Henry Klum with his “If you talk about my hair,You’ll be sorry!” look was spotted yesterday(October 6th) with his family.Mom Heidi Klum took all three of her kids Leni, 4, Henry, 3, and Johan, 22 months, out to Coldwater Park, Los Angeles yesterday. Heidi has said that she and her husband Seal would like to have more kids: “My big secret is that I always put my family first. My love, Seal, is number one and then our children are right behind him. I don’t think that anything is more important than them. We might have another one or two kids. I’m not sure we’ll keep up with Brad and Angelina though.”

Shout-out toWORDIZZ



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 7, 2008.


  1. Her kids are just beautiful!!! They seem like a very loving family.. which is a wonderful thing now a days!
    I’d love to see Heidi & Seal make a beautiful little girl together. =)

  2. Heidi has a beautiful family regardless of whether or not Henry needs a cut or trim.

  3. Johan is such a beautiful little boy. Can I have him?

  4. HAAHAHAHHA!!!! I guess i’ll be sorry then, ’cause you know I’ma talk about them chicken strips on his head.
    However, I do agree with Johan, I think he’s a real cutie!

    Thanks for the shout out! 🙂

  5. They have beautiful kids, but his hair does look matted. . .I know when your married your husband comes first but I don’t know about him being before my children.. . just my opinion

  6. Beautiful family. I wonder how they would handle a little girl between them and how she would grow-up thing of herself. Since they already have Leni. A little girl who looks similar to henry or Johan .

  7. thinking*

  8. I’m surprised to hear that she puts Seal first, that’s how it should be yet not at all popular opinion.

    Right order is what’ll keep your household on point! Yet I hope to be able to live that out when I marry:):)

  9. Heidi reads the bible…obviously.

  10. if the marriage ain’t right, it will affect the kids. heidi knows what she’s talking about…..

  11. Heidi’s boy is really cute !!!

  12. No wonder black children grow up with a hair complex with people making snide comments.

  13. his head just fine. it may need to be combed out a lil to keep it even. other then tht, he carries his afro good. i just think she needs to put them kids down and let them walk.

  14. db date white..like the rest of you sellouts do lol…

  15. Henry & Johan have afro & aint nada wrong w that.
    How come u all dont tell Anglo Kate Hudson & Celine Dion & Cindy Crawford 2 cut their son’s hair?

    Also, do the kdis speak German?

  16. Henry looks like Seal.Johan looks like Heidi.

  17. How come nobody’s crying about combing or cutting his hair. If it was Zahara, that’s all you’d hear. He’s boy, they need to shave that nappy ass mop!


  19. she really should comb his hair.
    he may not like it, since it does seem really matted, but hell appreciate it in the long run.

    kookaburra sits in the old gum tree. . .

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