things about this mans WIFE, not baby mama but real live wife. Get over it. Blacks are their own worst enemies for real.crabs pulling

  15. She’s definetly not GORGEOUS, but if she was just another chick you saw shopping at Walmart she’s an average, decent looking woman. Guess people think Usher’s wife should be a knockout. But hey if her and Usher are happy and in love then kudos! Good to see a black marriage thrive!

  16. Thank you, Own Enemy. Chile, you just said a mouthful. Yeah, and PKP, black love is a beautiful thing. I don’t understand this notion that if you are a celeb, your spouse has to be drop-dead gorgeous. I think people live in a fantasy world because most men I see on the street are not with beautiful women, just average.

  17. You Go Girl! Congrats!

  18. Not ugly not drop dead gorgeous yet neither are many of the women that are given the title.

  19. db I couldn’t agree more. It’s all about your perspective.

  20. usher did do a lot better in the past. he could have had just about any woman of his pick. but he chose some old bebe and her kids, too. sumthing wrong wit dude for real.

  21. Manny,

    Everything is not all about the way someone looks some of the pretty people can be the most jaded. We all have different needs and maybe she is meeting his needs the way no one else was able to.

  22. i ain’t mad at her. i guess when he leave her she will have something to fall back on by having all those kids because most likely she got a nanny and not taking care of them anyway.

  23. Maryamb,

    I did not say anything bout her looks. Its the fact that he said he wanted to start a family but he goes and gets sum woman that has been had her family started. thats wat I meant.

  24. Sorry if I misunderstood you Manny, However my statement still applies. We all have different needs and maybe she is meeting his needs the way no one else was able to. Chili had a son too. Maybe he likes older women with children.

  25. lol if it comes down to looks then he shud have took chili. but i do agree with you. cuz it had to be sumthing bout her

  26. Yeah Manny maybe she knows some snatch tricks that he has never seen before. It’s gotta to be something. I am sure most women with 4 kids would be hard pressed to fine a man other than the father of said kids, to want to take care of them.

    All my kids are mine and sometimes them suckers have me wondering what I was thinking having all these crazy children. LOL. I could not see putting up with kids that are not mine unless I love the person.

    Either that or she reminded him most of his mother. I think that’s why Tameka and Usher’s mom butted heads because so are so much alike.

  27. I have gotta start proof reading b4 I hit submit.

    I meant hard pressed to find a man

    and Tameka and Usher’s mom butted heads because they so are so much alike.

  28. lol 4 kids and ima run the other direction.

    but speaking of his mother, she aint approve, so it shouldnt have been going on in my eyes. i just dont think u shud fight with the woman that brought you in

  29. So Tiny is ugly but Tameka isnot.

  30. Manny I don’t know about you but I know that some Mothers can be over barring and to involved in their children’s lives. I think that may be the case. I know I have always heard that the first born or only son’s are hard for moms to let go of. My mother in law didn’t like me when my husband and I started dated. However now we are the best of friends. She had always wanted a girl and had three boys and I gave her, her first girl.

    So just because it started out rocky between the two that doesn’t mean it can’t work itself out.

  31. Jaz I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question. What does Tiny have to do with Tameka? Beauty is the eye of the beholder and I know Usher and T.I. both be holding ladies b’s. If they like it I love it. I don’t have to wake up to either if their morning breath, so it doesn’t faze me. I don’t think Tameka is ugly she is just not pretty. It’s a difference.

  32. Tiny’s face looks like a science project gone terribly wrong! She has a face only a (blind) mother could love! UUUgh!

  33. My point is Tameka isnot pretty. People talk about how ugly tiny is. But Tameka doesnot look any better.

  34. Tameka isn’t the best looking button on the blouse.

  35. Yeah she’s not the prettiest chick.

  36. (I am saying this in my best Ms. Ciely impersonation from the Color Purple) She may not prettiest, She may have a whole slew of kids, She may even be old but she still got Usher. My momma always use to say ain’t no man ever asked her for no face, and what they want it ugly anyway when the lights go out it’s all the same.

  37. She may not be the prettiest gotta start proof reading

  38. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    this is the best I have ever seen her look, she has a soft feminine look now, keep it up it looks good

  39. online: LOL @ your comment.
    Tameka looks good here. I nver did get how she was a stylist but looked so bad! She has her hair together, makeup right, & a nice gown. Good job Tameka.


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