Angelina Jolie took her older kids Zahara,3 Maddox,7, and Pax,4, to visit Lee’s Art Shop in midtown New York City over the weekend. The new mom(Angelina had twins just a few months ago) recently told UsWeekly magazine that “Everybody’s great,” and that “the babies are good, getting big and healthy and developing their personalities.”


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 6, 2008.


  1. Zahara is getting big. She is a pretty girl.

  2. She kind of looks like Angelina. Cute.

  3. What the hell is going on with her hair??? That child should have good well cared for hair!!! You would think with their money they could pay someone to take care of the child’s hair. SMH!!!

  4. Do they EVER let this child walk?

  5. Barely lol I think she might be spoiled and they just can’t put her down with out her throwing a fit. Sometimes I see them holding Z and her younger sister is walking lol… My niece is like that but we just let her have her fit because nobody is about to carry her little self all day

  6. Angelina has said Zahara gets her hair done evryday. As soon as it is finished she starts pulling them out. If you are a parent you can relate. Maybe she does not like her hair done.

    Considering they are famous, they might feel a little safer holding the children when they are going somewhere.


  8. yeah i’ve heard that she gets her hair don quite a lot..yet pulls it out by herself once its done.

    she is a cutie tho!

  9. I saw a video and there were about 50 people ouside that store screaming about 12-15 were paparazzi. Brad said in Parade magazine that Z was scared of the paps. Now this was last Oct. If you notice a lot of the time celebs carry kids like Madonna/David . I would carry mine if i was surrounded by a mob of people, there are pics of Pax covering his eyes due to the camera flashes on this same shopping trip.

  10. what i was going to say in the 4 post above

    zahara is cute thoough

  11. Z is a pretty girl, but I wish Angelina would take her to a salon just for a good conditioning treatment. The more she lets Z’s hair go free, the drier it will become. As she gets older she wont be able to stand anyone combing her hair because it’s probably so tangled and dry.

  12. She doesn’t really comb Shiloh’s hair either. It falls into their whole let the kids be free thing.

  13. Okay someone needs to let Angelina know that black folks don’t do “wash and wear” hair. she looks ridiculous. Comb her hair.

  14. What a blessing that that beautiful little girl found what seems to be a loving home. There’s no telling where she would be today had they not adopted her and given her an opportunity to live an abundant life. I’m glad she appears to be HAPPY AND HEALTHY AND SAFE! Angelina really seems to have her priorities in order! THANK GOD FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN SEE PAST HAIR TEXTURE AND COMPLEXION. THEY MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!

  15. Cornrows for this little girl even though she looks cute without them

  16. When Zahara was 1-2 Angelina had her hair in pigtails almost every single day and it wouldn’t grown. No that she let’s it go free her hair is twice as long. You can’t keep pulling at a child’s hair every single day, it won’t grow. My sister had to learn that the hard way.

    Zahara’s hair is beautiful and I really like it. Why should Angelina comb out all the curls? She looks cute like this. Zahara is only 3 years-old I’m sure she does not care about her hair.

  17. LadyOne there are a lot of natural women that will disagree with your statement about black folks don’t do “wash and wear” hair. I love Zahara’s hair it is beautiful and we as black folks need to get away from the mentality that if our hair is not fried, dyed and slicked down it looks a nappy mess. Nappy hair is beautiful and so is Zahara’s. This coming from a woman that has worn “wash and wear” hair.

  18. The Pitts use Carol’s Daughter on Z’s hair. I think it looks good the curl is defined and not bushy. They should not relax her hair and furthermore some kids won’t sit still or like their hair braided I know I never did…

    “…Carol’s Daughter is a fantastic hair product. We got it for Z. Now her hair has this beautiful luster. And it smells nice, too.”-Brad Pitt (Esquire Magazine Oct. 2006)

  19. zahara is cute angekina do something with those naps

  20. I’m so embarassed for us that we can’t get passed hair.

  21. I agree 100% Katrina

  22. The disdain for her hair really tell on all of the posters who still have issues with what our hair really looks like. I happen to be a black woman who washes and wear her hair, no it’s not matter it’s well taken care of and I get both stares of I love your hair and why’d you do that to your hair.

    I was saying to someone the other day how I’ve raised my daughter to love her hair and never went with the traditional pony tails braids and grease that does nothing but clog the pores of our heads anyway. And I’d do a simple two strand twist and people would actually say what did you do to that baby’s hair. We’re talking a regular two strands absent extentions.

