Actress Mary Louise Parker says that adoption is something everyone should do “if they can and want to”. The single mom to daughter Aberash Ash,2, and son William, 4(dad is actor Billy Crudup), says that adopting Aberash was a beautiful experience.VIA PEOPLE.COM:

Adopting daughter Caroline “Ash” Aberash from Africa last year was a childhood dream come true for Mary-Louise Parker. The Weeds star, 44, says she remembers wishing her parents would adopt a sibling for her when she was growing up.

“I still think it’s something everyone should do if they can and want to,” Parker said Saturday night during a Q&A with New Yorker journalist John Colapinto.

“Especially after having been to a Third World country and having seen the desperation there and the need and all the children and holding those children and seeing them and touching them,” she said.

Of her own experience, “I can’t adopt 500 children,” she said, “but I did adopt this one beautiful little girl, and it was an amazing thing.”


~ by blackcelebritykids on October 7, 2008.


  1. I like her but I still do not like the nickname of her child. Ash makes me think of someone who is ashy.

  2. “Ash” is a cute nickname for the name Aberash IMO.

    If she dislikes her nickname, I’m sure that she will let her mother know when she is older.

  3. I like Ash, as a nickname for Aberash too!

    I have a friend who go by Ash (short for Ashley) and it was never a problem. No one ever associated it with being ashy.


  5. Thanks Mary for your choice of adoption. We need more people like you to provide a loving, nurturing and positive environment for our beautiful babies.

  6. If Ash doesn’t like her name she can always go by Caroline, which is a beautfiul name in my opinion.

    Cheetah.cheetah, Brad and Angelina did not invent adoption. People have been adopting children long before Angelina was born and people will adopt long after she’s gone.

    I really like Mary-Louise and she seems like a very good mom.

  7. Okay I just have one question…is it some sort of fad or social status for celebrities to adopt black babies?????

  8. A fad? Yeah, It’s called money, and when black people get it we do NOT adopt our own, we “Bling Out” and buy fancy cars. I’m all for ANYone willing to love and nurture and provide a good home for our black children. Lord knows we don’t always handle our business when it comes to them. You never see BLACK celebrities adopting our black children.

  9. I agree with you cProsperity but actually Wyclef Jean adopted a beautiful Haitian/Guyanian girl named Angelina. There aren’t enough black celebs and black non-celebs adopting children. And when they do adopt they adopt biracial kids or light-skinned kids (there is nothing wrong with it though). I would love to see more black couples adopting in general.

    I know people like to make jokes and say adopting African babies is a trendb but trends go out of style. Once you adopt a child you can’t return it after 3 years. That’s why I think celebs like Angelina and Mary-Louise adpopt for the right reasons. We really need to stop hating, seriously.

  10. I look at the situation like this
    rich white people adopt poor black, hispanic,chinese babies etc.
    when the child grows up maybe since he/she had a better life maybe they will help another child from their country. You have to give blessing in order to recieve blessings.

    and my opinion, its hard to adopt a child period in America
    its easier to go to China, Africa etc to get these babies its not so much red tape to just get the baby like in the U S.

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