    Insane, admittedly this pic looks more wild than others that are critiq yet if her hair were dry it would show in her curl patter as well it too would look dull and matter whereas this looks like her hair was as it’s already been said (to death let me add) that her style was taken out, and even her activity throughout the day contributes I’m sure.

    I can take reading style her hair a bit better than comb what is the result people are truly looking for!?

  23. db,
    It’s their slave mentality talking.

  24. ”I can take reading style her hair a bit better than comb what is the result people are truly looking for!?”

    Maybe slick back in ponytails like P diddy’s kids? But im just guessing.

  25. well at least put a cute headband on the child, but she is still very pretty

  26. Yes Z is a beautiful little girl. And wearing our hair “au natural” is fine, but does it have to be all will nilly?? Can’t she at least shape it?? This poor child looks like she just woke up or that she’s been electricuted or something. come on people!

  27. Lol at least this time Z isn’t the only Jolie-Pitt with a jacked up head! What the hell have they done to Maddox’s hair?

  28. Why should she have to slick back her hair everyday. Her hair won’t grow like that.

  29. Zahara is cute either way her hair is. And She isn’t really a smiler… =\

  30. I just think it’s funny, because on other sites people say how beautiful Z is and how they like her afro. But then you go on this site and people say her hair is jacked up, and she needs to slick it back everyday. It’s just funny that white people can accept black people the way they are naturally and some black people can’t seem to love themselves naturally.

  31. Jessica,
    So So true! I have never met a group of people who hate themselves as much as some of us do. This baby looks exacly the way she is supposed to. God made her hair this way and that makes it okay!

  32. Jessica be fair. I’ve been at a mostly white sites were they called Z buckweed and nappy-headed. Black posters then reply out of concern. Many asked why Angelina couldn’t slick Z’s hair back because she look unkept.

  33. There are pics taken today of the family in NOLA and Z has one pigtail with a blue rubberband on it on I’m sure someone will critize this also because her isn’t slicked down.By the way Shiloh’s hair is never combed into a style or pigtails but i guess that’s ok because her hair is blonde and straight.

  34. yoco most black women in the western world have permed hair,not saying I do or don’t or anything like that. Straight hair is seen as kept and bushy hair is seen as unkepted. How simple is that?

  35. @ to
    Those people are mostly haters who want say negative things at all the Jolie-Pitt kids. But yes there are people who think Z’s hair is nappy (which they are confused because I’ve seen kids with nappy hair and Z isn’t one of them) and there are people who thinks Z’s hair is beautiful.

  36. Jessica some people would called her hair in this pic unkept. But most wouldn’t say anything about her hair if it is in a ponytail like on just jared. Its the truth.

  37. If they put a headdband on her hear I think it would look 100x better. But it’s her daughter so I’m sure she couldn’t care less what I think. Anyway all of her kids have wild looking hair. They are a very carefree laid back family. I’m glad Zahara has parents who let her be herself and not conform to looking like someone she’s not. I think she will have a lot of self esteem as a result.

  38. I’m sick of people making it seem like when someone says do something with the girl’s hair we mean perm it! I myself am not referring to the texture of Z’z hair, only that it doesn’t appear to ever be groomed. Just because you comb your hair does not mean you have a “slave mentality” or are ashamed of yourself, and it’s ridiculous for some people to make it seem that way. And for the ones that make it seem like Angie styles Z’s hair everyday and she pulls it out, yeah right! I think that knowing how to style her hair (even if she’s going to wear it naturally, bcuz natural hair can be styled) is an important part of self-identity and her growth as a little black girl! God bless them for adopting, raising, and loving her, but if non – black ppl are going to adopt black children they should take the time to learn some of the special needs these children have, including HOW TO GROOM THEIR HAIR!

  39. The word is unkempt! Now I have a better understanding of these stupid comments.

  40. LOL @ D.W.

  41. @ PKP
    Do you have any children with Z’s texture of hair? Or maybe do u have her texture of hair?

  42. no comment but cute kid lol

  43. Black groups need to check up on black children adopted in the US and Third World countries,by other groups. It all cant be a matter of faith in adoptive parents. There needs to be oversight,protection and advisement. There is nothing to resent for adoptive parents here,simply assurance that all is well for the child.

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